How to Track Your Family Members Location Using Fameelee App

Looking for an application to know where your relatives are so you don’t need to stress over them? Today we are looking at Family Locator by Fameelee, an application, which does precisely the same. It offers live surveillance, area and speed alerts, low battery alarms and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. How about to see what it has and, as a result, if it satisfies its promises?

There won’t be a family on the planet which has not had a day where their friends and family members are inaccessible, and the family is out of their minds attempting to connect with them to know their whereabouts. This can occur for several reasons.

However, pressure skyrockets when the adored one is a young member of the family who you still don’t trust can deal with himself/herself. Since these days, even the most youthful individuals in the family have a cell phone with them. So why not utilize the gadget and track their most recent location keeping a delicate watch over them?

What is Fameelee?

The Fameelee – a family following application, gives plenty of features to help you to monitor your kid’s current areas, check his portable battery quality, chat with him and furthermore be cautioned if he is driving at a decent speed or not. The application is accessible for both iOS and Android clients and is accessible as a Social application. However, the utilization as said go much further.

How to Download, Install & Use Fameelee App

  • When you download and load the application, you will be taken through an instructional guide of the application demonstrating how to add individuals to your circle and refresh your own area.
Add Individuals to your Circle and Refresh your Area
Add Individuals to your Circle and Refresh your Area
  • Your own area will be refreshed through a Google outline, which you can name like “Home” or “Office“.
  • This refreshed will be shown to everyone from your circle alongside the battery status.
  • To add new individuals to the gathering, you must send a code, which you will have the capacity to see on your first utilization or by tapping the Add Member option.
6-digit alpha-numeric Code
6-digit alpha-numeric Code
  • This code is a 6-digit alpha-numeric, which you can share with a messaging application you have on your cell phone including by SMS.
  • You can correspondingly join a Circle created by some other family member.
"Family" Circle
“Family” Circle
  • A Circle named “Family” is already available when you begin utilizing the application.
  • In any case, you can create more circles by tapping on the “Family” drop-down, where you will get a choice to Create Circle.
Add More Circles
Add More Circles
  • When you select Create Circle, you should give another name to the Circle, and for this Circle, you will get an alternate code.
Create New Circle
Create New Circle
  • You can easily join more than one circle, where one can be for your folks, one for peers and one for your life partner and kid.

Advantages of Fameelee App

  1. The Fameelee application is very valuable to monitor your friends and family without the requirement for repetitive messages or calls. It is a good variant when you are on a journey or grinding away at work.
  2. If there is an opportunity of the occurrence of critical situations, this application will be profoundly valuable since it will give you precise location points, as well as it will alarm you if the battery of your family members will run out soon.
  3. You can utilize it to visit straightforwardly your family members as well.

Key Features of Fameelee App

  1. Speed Limit Control: In this segment, you can set speed alarms for every individual from your Circle. If one goes at speed more than the speed set by you, an alarm will be produced through which you will know whether your kids or some other member is driving at a speed that isn’t secure.
  2. Help Alert: When you tap on this choice, in a time of 5 seconds an alarm is sent to all the Circle individuals that you need assistance alongside with your exact location point. You can utilize the chat feature too to tell them, in brief, the main point of your situation.
  3. FAQ: This portion contains detailed info, which will reveal to all of you whatever you need to use this application. There are numerous sections and sub-sections so that you can exploit this app in detail.
  4. Battery Alert: Set battery alert levels for every individual from your Circle with the goal that you know in advance who will be soon inaccessible by their telephone, so to reach them right at that point.
  5. Places: This segment will contain areas that your family individuals create. You can set alarms on them with the goal that you know when your family individuals arrive and leave that area.


It doesn’t matter if you utilize the Android or the iOS application form of the Fameelee, you get similar advantages and instruments. You can track, talk to or find your family and companions with this application. It’s not a problem for these and, as claimed, you should simply create your circle with every one of them in it.

In the light of all that, you remain associated with them and get refreshed on where and how they are. By doing this, you can have that significant serenity about their security.

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