In this article, you learn how to create fake chats on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and phoney text messages for Android and iPhone Users. These fake conversation generators are used to fool or make fun of your friends.

Best Fake Conversation Generator:

  • Fake Chat Maker
  • Fake Text Me iPhone
  • TextingStory Chat
  • WhatsPrank
  • Fakenger
  • Ios7text generator
  • make Text Message
  • Simitator

You can edit the chats and control the conversation of both sides according to your needs. This article will tell you the best fake conversation generator tools. You can use any device according to your comfort.

Top 15 Fake Conversation Generator Apps

This is our complete 15 Best Fake Conversation Generator Tools list.

Fake Chat Maker

Everyone will recommend downloading Fake Chat Maker if you are looking for the finest fake text message app of 2020 for Android devices. This pre-eminent app is rated this year, which you can use to make a fake account.

You can easily create pseudo chats and send them to your peers. It also authorizes you to commence a phone call and take a screenshot to prank your friend.


It has many features, like sending and collecting video statuses. You can use this app to conceive meme material and post them on Instagram and Reddit. So download it and have fun.

Visit: Fake Chat Maker

Fake Text Me iPhone

This is also considered one of the most famous fake conversation generators for iOS in 2020. It also authorizes you to create essential fraud chats. You can even receive back a phoney conversation.

The best feature of this app is that it is customizable. You can easily personalize the interface of this app.

fakeme iphone

Create as many fake conversations as possible, screenshot them, and send them to your family, friends, and other relations to prank them. Try this application and make a clown of your peers.

Visit: Fake Text Me

TextingStory Chat

TextingStory app is available for iOS devices, and according to its users, it is an excellent fake conversation generator. Like others, this phoney chat generator app authorizes you to send fraudulent conversations to your acquaintances. The statements made are so factual that they can deceive anyone.


You can easily clown your peers and snip screen the pseudo conversation. It gives an excellent feature to send your pseudo conversation screen to betray your friends. This fraud conversation creator also authorizes you to create fake accounts and pseudo-stories.

Visit: TextingStory Chat


WhatsPrank is a new approach to creating pseudo chats and sending them to your peers. The fake chats made are incredibly realistic and can even prank daily social media users.

WhatsPrank allows you to create fake accounts and messages. During the chat, you are the mastermind who handles both sides of the conversation.


You can send emojis, gifs, videos, photos, and other multimedia forms to make the chat more appealing.


Fakenger is another fake conversation generator that Playfake develops for Android. It also offers basic features like creating pseudo chats, screenshotting the conversation, sharing the pseudo chat with family and acquaintances, creating fake accounts and stories, and much more.


It’s child’s play to create factual chats and easily make a clown of your friends. It also authorizes you to send photos, video footage, audio messages, gifs, etc. This app’s best feature is its automatic pseudo reply, which replies to you in the present Time so your peers won’t doubt you.

Visit: Fakenger

Ios7text generator

Ios7text generator is the best iPhone text generator tool that is available online. It is straightforward to use.

Steps to create fake iPhone text messages:

  1. First, you have to go to iOS7Text.
  2. Then, on the left-hand side, you have settings. You have to click on
  3. Then, you must fill out all the required fields like Name, Operator, Clock, Messages, Contact, Text Message, and click Send.
  4. After that, you have two screen settings
  5. Other than settings, you have various options, like Battery, Connection, and Messages.
  6. To set the battery percentage, click on the battery button.battery
  7. To choose data connection among empty, 3G, 4G, and WiFi. Click on the Connection button.connection
  8. To choose the colour of your message, click on the messages button. There, you have the option to upload your pic also.messages
  9. Now, you must type your message and click the add message button. And you are done with your fake iPhone text message.

Make Text Message

This is also a fake conversation generation tool for iPhone available online. With this, you can easily create a fake screenshot with straightforward steps. Its user interface is straightforward to use.

Steps to create fake iPhone text messages:

  1. First, go to iFake Text Message.
  2. Then, you must enter the name you want to appear on your phoney screenshot.
  3. Now, type your message, and you can also select your message’s
  4. You can change battery conditions just by clicking on the battery button.batteryy
  5. To change the connection setting, click on the connect button.connections
  6. In the settings option, you can change Time, Bluetooth, alarm, lock, blackout name, etc. settings.
  7. Now click on the Create Image button.create image

Hurray!!! You are done. Your fake texts are ready to send.


