Top 7 Tested Employee Scheduling Apps for Android | 2023

Employees are very much an essential part of any organization. An organization primarily cannot run without any of its employees. I say it because employees are present to divide the work among themselves, get assigned to some work, and then complete the work for the profit of the company. Now every business manager would like to invest and get profit from the kind of business he has set up. Now for that, he needs some hard-working employees and also some plans to execute to get some recognition in the industry. Getting new employees can be done through human resource management software but what about working with them? Thus, you must know about the best Employee Scheduling Apps out there.

Employees work according to a plan or a schedule given to them to complete a target given to them. Now to achieve the objective, they need to schedule every process required for the completion of the project or the goal.

Now to help the employees in making their schedules or plans, some apps have been designed. So some of the employee scheduling apps are:

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5 Best Employee Scheduling Apps


If you are planning to manage shifts and also if you want software at an affordable cost, then you may be utterly dependable on this. Rota Software supplied by Deputy helps you carry out all your work effortlessly. The interface for this staff scheduling app and the app are made in such a way that it is operable on all devices, i.e., on your mobile phone or your computer or your tablet.


It doesn’t include recruiting modules. It also kills the shifting emphasis for small companies. Deputy is affordable, but the app lacks some packages such as HR management package. However, you can add some third party API’s.


This app has a clean and straightforward feel interface. Humanity contains shortcuts so that it can be used efficiently even by a beginner. It also has reviews. Forecasts and also has excellent technical support.

The technical support directly lets you interact with the HR of the company. But this app is highly costly, and if you are a manager of small or if you are in the retail market then you may feel that this app has a lot of features that you require.



This app is one of the best employee scheduling apps. You can easily make changes in the software while working on it. Ximble has a very affordable price (1$ in the US).


There are no in-built templates in the software, so you need to prepare your template while working on the app. You cannot have scheduling done automatically as it is restricted in the tools settings and also it cannot be customized, and you cannot change the settings as you required and customize it.


HotSchedules has a great user interface and if you are a hotel owner and if you are managing some 2-3 schedules and need to maintain time in all your plans. If you don’t want to waste your time, then this app may be one of the perfect apps to schedule your plans. It has a great interface for people using mobile phones.


As mentioned earlier this software has a great user interface it helps a lot to people who use mobile as a major part of their planning work. This software is perfectly suited for people with restaurants, hospitals business as they need to do their work perfectly on time. There are also add-ons available for this kind of works.

Now coming to its disadvantages it doesn’t have some updated interface and uses primary interface, but the interface is still appreciated compared to other apps. You cannot have a free trial to this software, and you need to get the whole pro software to use it.

Now as it is correctly supported for mobile users but the mobile apps aren’t free, and you need to pay to use them. You also need to give your details and even give some details about your files and the target you are working on, and some data that you need to get from your office also needs to be given to work correctly.


This app has been made in a straightforward and organized manner so that it is effortless to use for beginners and experts can manage it very easily. ZoomShift also has access to your emails, text messages and also to some of your push messages. Its QuickBooks Integration helps it compete with all other esteemed software.


Some of its great features such as Shift Swapping, open shifts are all available in premium and account and the basic account you get only basic features of the software. You don’t have access to Application Programming Interface and also you cannot have access to some reports used for employee scheduling purpose.

You cannot have mobile phone support after your office hours and can access the software only during your office hours on (mobile phone). Now, this app is best for small-scale industrialists.


Homebase has a huge selection of features that are easy to use for a work schedule app. You won’t find a better free product on the market if you operate from a single location. Homebase is more than simply a free schedule creator; it also assists you in adhering to local labor laws. Other aspects of your organization will function more smoothly after you start using this software because it connects with major POS and payroll systems. If you want to upgrade to a paid version, you’ll pay per extra location rather than per user. For business owners with a large workforce, this makes Homebase’s paid plan quite reasonable.


Sling provides a free scheduling system with a lot of features. You may arrange workloads for as many employees as you need with this free online employee scheduling application. It not only saves managers time when it comes to planning, but it also makes switching shifts a breeze. This tool will benefit your entire company by facilitating team collaboration and lowering absenteeism. Sling offers comprehensive scheduling features for free, but attendance tracking and timesheets require a plan upgrade.


What is the significance of employee scheduling?

Function. Staff scheduling generates a sense of order and flows in your company. Everyone is aware of when they are expected to work, allowing them to concentrate on their tasks. The importance of critical jobs being addressed at the appropriate times is ensured by proper scheduling.

What are the four different sorts of work schedules?

Full-Time. Although 40 hours or more a week is traditionally considered full-time work, the definition varies by employer and even by government agency. Part-time is a term used to describe someone who works part-time.

What is a job with a flexible schedule?

The standard 9-to-5, 40-hour workweek is replaceable with a flexible work schedule. It gives employees the flexibility to change their arrival and departure timings. Flexible work schedules and other alternative work arrangements are negotiated between the company and the employee (or the employee’s representative).

What exactly is the Doodle app?

On Android, you can doodle. The Doodle Android app is just like the Doodle website in terms of ease of use. You can make a new poll by answering a series of questions. An existing poll is reusable as a template for a new event or a recurrent event. You can also vote in polls that you can take part in. It is true that creating Doodle surveys is free. If you frequently use Doodle to create polls or surveys, we strongly advise you to register an account. Creating an account is completely free… You can also add unique branding and a subdomain to your polls if you pay the little charge for a Premium Doodle account.

What are some effective time management techniques?

The organization is one of the most crucial time management abilities: Prioritization. Setting goals. Communication. Planning. Delegation. stress management Set short-term and long-term objectives.


Not sure which solution is best for you? This article by TEC explains the process of selecting employee scheduling software. It may help on your mission for a better organized workforce.

These were some of the great apps that you should refer when searching for employee scheduling apps. Some other apps that missed their place in the list but have proper functioning are Shift board, When I work, Kronos Workforce Ready, Snap Schedule, Apps online, etc. So if you think the above list might to work or is costly for you, then you can go for these apps.

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