In this era, it is extremely easy to screen record on your phone. However, the real challenge comes when you want to record a screen with UHD/HD quality easily and smoothly. What if there is an option for you to easily record your computer screen?

Well, that is what you are going to find here!

free record with VideoProc
free record with VideoProc

If you want to record your screen like a pro, you might want to use VideoProc. With VideoProc, it’s easy to record tutorials, reviews and upload on YouTube. You will know how to record screen in laptop with this app. Record gameplays and share with others; capture a video call; record a greeting video and send it to your family; record presentations for education, business, etc. And the best thing is, you can enjoy free screen recording with VideoProc!

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3 Free Screen Recording Modes in VideoProc

VideoProc provides three popular recording modes for you to easily record your computer screen or screen recording in laptop.

Record Full or Part of the Screen on the PC/Mac with Voice

This is self-explanatory – you do not have any restrictions over the time or length of the video. There is an option wherein you can screen record with the voice too. This is one of the special features of VideoProc. You will not get such a feature in all screen recording software.

Record with Webcam

There is an option for you to record through a webcam only. You may not want part of the screen to be visible. Thus this feature allows you to screen record on laptop without being seen.

record through webcam
record through webcam

Record with Both Screen and Webcam – Picture-in-Picture Mode

So, there is also an option wherein you can record yourself on the webcam and simultaneously record what is happening on your screen. This is extremely handy to those people who conduct conferences or conduct any type of webinars.

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Distinct Recording Features

VideoProc has many additional features for you to learn how to record screen on laptop. Among the many, the noted ones are mentioned below:

  • The VideoProc Mac version provides an additional feature to allow you to record the screen on your iPhone in a similar manner.
  • VideoProc will provide you with a stable recording that uses low CPU storage. This is a result of the GPU hardware acceleration tech. This makes it possible for you to easily record your computer screen without getting your device full.
    features of VideoProc
    features of VideoProc
  • An iPhone screen recording feature has a time limit – you will not encounter such a problem with VideoProc. Let your video be 5 hours long or 6 hours long – with VideoProc, everything is possible.
  • Reviews, Skype calls, Webinars, Demos, Tutorials, Gameplays, Presentations, Live streams, YouTube videos, and whatever you wish for – VideoProc has got you covered. They do not compromise in quality at all.
    more features of VideoProc
    more features of VideoProc
  • Do the real-time drawing. Press Ctrl+T to open paint tools and then draw annotations and outlines to make things easier for your audience. You also have an option to crop out the areas that you do not wish to record. Well, this is cool, isn’t it?
  • In the end, you can save your recordings in various formats with UHD/HD quality, such as the most widely used format MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, MKV, TS, etc.

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More VideoProc Features You’ll Definitely Love

Not just free screen recording, VideoProc provides you with nearly all-in-one solutions to various video processing demands in a straightforward way.

editting features on VideoProc
editting features on VideoProc

For example, you can take benefit of the built-in downloader engine to save videos, audio, and playlist from popular sites for offline playback, convert video/audio/DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, WebM, AVCHD, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc for full compatibility, make quick video editing like cut, merge, crop, rotate, flip, adjust speed/volume/brightness, etc.

And the GPU hardware acceleration tech makes it extremely smooth to process large or long videos, even if your computer is old or low-end. You can enjoy accelerated processing speed at a low CPU usage.

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Try VideoProc for Free

Head over to VideoProc’s official page. You can pick up the Free Trial to enjoy free screen recording and video downloading. However, just like other screen recorders, the recordings with the Free Trial have a watermark. If you mind the watermark and also want to make full use of the converting and editing features, you can buy a VideoProc license at a cheap price.

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