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A GPS spoofer normally deceives a GPS receiver by broadcasting similar fake GPS signals as the original. So the position can be easily changed by using a GPS spoofer app. It is basically a situation in which a program or a person disguised as another by falsifying data for gaining some type of advantage. The spoofed signals are modified in such a way to cause the receiver to estimate the position to be somewhere else other than the original place. And there are some Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android.

There are a lot many GPS spoofer apps for Android each a bit different from the other but all doing pretty the similar thing. The apps normally change the latitudes and longitudes to change the GPS location. And about the altitudes, accuracy and speed, it assigns a constant number like 0 and 1 or any random number.


Mock location is a Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android that helps to create fake GPS path for the GPS receiver. It has several features like creating a fake GPS route, breakpoints and variable speed. It has a unique feature ‘Hide mock location button’.

This kind of spoofer app can be used for playing Pokemon go. At first, the fake mock location modules are enabled and then reboot the phone. Next go to android settings, developer options and turn on ‘allow mock locations’. Now open the fake mock location app and uncheck all other apps and check only Pokemon go. Now enjoy playing Pokemon go and catch as many Pokemon you want.

Play store rating: 3.8


It overwrites one’s current proximity elegantly so that you can prank your friend about your current location. Helps to find people in different cities, fly GPS from one place to the other. It is quite easy for usage. Just choose your faked location and press play. The app would insert the fake GPS location into your Android on the fly GPS.

Play store rating: 3.9


It fakes your location. It is faster and easy to use this Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android. Fast and funny way to just trick your friends by changing your GPS. First of all its is assured that the one you uses it disables the high accuracy location positioning in the Android settings and turn on the GPS only. Now the requested location is changed using the search bar and thus the position changes accordingly. It is free for an exchange of some the device’s idle resources for the benefit of others.

Play store rating: 4.3


It is an app that allows testing other apps ability to track GPS information without the need to catch a GPS signal. The phone’s location can be set to anywhere in the world. The ‘Allow mock locations ‘is turned on the development settings. The switch position mode is changed to GPS only so that you can avoid receiving the mock locations after turning off the fake GPS app. Before running this app first, the fake GPS is turned on.

Play store rating: 3.7

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android

10 Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android – TechWhoop


Mock GPS Pro is basically a GPS location emulator for changing the GPS location of the device through a map-based interface. This app sets up mock GPS location in such a way that every other on the device thinks you to be present in the fake location.

Play store rating: 3.9


It fakes the location in the app that uses GPS. Location Mockup is a simple and versatile application. It keeps the real location in secret. Location Mockup also helps replace the GPS in places where there is no signal. The ‘use wireless networks’ and ‘ GPS satellites’ should be disabled. And then allow the mock locations.

Play store rating: 3.7


It helps to spoof the device location and make it appear in some other place. The mock locations are allowed under settings, applications and development. Rooted phones can spoof the location by making the mock locations disabled.

Play store rating: 3.7


This Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android deceives the GPS receiver and sets any location on the earth. The device believes to be in a different place than it actually is in. For more reliability, it can be used with some sort of movement (like movement by car, foot) so that the latitude and longitude keep changing.
The app can be used by changing the device settings that the Android phones have for the developers to test the new applications using GPS position. This application is easy for using because it gives graphical instructions for step by step usage.

Play store rating: 4.3


It has all the features as all other spoofer apps without any ads. But this application is not compatible for Pokemon go. The mock location is selected, and ten start buttons are pressed, and after its usage, the stop button can be pressed present at the bottom.
This app has a special feature that can be used without changing the mock location. It also contains history. So one can easily see the previous mock locations and add them to favourites. To operate on special mode, the device must be rooted, and mockation needs to be installed as system app.

Play store rating: 4.0


It changes the current location to any place on the planet. GPS location is enabled. The mock location is allowed for this app. It has a unique ‘GO FOOD LOCATION’ feature that books the favourite locations for future. It also keeps the previous searches.

Play store rating: 4.5


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