WUDFRd failing with Event ID 219 usually occurs after upgrading to Windows 10. When you upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft also updates and applies drivers as part of the Windows 10 upgrade. While this happens, some drivers may become incompatible with your hardware, which is one reason for the 219 Event ID. Also, it can happen that you are unable to find the exact driver needed to fix this error.  But to prevent this once and for all you should know “How to find Missing Driver in Windows 10“. This error is usually caused by USB Drivers, incompatible drivers, or a failing PSU. One such error is “Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load” in Windows.

After upgrading to Windows 10, the device error “driver driverwudfrd failed to load” is a common issue. To resolve this problem, you can use a third-party app to update all outdated drivers. Additionally, it’s recommended to manually check for newer versions of Windows that can patch the error.

If you encounter the “Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load” error, here are four methods to fix it.

How to Fix Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load Issue

Reinstall USB Controllers

It might be one of the reasons why this error is occurring. To fix it, follow the given steps:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key and the ‘X’ button simultaneously.
  2. Click on ‘Device Manager’ from the given menu.device manager
  3. Expand the option ‘USB Controllers.’usb controllers
  4. Right-click on each one of them to uninstall them.uninstall usb controller
  5. After this is done, you should reboot the computer.

Some Driver May be Incompatible

This is another common reason for the error to occur. To fix it, follow the following steps:

  1. First, log onto the manufacturer’s site for your system.
  2. Find the latest drivers from their website and download them. ( Ex: Sound Drivers, Chipset Drivers, etc.)
  3. Install these drivers and reboot again and check whether the error occurs again.

Run Windows Updates

Here is another method to fix the Windows error.

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ option.start
  2. Type in ‘Windows Updates.search
  3. Click on whatever comes up.
  4. Let the updates install.windows update settings
  5. After finishing this, reboot the computer and check whether the error persists.

Failing Power Supply

It might be a power supply program if this error occurs along with shutdowns and reboots. You will have to get your power supply checked. This error occurs because it can’t hold the load; it may trigger this error and can indicate a failing power supply.

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What is event ID 219 warning?

Event ID 219 is a warning message in Windows Event Viewer that typically indicates a problem with a device driver. It signifies that a driver failed to start correctly or encountered an issue during initialization. Users should check for driver updates or seek technical support to resolve this warning.

What failed WudfRd?

‘WudfRd,’ short for ‘Windows User-Mode Driver Framework Reflector,’ is a crucial Windows component. If you encounter an error message regarding a failure related to WudfRd, it suggests a problem with driver functionality. To address this issue, update or reinstall the problematic driver, which should help resolve the error.

What causes event 4740?

Event 4740 in Windows Event Viewer is generated when a user account is locked. This may occur for various reasons, such as entering incorrect passwords multiple times, security policies, or automated processes. Review event details to identify the cause and take appropriate action, like unlocking the account or adjusting policies.

How do you fix WudfRd's failure to load?

1. Update Drivers 2. If updating doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic driver. 3. Keep your Windows operating system updated to receive potential fixes and patches. 4. System Restore: If the issue persists, consider restoring your system to a point before the error occurs using System Restore. 5. Seek professional help if necessary

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