[Updated] 3 Ways to Fix Exodus Trakt Not Working Error

Kodi is free software that lets you stream sports and other contents for free. The Kodi software is a media player that gathers all the streams that are available on the internet and enables you to get the best stream possible. These streams are generally in high definition and without buffering. Such precision can be brought only by the Kodi add-ons that make it possible to stream anything. One of such add-ons is Exodus. TThus, you must know how to fix Exodus Trakt Not Working error on your Kodi.

Kodi Keeps Crashing

It is an add-on that uses the services of trakt.tv on the internet and makes it available to the user. Kodi has the facility to operate alongside various plug-ins like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Iflix, etc. This makes the use of Exodus Trakt all significant for any user that wants home theatre like experience from the software.

However, it is sometimes seen that a general trakt exodus error message pops up now and then. It reads as “Exodus Trakt Not Working.” In this list, we will cite some reasons for the problem and tell you how to solve them. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the solutions to the problem mentioned above.

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How to Fix Exodus Trakt Not Working

The following are a few methods that may help you fix exodus trakt not working error.

Method #1

The most useful method to fixing the problem of Exodus Trakt not working error is a bit lengthy. Before going to the solution, it should be known how the Exodus uses the Trakt.tv services. As it is quite evident, Trakt.tv keeps track of the TV shows and movies that you watch. The account of Kodi connects with Exodus add-on which uses the accounts made on Trakt.tv to keep track of the things that you have watched.

Exodus Failed to Install a Dependency

Now, this is a general knowledge that trakt.tv integrates with Kodi to provide its service. If the error shows the message like exodus trakt not working, there is some problem with the settings. Some preinstalled files need to be edited to fix the problem of exodus trakt not working. Also, the first step is to enter the trakt.tv account and log in using Kodi software. The next step is to head over to the setting and then click on “your API apps.”

Then click “add applications”. After doing this, enter the name and skip the description. Put the Redirect URL as urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob. Skip the Javascript verifications and directly click on “Save App.” Note down the numbers of API key and Secret key. On the Kodi dashboard, move to the address of the given domain ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules.

After this, open trakt.py file in any text editor. Replace two lines in the following way V2API_Key =”New API key” and CLIENT_SECRET = “new Secret Key.” Proceed to the Exodus and then click on Trakt setting. Try re-authenticating the add-on account. This will solve the problem of Exodus trakt not working problem.

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Method #2

This may be regarded as the secondary method to the problem mentioned above. We know that add-ons work on the significant software as an addition to the whole software. Since Exodus is an add-on to the software Kodi, it is possible that the general problems may occur in the add-on altogether.

These problems of trakt exodus include the corruption of the add-on and incompatibility of the add-on as well. The issue can be resolved by reinstalling the add-on with the problem. All you need to do is delete the add-on from the “My add-ons.” Then reinstall it.

Also, make sure that you reinstall the add-on is the latest version. This is of paramount importance. If you still face the issue of exodus trakt not working, you should try to see if the add-on Exodus has the compatibility issue.

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You can sort this by a simple rollback of the add-on or by updating Kodi software as a whole. The general issue of exodus trakt not working is solvable if you follow the steps correctly. The user must remember that the method described above is strictly for the outdated or corrupted add-ons.

Method #3

It is a general knowledge that the Government does not entertain the free content on the Internet. This applies to the Exodus add-on as well. It should be understood that the Exodus Trakt add-on is an un-official add-on of the Kodi Media Player. The Exodus Add-on tends to provide a wide array of free contents which include TV shows and Movies.

However, its integration with Trakt.tv helps the user to keep track of their viewings. As it is a free content provider on the internet, its free content is not accessible in many countries like England, USA, Germany, etc. Also, understand that the ISPs of the nations may obstruct the free content of the Exodus which would in-turn cause the error message of exodus trakt not working to pop up. The simple solution to this problem is to use a VPN service.

This would help the users to bypass the blocked content. VPN services can also prevent the exodus trakt not working error as they can help connect the Exodus library with Trakt.tv.

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Final Words

With this, we come to the end of our list of the solutions to the “exodus trakt not working.” The methods and solutions provided may be complex and simple simultaneously. The users may prefer whatever solutions they like for trakt exodus. However, note that the solutions are specific to the settings of Exodus Trakt on Kodi only. All in All, we hope the above solutions are enough to solve the problems.

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