Hey there, reader! Do you want to find old posts on Facebook? This article will help you learn the trick of ‘How to find your old Post on Facebook‘ easily.

To access your activity log on Facebook, follow these steps:
Tap the top-right corner of Facebook. Select your name. Tap below your profile picture. Access the Activity Log. Use the “Filter” option at the top of your Activity log to review various activities, including things you’ve posted.

This article shows how to search for old posts on Facebook using various features like Search All Posts, Search Posts You Liked, Search Graph, Activity Log, and Qsearch. All of the steps have been mentioned here in a descriptive way. You have to follow all the guidelines, and you’ll be able to find an old post on Facebook easily. Reading this article till the end will not only give you the best methods to search for old Facebook posts but will also help you get clear with any doubts that arise in your mind. The FAQ section provided at the end will support this purpose. That’s enough intro. Let’s jump right in now.

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Does Facebook Have a Way to Find Old Posts?

Remember that not all your posts—or even those of your friends—will be visible if you scroll down the Facebook timeline.

Even if you search year-by-year, you can find the Highlights. Click the downward pointing arrow in the Highlights section to the right to see all postings from a specific year. Select “All Stories.” Mentioned below are a few other ways that will help you find old Facebook posts:

Search Graph 

Surprisingly, this is not a trait that is frequently discussed. It’s almost like Facebook has a secret hack.graph explorer facebook


When you find a post on Facebook, look for your postings or create a more specific category. Similarly, you may look for a topic on a friend’s timeline using the key phrase.

Activity Log

Check the Activity Log for a specific post. You can find an old post on Facebook that you have written, regardless of tags or if it has been hidden.Activity log On the Activity Log, any base that includes a photo is also viewable.


A third-party program called QSearch lets you access earlier postings through search results. Sort them according to link, status, and photo.

This software will show postings from your friends in addition to your own. In addition to searching your timeline, you may also search the Timelines of friends, groups you are a part of, and pages you follow.

facebook qsearch

The third-party app is a faster method than the previously listed ones. All of the approaches, though, are preferable to having to scroll endlessly to discover postings. Pick one of these methods to know how to see older posts on Facebook.

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How to Find Old Facebook Posts

Finding old Facebook posts to show someone might be the main reason you want to locate previous posts without scrolling. Or perhaps you wanted to check what you said before and go back. Read up on strategies to find an old post on Facebook without scrolling instead of stressing out about how to search for old Facebook posts.

Search All Posts

  1. Launch a web browser and navigate going to Facebook.com. Suppose you aren’t immediately logged in, login using your Facebook account. Your email address is mandatory, phone number, and password. For username and password recovery, check this.
  2. Select the Search option. The Search box is on a blue bar at the top of your screen.Search Bar
  3. Select a date to view a list of previous entries. Scroll through the posts to see the one you are looking for.Date posted

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Search Posts You Liked

Follow the steps mentioned below to find an old post on Facebook:

  1. Launch a web browser and sign in with your Facebook account. You must enter your email address, phone number, and password.Facebook web browser
  2. Once logged in, go to the search bar and type the keyword you want to search. The search will find and display all matching results, including groups, photographs, people, and pages.
  3. Find the Post’s tab. This button is below the Search box at the top of the page, next to All. All postings, both friend and public, that are pertinent to your search term will be displayed.post tab
  4. Give a post date under “DATE POSTED.” On the left sidebar, look for the “DATE POSTED header” on Facebook.com.Date posted
  5. Click Examine the Activity Log. This button will be located in the bottom-right corner of your cover photo.
  6. Select the Activity Search option. This will appear at the top of your “Activity Log” and is distinct from the standard Facebook search. It will look through your Activity, including posts, likes, comments, events, and profile updates.activity log
  7. All your actions—including posts, posts in which you were tagged, posts by other users, and posts you’ve hidden—that correspond to your keyword will be found and shown. You can also scroll down to view earlier entries.

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How do you discover a post on Facebook?

Select your group by tapping in the upper right corner of Facebook, scrolling down to Groups, tapping Groups at the top. Click Search. Names or keywords that occur in the Post or the Post's comments should be entered, then touch to search. You can also find an old post on Facebook

How is it possible to view someone's postings on Facebook without being friends with them?

Even if you are not friends with someone you can easily stalk them on Facebook and uncover a tonne of pictures that they've been tagged in. Any photograph that person is tagged in may be seen by just Googling 'Photos of' with their name even if they have hidden it from their feed.

What is a Facebook post?

Facebook Posts are public messages that are published to a user's whole audience or on a particular person's profile page (or 'wall'). Posts are a tool that businesses use to stay in contact with their audience and maybe get new followers.

What exactly is Create post?

As a preview for a future video, one strategy is to post a YouTube poll or provide a picture or video of what they're working on. If your YouTube channel has more than 500 subscribers, you may use YouTube Studio to access the Create post function and make polls, videos, and teaser pictures for your channel.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you find an old post on Facebook through the mentioned ways. These tips are easy; therefore, you can perform them without difficulty. Each of these ways can solve your problem but choose the one you find the easiest. Hoping that you’ll benefit from this article, let’s wish you all the best!

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