PDFBear: Top-Drawer Excel To PDF Online-Based Software

Turning an Excel spreadsheet into a Portable Document Format (PDF) could be an overwhelming task. However, it is PDFBear’s job to make any conversions light and effortless. The advantage of converting Excel to PDF is that you can secure it with a password.

Secondly, you enable file size reduction, making it highly compatible with online processes. Finally, with PDFBear, you get away from the double hassle of trying to fix and edit your document. In this article, you will learn how the conversion is done and how PDFBear made it to the top.

Excel To PDF Conversion

One of the excellent functions of PDFBear is its straightforward Excel to the PDF conversion process. It allows any user to finish a simple conversion in less than two minutes, saving them more time to do other stuff. With PDFBear, file conversion isn’t too complex. Follow these four easy steps to get started:

PDFBear: Excel to PDF
PDFBear: Excel to PDF
  1. Click “Select Files” and upload an Excel spreadsheet to their server.
    upload an Excel
    upload an Excel
  2. Once done, choose from the available options for the conversion.
  3. Press “Convert” to start the conversion. Please wait for a few moments to finish the conversion.
    click download
    click download
  4. Finally, tap the “Download” tab and save your newest copy to your device or share the file to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

User-Friendly Interface

PDFBear is the opposite of complicated. If you had trouble converting Excel spreadsheets before, its user-friendly feature wouldn’t allow that to happen. PDFBear’s converter tool is primarily made easier and straightforward to use for beginners and other non-experts. That is to ensure that they are going to convert with the best quality result.

Simple UI
Simple UI

Moreover, in terms of the graphical features of their website, they chose warm colors and simple fonts. So that the users won’t have a hard time reading the instructions. As a result, anyone can convert with a relaxing and calming mood.

All Platform Accessibility

This feature should be one of the significant reasons why PDFBear is the ultimate software; if you have a file that needs to be converted while you are using a different operating system. There should be no problem with that at all. PDFBear supports all operating systems.

This online converter is compatible with any device and operating system, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. That being said, you should be able to convert anything successfully and efficiently anytime.

High-quality End Product

There is indeed no doubt to PDFBear doing all the conversions. Each file comes out in a high-quality standard.

High quality
High quality

The final PDF version of your XLS will appear precisely like its original layout. The only thing to change will be the file format and nothing else.

No Installations Needed

Whenever you need a converter tool, PDFBear is only a click away from your internet browser. No need to download or install anything to be able to use the converter. Unfortunately, applications can be troublesome. Viruses and malware often come from an application.

Privacy and Security At Its Finest

File security is the topmost priority of PDFBear in service to their valued users. Therefore, it is only essential to know how secure your files and documents would be, especially that it involves online processes.


PDFBear equips their services covered with an advanced system of security; the SSL Encryption. It keeps unauthorized people from accessing the files. On top of that, PDFBear removes all the uploaded and downloaded files permanently one hour after the conversion process.

Cloud Conversion

Another incredible feature by PDFBear allows you to upload files that you want to convert. Then, upload those files to the cloud system.

Cloud Conversion
Cloud Conversion

As a result, the conversion process will not eat up space from the computer memory or CPU. This way, you can convert whichever files that you want anytime and anywhere.

Other Tools You Can Find

PDFBear does not only provide its users with an excel to pdf tool. There are more than a handful, which is also available freely on their website.

  • PDF compress
  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Repair PDF
  • Delete PDF Pages
  • Add Page Number
  • Add Watermark
  • Protect PDF
  • Unlock PDF
  • eSign
  • Edit PDF
  • PDF Reader


Those features and types of services offered by PDFBear are incredible. In terms of converting an Excel to PDF, nothing can do it better than PDFBear. Additionally, all of PDFBear’s tools and services do not require any skill. You may be an average user, but you can guarantee that all your files will be perfect.

Moreover, you may want to know a lot more about their services; you can always go to their main site and see yourself.



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