The topic I’m going to introduce you all to can be of everyone’s significant interests. I’m going to do the Filmora9 review for you guys.

If the name isn’t enough for you, hear me out. Filmora9 is a video editing tool by Wondershare Filmora. A name that is not so unknown to those in the field.

It is an editor with super-powers to give your video a high-end Hollywood-like appearance.

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First Spash into Filmora9 | A Complete Filmora9 Review

So you tell me, what makes a software efficient, from the users’ point of view? If someone asked me, my answer would be that it should be readily operable. More so, even to someone who’s utterly naive regarding it. That is the first point I’d like to put forth in the Filmora9 review. The tool focuses more on laymen/beginners.

filmora site overview

The next point worth mentioning in the filmora9 review is that it offers the best services. That too at affordable prices. Yes, you heard that right. And yes, it is a paid tool that provides variants of plans. They start right from the free one (for a specified period), going all the way to the lifetime plans.

They also offer plans for different sects of society. For instance, separate ones for business people, students, etc. The prices for these stand at 13 to 60 dollars for business people and 8 dollars for students. On top of that, it offers a free trial pack with all the base pack’s features.

Highlights of Filmora9

Among all the traits that it has, in the filmora9 review, I’m going to mention the best ones. These are the ones that are going to make the most difference. Let’s go then:

Stabilizing Video

Clarity is the key when it comes to videography, right? Also, the fact that your product should be visually pleasing.

Stabilizing video

So Filmora9 has got a feature that deals with every frame. That, it does to ensure that each frame and picture quality, thus, is as sharp as a knife. It is as easy as adjusting the slider until you reach the level you deem fit.

Defects Corrector

It takes care of correcting the most common defects for you. The error, like a fox eye, can prove such a nuisance. The filmora9 takes measures to get rid of it. Defects correctorAll it asks from you is the level to which you require the correction. All the rest, the Filmora9 handles itself.

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Brisk Education 

No one wants to sit there, doing nothing, while the software executes the command. Right? Most software exhibits that flaw but not Filmora9. Since it does not defer the execution of any power, Filmora9 has a lightning-quick performance.

multiple videos

Imagine how wonderful it can be to have multiple videos in the timeline. To further improve the speed, you could try making it automatic.

Sharing Seamlessly 

The last point I’m making in the Filmora9 review is that it provides a hassle-free sharing option. It allows you to bypass several steps and share the videos on big platforms.

sharing video on youtube platform

These platforms include giants like Vimeo and Youtube, which typically involve a series of steps. However, if you encounter any issues such as the youtube videos are loading but it is not playing, we have a guide to help you fix it. Check it out here


Understandably, it has a good number of traits apart from the ones we just went through. They include the ability to get a preview of how your output will look like. Then you have the Green screen feature.

green screen edit

Upload your green screen video and the image you’d like in the background. Let the software handle the rest. Then it has mixers, extensive libraries, and the feature of detecting different scenes. It then clubs them together for your ease.

Perks and Flaws of Filmora9

As they say, evil resides alongside the good. That is true for filmora9 as well. So the next portion in the filmora9 review covers its benefits and pitfalls. All that to help you with your judgment of the same.

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Nothing is perfect. But the filmora9 review has certain perks that make it ‘almost’ complete. Let us see what they are: 

  • It allows you to add 100+ audio and videos to your stuff. It can be beneficial when you’re creating short films/documents. That is too of the right professional level.
  • I mentioned earlier that Filmora9 is pretty effortless, even for a beginner, once you get the hang of it. Not only that, but it has got tools for skilled users too. No wonder why it counts as one of the best editors there is.filmora video editing
  • You can choose whichever pack you like. As a beginner, you could get the trial pack. It comes free, and it is not missing any tools. On the other hand, if you are already in love with filmora9, you could get the yearly one. It comes with a bunch of additional features to add that touch of magic to your creations.


The upcoming portion of the filmora9 review covers its flaws that it has. One thing you’d have to applaud, though, the ratio of benefits to defects is like 5:2. Let us see where it lacks.

Inability to Convert to Blu-ray

It may be a shock to many of you, as it does support the 4k quality.

resizing video

But how unfortunate it is to resize that high-quality, crisp video.

No StoryBoard 

Fimmora9 does not support storyboard. It is a highlight that can provide you with the gist of your editing. It does so by showing each element storyboard in filmora9 The absence can count as a slight setback.

Absence of Certain Traits video editing in filmora9

Certain essential traits are missing. These include multiple webcams, 360-degree editing, the inability to export to Facebook, etc.

Which should you use between Filmora9 and FilmoraPRO?

Filmora9 is the best video editing tools for beginners if you want a straightforward program with filmora9 features and benefits. It has all the necessary capabilities to create typical material. It features a straightforward user interface.

filmora9 vs filmorapro

The filmora9 tutorial and tips make it clear which program you should select depending on your needs. Get the detailed discussion below:

video editing in filmorapro

  • FilmoraPro would be a better option if you’re looking for a sophisticated program that offers all the premium features needed for professional video editing. Aside from being straightforward and having all the features, both applications’ prices are essential.filmora9 vs filmorapro in terms of cost
  • A lifetime subscription to Filmora9 only costs $69.99. In contrast, FilmoraPro has a one-time purchase of $149.99.
  •  Although the prices of both programs have changed noticeably, unlike other programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora9 and FilmoraPro don’t require a recurring subscription. Filmora9 and FilmoraPro are both excellent video editing applications.filmora pro on mac
  • Filmora9 should be fine if you only create simple content, like YouTube videos. However, FilmoraPro would work well for you if you need a more sophisticated video editing program and are okay with getting used to it.

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What is Filmora?

A series of video-editing and production software programs called Filmora is a Wondershare creation. Filmora contains every tool a budding filmmaker might need, including applications for both novices and experts. Additionally to being compatible with Mac and Windows computers, Filmora is also accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices. Customers who want to make high-quality videos but don't want to utilize a complicated program can go through the video editing software review. They are the target audience for Filmora. Users can easily add customizations to their videos with Filmora, and because you can control everything from a single dashboard, there is no need to memorize many hotkeys. Up to 4K videos and audio edit with this functionality. Filmora has many capabilities, including split-screen, removing green-screen backgrounds, video stabilization, audio and video controls, color-correction presets, GIF support, and many more. In addition to video and audio controls, users of Filmora have access to screen recording capabilities.

What is it, FilmoraPRO?

As its name suggests, FilmoraPro is a more sophisticated application that adds more tools for managing video and audio. It is a complete program that is affordable and suitable for most professional processes. FilmoraPro adds more presets and supports keyboard shortcuts and macros to speed up the video editing process. The features of Filmora9 are all available in FilmoraPro, plus more. It almost feels like using a premium program like Adobe Premiere Pro. FilmoraPro comes in both a free and a paid edition, and it works with Windows and macOS.

Filmora9 vs Adobe Premiere Rush: Which is superior?

On preference information obtained from user evaluations. With 45 reviews, Adobe Premiere Rush is rated 4.4/5 stars. Wondershare Filmora, in contrast, has 277 reviews and a rating of 4.4/5.

What are the advantages of Filmora?

With the software, you can make videos for personal or business use, share them directly to social media, adjust speed, add motion tracking, use over 100 transitions, and more. Filmora is offered in two different editions: Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro.

Last Words

So that was all about the filmora9 review, whether you’re a beginner who wants to try his hand at video editing. Or a professional who is looking to try the much-talked-about software. It works both ways.

So after reading the Filmora9 review, go ahead and try the tool yourself.

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