Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review (Pros & Cons)

We use our computers more often than ever before. Our accounting data, our writing, and our personal information are stored on our desktops, laptops, and tablets. And we do this for a good reason! Files on a computer are easier to access and less replaceable than simple paper forms. Thus you must know about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. We don’t have to worry as much about excess bookkeeping and can do what we do best whether that means writing the next novel or growing our business to new heights.

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With that being said, accidents happen, and we need to make sure that we need preparation for it. Losing data from our computers is a massive setback for anyone. Although you can hire a data recovery expert to extract the data off of your computer, this is often worth its weight in gold.

Luckily, it is free to download you can use to back up your files. Also, ensure that you feel secure knowing that your most valuable information is not too hard to recover. One of the finest programs out there for windows users is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0 offered by EaseUS.

easeus data recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Wizard is a downloadable data recovery program that allows you to back up two GB’s worth of files on your computer. It is an All-In-One data recovery system. Its design is for a variety of disaster situations including accidental deletion, viruses, and hard drive damage. With EaseUS Free Data Recovery Wizard, you can protect over 1000 types of data including emails, videos, pdf, and jpegs. It includes a simple interface that allows users to initiate a file recovery process in as little as three clicks. No prior experience is required as the program provides helpful notes everywhere and gives the user plenty of options for data recovery.

What You Should Know About Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

There are two types of scanning modes available. Using a basic algorithm you can see a quick run-through of what was lost. And, deep scan goes into the weeds and searches through your computer sector by sector. Finally, users can preview the recovery files so they can pick and choose the most important data to restore.

The latest version includes more features than ever.  Involving additional optimization and the ability to recover videos at a higher resolution than before. Furthermore, EaseUS Data Recovery Software covers a wide variety of devices including desktops, laptops, camcorders, and USB drives. If you share the EaseUS Data Recovery wizard over Facebook or Twitter, you get an additional 1.5 extra GB of data recovery for free.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is an award-winning program. It has made millions of users feel safe and sound. This kind of quality only comes from a company that is as dedicated to protecting one’s personal data. If you’re a Windows user you needn’t feel the concern about data loss anymore. EaseUS Data Recovery System Free 12 is your solution.

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