What Are Dual Fuel Generators | Where Can You Get?

Dual fuel generators offer some significant advantages to conventional generators, but what exactly are they and what do they do? As you might have guessed, dual fuel generators can work on more than one kind of fuel.

Typically this will be LPG (liquified petroleum gas) and petrol although other models of dual fuel generators are also available. The main benefit of dual fuel generators is that they can utilize different types of fuel, this means you won’t be excluded from harnessing the different benefits of the various generator fuel types. Read more about dual generators here.

Every type of generator fuel comes with its own benefits and disadvantages, and with a dual fuel generator, you can utilize different fuels for more efficient performance. A dual fuel generator can also run for longer because you can switch between different fuels based on the situation.


These also means generators can run for longer periods without interruption if you intend to use your generator for longer periods of time then dual fuel is the way to go. You can load your generator with both types of fuel and then with the flick of a switch swap between the two.

More convenient and robust in general dual fuel generators have made a big name for themselves and are one of the most prevalent types of the generator to buy. Because they offer more benefits and can utilize different fuels, they are becoming a wise choice for people looking for a generator.

Dual fuel generators are also typically smaller, more compact units which make them perfect for people looking for an efficient portable generator. But if you want to buy a dual fuel generator then where exactly you should buy it from?

Where To Get Dual Fuel Generators

So, where can you buy a dual fuel generator? Specialize generator websites are the best place to get dual fuel generators as they can be hard to find anywhere else because they are more complex machines. Outside of specializing generator websites, the only other option you really have is trades website like ScrewFix.

These retail websites likely won’t be able to match the range of generators on offer from specialist generator websites, but you craving still likely find some dual fuel generators available. But because generators are complicated machines (especially in the case of dual fuel machines), it is important that you conduct your investigation before choosing which generator to buy.

Like always some good advice to follow when buying a generator is to look out for the best dual fuel generator reviews. To find some in-depth professional reviews about dual fuel generators, take a look at Best Generators.org.

It is a website dedicated to all things generators and contains up to date reviews, guides, and information about all kinds of the generator. This includes dual fuel generators so if you are thinking of buying one before you start looking them up to take a look Best Generators.org to find out more information about them.

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