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The DXF File or Drawing Exchange Formats is a type of graphics image format that was initially developed in 1982 by Autodesk. Since its first introduction, the format has changed considerably but remains one of the most important forms for storing CAD models. The reason being, it is supported across multiple modelling programs and can exist as a text-based format making it easier to handle, edit and implement.

DXF file viewer software’s are used for visualization of .dxf files. Along with exclusive viewing software’s, some software’s offer other functions like editing, saving, sharing with .dxf extension files and may also be compatible with various file formats like .dwg, .igs, .svg, .stp, etc. While most of the software’s are available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac) here we put together a list of 10 best DXF File Viewer software for the Windows platform:

Top 10 DXF File Viewer Tools

DXF Viewer

One of the most popular .dxf file viewing software is the DXF Viewer. Known for its simplicity, this software is free and is dedicated to the use of .dxf files. The software enables the visualization of DXF files with functions like zoom-in and zoom-out but does not require any complex (and large) CAD systems to be installed along with it. Moreover, this is available as freeware.

DXF Viewer
DXF Viewer

Autodesk DWG TrueView Free

Although not exclusive for .dxf files, this software is considered as one of the best DXF file Viewer software because of its flexibility with other formats, functionality, and ability opening multiple files in different viewing tabs. DXF and DWG files can be opened and analyzed with tools like advanced distance measurement, zooming. A full navigation wheel for mobility and strategically placed feature keys makes the software very user-friendly.

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This software is not only a DXF file viewer as it supports multiple image formats and can be used for extensive editing purposes. The myriad of features offered by the software for modification of the image is arranged in a user-friendly interface. It is available for free and has been used both by students and professionals.

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CADSoftTools ABViewer

This DXF file viewer and editing software supports a variety of image formats and also allows conversion of PDF files into image files for editing. Loaded with analyzing tools like distance measurement and editing tools this software enables change traceability by comparison of .dwg and .dxf file contents. There is an additional attractive feature of converting coordinates of the drawing into actual geographical coordinates.

Bentley View

A free DXF file viewer software for Windows, Bentley view, offers image visualization, modification, along with image saving and printing features. Along with the general viewing tools like panning and zooming users can modify the dimension of their images and also change the background colour, brightness, and style of the display. Added features include a search function for texts, creating and designing templates and usage of the geographic coordinate system. But, this software requires online registration for usage and requires a relatively high amount of RAM for proper functioning.

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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer

This is a simple viewing software for all AutoCAD files like DXF, DWG, DWF, etc. The user interface allows browsing many images in a short time using a small viewing panel which also allows viewing the primary data for each image. But, images can be put into full-screen mode for drawing, changing the background colour, rotating and finally saving and printing.


A free DXF file viewer for the Microsoft platform, this software allows opening of multiple files in different tabs and can save the DXF file into standard image file formats like PNG, PDF, PostScript, SVG, BMP, etc. This software is a Java Program and supports only two file formats – DXF and SX but allows importing of XML files. The viewing tools for this software is potent, allowing visualization from different sides and angles with easy drag by mouse control. It also allows changing interface colours and background colours between black and white.

MyCAD Viewer

A relatively lightweight application created with the intention of showcasing CAD drawings as e-drawings. This software supports DXF and DWG formats and requires the installation of .NET Framework version 1.1 to be correctly functioning. This software comes with an easy to use preview file option and along with essential visualization, editing and analyzing tools, using this software objects can be animated too.

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LibreOffice Draw

An open source graphic software which supports the visualization of DXF files along with primary measurement and editing functions like adding shapes or shapes into the image. This software comes as a part of the LibreOffice Suite. The DXF files can be shared via emails and can be saved into various formats like ODG, OTG.


This software is a straightforward DXF viewing software that is dedicated to only DXF files. Along with editing, it allows simple editing functions like adding different style and coloured texts in the image, changing the background colour between black and white. It can export. It can export the DXF file in formats like GIF, BMP, WBMP, JPG, etc. Although a very simple DXF file viewer compared to the other software’s in this list, this software has been known to be having lags. But still, the sheer simplicity of the software and its functions earns this software a place in our list of 10 Best DXF Files Viewer Tools for Windows.

Apart from the above software’s mentioned in this list, there are many other lesser is known DXF file viewer software’s like- DWG FastView, Lx Viewer, JETCAM CAD Viewer, Mini CAD Viewer, AIGraph CAD Viewer, etc.


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