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The one thing that we fear the most about our phone is losing it. Remember that dreaded feeling when you reach into your bag or pocket to find your phone, and you don’t find it there. Thus, you must know how to Find a Lost Phone with this simple guide we have for you.

You might be on an outing or just left it on the couch, and now it isn’t there anymore. You don’t know what you should do during situations like this. Do you turn the entire room upside down or start to break down and assume the worst?

Well, don’t panic, your phone does anticipate you losing it sometimes, so it has found some ways for you to find it back. These ways come in handy in situations like this. Whether it’s an Android or iOS or even a non-smartphone, we got you covered with these ways to find a lost phone.

3 Cool Ways to Find a Lost Phone

We have compiled no. of ways through which you can find a lost phone, whether it is Android or iOS.


Every android device has Google, and every person owning an android device finds it very convenient to have a google account, and this account is your savior in situations like this.  There are options like using a phone tracking app if you wish to find your phone easily. Else Google offers a service called “Find My Device,” which is available in the play store as well as available in your browser if you simply search to find a lost phone.

The first thing that you notice is the phones that your account is connected to and its location. But you will get a prompt to verify your identity first, so remembering your password is a requirement; other than that, you can also verify your identity using two-step verification, where devices to which you have connected your account will get a prompt to verify your usage.

Once verification is done, Google will now show you the exact location of your device plus the time last it was found and its battery percentage. Moreover, you have many features that you can use to secure your device.

How To Find A Lost Phone Using Google’s “Find My Device”

  • Search “Find A Lost Phone” on your browser.
  • Verify your identity using your password or two-step identification
  • Once verified, you’ll be shown the location of all devices with your account in them.
Find my Device Location
Find my Device Location
  • Then, search for the device that you have lost
  • If the device is somewhere nearby and you just don’t seem to find it, you can use the feature call my device, and it will make your device ring for 5 minutes continuously even if it’s in silent
Find my Device- Play Sounds
Find my Device- Play Sounds
  • If you can’t find your device still, you can secure your device using ‘Secure Device,’ where you can input a message and also a number for which the person needs to contact if they find the device.
Find My Device - Secure Device
Find My Device – Secure Device
  • After you do this, the person who has your device can contact you to return your device.
  • If nobody has contacted you and you feel that your data is not secure anymore, this is where the third option comes in handy.
  • Erase device is the option to use when you have lost all the hopes to find your device. All data will be lost once you erase it. You will not be able to track it anymore. Even if your device is offline, once it comes online, the device will start deleting the data. To erase the data, you might need to sign in once more.
Find My Device- Erase Data
Find My Device- Erase Data

So, these were the options that Google provides you. There are still other ways to find which you can recover your device. Apps such as Find My Phone can store a phone’s location, not only yours, but your family as well, on both Android and iOS. You just need to add the devices to it, and you can check their location whenever you want.


All iOS devices, including MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones, can be tracked using the Apple native feature, “Find My iPhone.” This feature comes pre-installed in the device so that you can find a lost phone wherever it is. You can trace the device and also manage it using this feature. The only letdown is that this feature will only trace your device as long as it is still on the internet.

How To Find A Lost Phone Using Apple’s “Find My Phone”

  • Login into iCloud and search for Find My Phone feature
  • Apple then redirects you to the location of all the devices connected to the account on the map and an option to play sounds on it.
  • You can send a message to your phone using “lost mode” or erase all of its content
Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone

This is the best and the most effective way to find an iPhone. This concludes our search for ways to find a lost phone that is smart.

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Find A Non-Smartphone

  1. Try calling your phone. You can locate its place by the sound of the ring, or someone who found your phone can also pick it up and let you know its whereabouts.
  2. Go back to the places that you’ve been to. Look around thoroughly and find your phone, most of the time we just keep our phones in areas that we can easily miss by a glance or two.
  3. Don’t panic if your phone is unreachable; it can also be battery dead. Send a text to your phone regarding the no. To contact if found and even any reward that you wish to offer.
  4. Call your service provider and ask if they provide any GPS tracking service; if not, ask them to terminate the service to your no. to prevent any further charges.
  5. Unfortunately, you cannot delete the data on your phone in such situations. But you can change the passwords to all the accounts connected to that device. So that your accounts cannot be misused.
  6. Register your device on Immobilize if you have your IMEI no. written down.

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Conclusion (Find A Lost Phone)

This concludes our list of ways to find a lost phone. Do tell us which one did you find the most helpful. Have a nice day!

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