4 Best Driver Update Software for Windows


I’m sure you have heard of the term driver on your computer, right? It is a software that acts as a communication bridge between the hardware that you are trying to connect and the CPU on board your system. Without it, the peripheral device and the host system cannot communicate with one another.

Usually, we update any conventional software to get rid of any bugs or to improve the existing software’s functionality. Drivers are no different. If there has been an update out for a driver software, it is recommended that you update yours to get the most out of it. But how do you update them anyway?

You could go about updating them manually, one by one in the device manager. Or, you could be like the smart kids and get yourself a driver update software. These are tools that scan through your system and detect all the outdated and malicious drivers and offer update solutions to them. If you don’t know where to get them, continue reading this article. You will find a compiled list of 4 Best Driver Update Software for Windows in 2017-2018. Let’s get to it then.

Best Driver Update Software

Snappy Driver Installer

The Snappy Driver Installer tool allows you to scan and install multiple drivers for your system at once. It automatically detects and lists missing/outdated device drivers and allows you to download them with a few clicks.

This Driver update software also shows invalid driver software that might have crept its way into your system. You can detect duplicate driver software as well. This software is entirely free and void of ads. It allows you to download any number of drivers at a time, without truncating your download speeds. You can get this on your 32/64 bit Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Driver Talent

This software was previously known as DriveTheLife; you might have heard of it. This Driver update software allows you to search and automatically download appropriate drivers and their updates from the web, without actually having to search for them yourself manually.

Driver Talent Pro
Driver Talent Pro

You can use this Driver update software to backup your existing drivers if you are planning on refreshing your Windows PC. It can detect and replace corrupt driver software for you as well.

Driver Talent is easy to use and was super-fast to install itself. It took seconds to get it up and running, and the same can be said about detecting drivers and updating them.


DriverMax is a driver update software that allows you to identify unknown hardware easily. You can use this software to backup existing driver software, restore them from a previous backup point, or even uninstall them and download a new one in their place. You just have to check the tick box against which drivers you want downloaded and hit the download and install button.


Although it works really well, it has some limitations to its functionality. You can only expect to download up to ten drivers per month, two drivers per day. That kind of sucks, I know. But it’s not like we download and update a ton of drivers every day. We only need to do so occasionally, and in that case, DriverMax does an excellent job at being your preferred driver update software.

Again, it works for all the versions of Windows OS, so no need to be concerned as long as you have Windows XP and above.

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IObit Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a popular freeware in the world of driver update software. It helps you manage and update your drivers quite easily. Among the other entries in this list, this one is my favorite when it comes to look and feel. The cool UI and the simple to use interface makes it one of my top recommendations among others.

IOBit Driver Booster
IOBit Driver Booster

It has some brilliant features like it automatically sets a backup point for your driver software before installing new versions on top of them. Though updates are meant to improve things with your system, sometimes, they cause problems. If you find it to be the case with one of your device drivers, you can quickly restore the older ones from the restore points created by the Driver Booster software.

You can also choose to uninstall some suspicious driver software which may not be necessary for your system anymore. There is also the option to automatically restart your system after the installations are done, to enable the new drivers.

Though installing drivers is pretty easy on its own, you have to deal with a few small pop-ups and click through some wizards. With this software, there is an option to install drivers in the background, so all these options are selected for you silently. So you can set a bunch of them to download and do something else in the meantime.


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