This is a fake iPhone text generator tool that is available online. It is also used to create counterfeit screenshots, tattoos, memes, various artificial photo effects, and many more. It is straightforward to use.

You have to visit the website. You can go to the website by clicking here. From there, create a fake screenshot and easily fool any friends or family.

Visit: Simitator


iOS8text is also used to create fake chat messages for your iPhone. To use this tool, click here. Then, you have the same view as in the case of the iOS7text generator.

It also has a battery, clock, network, contact, name, and many more features.

Yazzy- Fake Conversation

It is a fake text generator used to create fake text messages for Android. This doesn’t make phoney text messages but is also used to create a completely fake social world. It is freely available on the Google Store. This application is used to create funny fake messages to make people laugh.


With this, you can create fake messages on iPhone, Android, and WhatsApp chats and use them as counterfeit Facebook and Twitter generators.

Fake Chat Conversations 

This is the best fake conversation generator tool for Android. This is freely available on the Google Play Store. You can easily download it from there. Screenshots created by this application look so real that none of your friends can determine them.

fake chat conversations

With this, you can create fake WhatsApp chats of both the sender and receiver. It also provides features to change Time; battery perc will engage, network, etc. You can also send phoney voice messages. You can also change the last seen and status of WhatsApp.

Visit: Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Android Text

This fake conversation generator is used to create fake text messages for Android. To use this tool, you have to click here. After tapping on this link, you see a box where you can type your message. Then, you have to type your Android version and time format.

fake android text

Finally, tap on the Create button to create a fake screenshot. But this is not amazing, as the screenshot doesn’t look realistic. So, if you want to fool someone, you should try something else. But you can use this site for those unaware of social media apps.

Visit: Fake Android Text

Fake Text Message

This is available for Android users. Fake Text Message is freely available, and you can easily download it from the Google Play Store. As its name represents, it generates phoney SMS so that you can easily fool your friends.

You can behave like a sender and a receiver. Fake SMS Sender allows you to change the number, name of contact, date, and Time according to your choice.

fake text message

You can use it without an internet connection. The best feature of this app is that you can set the Time, and the app will send a message on its own when the Time reaches. But this app is only available to create fake SMS, not fake WhatsApp or Facebook messages.

WhatsFake (Create Fake Chats)

This app is used to create fake chat messages for WhatsApp only. You can act on behalf of both sender and receiver, and nobody can find that. This app allows you to put fake photos and emoticons in your chats. You can easily edit the conversations with this app.


Moreover, you can show fake statuses, fake counterfeit messages, and many more to fool your friend. It is easily and freely available on the Google Play Store.

Visit: WhatsFake

InstaFake – Fake Chat for Instagram Direct Message

It creates fake Instagram chats and screenshots that look very realistic. With this, you can send and receive counterfeit messages with various videos and images.

instafake app

With this fake generator, you can control fake conversations on both sides. You can create fake dating jokes to make fun. You can change the Time, photos, and last seen.

Visit: InstaFake


Can text messages be faked?

Yes, individuals can forge or falsify text messages using various techniques. Consequently, it becomes crucial to verify the authenticity of messages before taking any actions based on them.

Is there an app where you can text yourself?

Indeed, there are apps that allow you to send messages to yourself. They can be helpful for testing or as reminders, aiding in organizing thoughts and tasks.

Is there a texting app to disguise your phone number?

Yes, certain apps provide the option to send messages with a different number, enhancing privacy or concealing the sender's identity.

Can hackers spoof text messages?

Yes, hackers can employ spoofing techniques to send text messages that appear to be from a different source, potentially leading to phishing or other malicious activities.

Can a hacker see my text messages?

In some cases, hackers with access to your device or network can intercept and view text messages, highlighting the importance of strong security measures to protect your information.


This was our list of a descriptive list of 15 fake conversation generators you can use to prank your friends. Make sure to tune in regularly.

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