10 Best Facebook Spy Software to Track Your Friend

Facebook has been one of the best social networking apps and also connects you to the external world so that you don’t stay like the frog in the well. You can connect to as many people as you want using Facebook. It gives you an excellent opportunity to know people from different countries, different religions, different cultures, and much more. Thus, you must know about the top Facebook Spy Software of 2020.

It has been very much successful in doing so, and people are now just addicted to Facebook that they currently lack some fundamental values in their life. They now lack some ethical and also essential values that are needed to sustain society.

But today we are going to discuss some of the apps used to track or spy on others’ Facebook accounts to keep a look on them.

It has been very much successful in doing so, and people are now just addicted to Facebook that they currently lack some fundamental values in their life.

They now lack some ethical and also essential values that need to sustain in society. But today we are going to discuss some of the apps used to track or spy on others’ Facebook accounts to keep a look on them.

People often search for some spying techniques to keep a look at their loved ones. So here are some of the best spying apps available in the market as of now.

Top 6 Facebook Spy Software


It is one of the best Facebook Spy Software to keep an eye on your family members or your friends or anyone whom you want to get tracked.


The features of the app are quite impressive, and also it has been built in such a way that there is no replacement for the app. Some of the features are:

  • GPS tracking.
  • Has a list of your Emails.
  • Also, has bookmarks and history.
  • Have all your contacts stored in it.
  • Some of the advantages of the app are:
  • No jailbreak or no rooting is necessary for your phone. It gives you the user ID and also password so that you can easily access the tracking process from anywhere.
  • It also has keylogging in it which means even if a key is hit on the tacking phone you will notify about it. Isn’t it great?
  • You can access the gallery and have a complete look at the images, videos, and recordings of the target phone.
  • It also has a simple payment structure so that the tracker doesn’t face any issues while tracking the phones ($29.99/ month, $39.99/3 months).

Visit: Spyzie 


You can track your friend’s Facebook accounts without letting them know because of this beautiful app. You just need to get into the app and enter the details of the target phone, and you get the whole list that you want.

The best thing about the app is the user-friendly interface of the app that helps you view the chat list, feed, photos, and much more about the target phone.


It tracks not only Facebook but also your messages, call logs, location, recordings, etc., it is an advisable app if you are looking for a perfect Facebook app tracker other than Spyzie.

Visit: MSpy


This Facebook Spy Software has almost 25 features that help you track the target phone, and it helps you to get a lot of information and gets you every detail you need. Some of the features are:

  • Gets your call logs, messages, GPS, and also contacts.
  • Has all your info on Browser Incognito Mode.
  • You can also block contacts and messages.


  • As discussed earlier it has many features allowing it to track correctly.
  • If you get the whole mobile software, you get the entire software for desktops and monitor your target desktops.
  • It also has great technical support so that they are ready to support you at any time.


  • Not compatible with Windows and Symbian.
  • Message logs only work on Apple and Blackberry.
  • Compatibility is restricted.
  • Price for basic package: 29.99$ for 1 month, 59.99$ for 3 months, 99.99$ for 12 months.
  • Price for premium package: 69.99$ for 1 month, 119.99$ for 3 months, 199.99$ for 12 months.

Visit: MobileSpy


You can do real-time tracking with the help of the app, and you can also get great results with the help of the app, and you may be very much satisfied by the app that helps you to know every detail of the target phone.


It also has more than 25 features. The features are the same as those mentioned above but also include some other special features which you may notice when you use this wonderful tracking app.

Visit: iSpyoo 

The TruthSpy

Like other Facebook Spy Software mentioned above, it also allows you to track the target phone and get some details about the opposite person.


You also get details about the mobile data usage and also the time and the time and date specifications of the network. You can check the control panel settings done by the owner.

Visit: The TruthSpy


Features of the app:

  • Call logs and call interception.
  • Record calls and also chats.
  • Access to gallery and contacts.


  • You need to jailbreak your phone to use the app.
  • You cannot talk to customer care directly.
  • To get in touch with customer care you need to email them. Or, you can send a message to them so that they can get in touch with you.

Visit: Spyera


XnSpy is also a Facebook spy software, like all of the tools in this list. This Facebook spy software offers an excellent customer care service, an easy-to-use UI, and a smooth interface.

This software also provides us with the track of all messages of the targeted account, call logs, messages, browsing history, and much more. This software also provides GPS tracking, so that you be aware of their current location always.


Moreover, this software does not need you to jailbreak your phone; it provides you with no jailbreak solution. Most of the Facebook spy software requires you to jailbreak your phone, and to be honest, not most of us are affluent in jailbreaking. Therefore, making this a perfect option for Facebook spy software out there.

Visit: XnSpy


Flexispy is yet another Facebook spy software where you can get to spy on people you want, but it’s a paid software with different packages included. The pricing is for the various platforms that you want to spy on, such as Android, iPhone, Tablets, etc.


Flexispy has great customer service with an AI chatbot on its website too. Flexispy can spy on social media sites such as Skype, Gtalk, BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, WeChat, Yahoo, and obviously Facebook. Flexispy is not only useful for spying on friends or family, but business owners can also use it to spy on employees too.

Visit: Flexispy


This Facebook spy software is unique, as people across the world can use it due to its availability in multi-languages. This Facebook spy software logs into the target device. It starts sending reports to the registered email address periodically so that you would be updated about the ongoings on the device.


Another surprising feature about this Facebook spy software is that it records every key pressed and sends a screenshot of whatever was typed; hence, this would be used to know the passwords of the target device.

This Facebook spy software also spy on skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and iMessage. But to spy on an iPhone, this Facebook spy software needs a jailbroken phone only.


Last on our list is MobiStealth Facebook spy software, which was purposefully made for companies. Employers can keep a close eye on the activity of their employees so that they get their desired productivity from them.


This also helps them to know if any sensitive information is being leaked by their employees as well. It also includes a complete wipe of data, remote hijack, etc. of the targeted devices.

Visit: MobiStealth


These were some of the Facebook Spy Software that is trending as of now. To track Facebook and also some other features mentioned in the details of the app. You can even try different apps available in the market.

However, the ones mentioned above are the trusted and most secured and get you the right information regarding tracking. So don’t think and get any one of the apps if you are interested in tracking your friends’ Facebook messages.

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