How to Find Social Media Influencers in Minutes

Social media has changed the marketing game drastically. Some say the change in social media is due to the advent of the digital age and how social media has become an integral cog in the proverbial digital machine. What’s more, social media gave rise to the influencer. Just in case you’ve been asleep and haven’t noticed the increase in the phenomenon to find social media influencers, we’ll quickly explain what an influencer is. Also, the follow article will help you understand the tactics of social media marketing.

Find Social Media Influencers
Find Social Media Influencers

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Who is an Influencer? 

One can understand an influencer as a celebrity online, that is, someone who has built a reputation for themselves online, through building social media following, due to their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. Well, to be honest, some social media influencers are influencers just because they’ve got a following. In essence, they might not have any particular knowledge on a topic but have gained a following for their fashion sense, comedy, or just from who they are. Either way, they’ve become influential in the social media world and have pull due to the significant number of followers that they’ve gained over time.

Here are a few of our tips on how to find social media influencers in minutes!

Why Would I Need to Find Social Media Influencer?

Like we said, social media influencers are influencers because they’ve gained a significant following due to their knowledge about a specific topic. Think of it this way – if an influencer with about 100 000 followers on their Instagram account, for example, posts a photo with your product or tags your brand in their photo or their caption, you’ve suddenly managed to get your brand out there for 100 000 people to see. It’s advertising in the digital age. Of course, depending on the influencer, you’ll need to pay them or sponsor them with a product (or products) from your brand. It goes for influencers on Twitter and other social media platforms, too. So, in a nutshell, how can you find social media influencers help your brand or business?

How to Find Social Media Influencers to help your brand/business?

One of the best tools for finding different influencers to help your brand is Twiends, a tool that helps to connect you with Twitter users based off of topical interest, in a way that complies with all Twitter rules. Here are a few more tips for finding people to connect with.

The fact that influencer posts about using or wearing your product can increase your brand’s credibility, thereby improving your brand following (we assume that you’ve created or are in the process of creating a social media profile or two for your business by now). Necessarily, hiring or paying influencers will lead to new leads, conversions, and sales.

The cost may differ depending on the influencer and the size of their following. However, it’s all about the exposure. One can say, the minimal cost of promoting your business on an influencer’s page with 100 000 followers is around $763. The figures show that advertising your product through social media marketing can be extremely powerful!

That is why, the following are some of the tactics to know more about how to find social media influencers on the internet.

Who Are You Trying to Influence?

Influencers do advertising on your behalf. When beginning to find social media influencers, target demographics of your business. It’s no use to sponsor a blogger who isn’t relevant to your field. For example- if sponsoring a beauty blogger, then your skateboarding business could turn to huge loss. However, some influencers may not specifically relate to your industry, but they share the same audience.

Before you begin to find social media influencers; first, figure out who the influencers in your business industry are. If your company is in the travel niche, find an influential travel blogger! Know your goals and your niche.

Put In the Research!

It might sound hectic, but these days, it is only a matter of minutes! Begin a search on Google and start with relevant keywords ‘find social media influencers in (your niche)’. Again, if you’re looking for a travel blogger, you you may research the “best travel bloggers.” Also, you may specify the launch of travel campaigns and cross-check if those traveloguers haves visited the same place or not.

Remember, these influencers may have audiences on many platforms. Irrespective of their following list on Facebook, you cannot assume the YouTube subscriber list. Some influencers are more popular on a particular platform and may not even have an account on another. By using Nuwber to find out more about specific influencers, you’ll quickly find out about the other social profiles that they use, making your search even quicker.

On social media platforms, check out the hashtags that are related to your industry. Search for these hashtags and find out what the popular ones are. You’ll quickly notice who frequently shares content that relates to your industry. Along with that, you’ll learn more about your competitors who are also employing social media influencers for marketing. It’s a good idea to reach out to engaged (and engaging) influencers who you find in this group! This will help you to find social media influencers in your industry.

Reach Out, Connect, and Keep It Real

When you’ve finished the task to find social media influencers who’d like to collaborate with your brand/business, make sure to sound authentic! Keeping it real is an excellent way to go in any situation – more so when reaching out to an influencer. Yes, you’ve got to sound professional, too, but keeping it real when reaching out is a big help. Remember, social media influencers receive a lot of spam messages on various social media platforms or via mail.

Look out for events in your area, industry, where you can find social media influencers. In these events, they may be present and you may make a connection, if possible. It helps in building a more trustworthy relationship going forward.

Once you’ve made a connection with an influencer, you could always ask them for recommendations, too. Influencers know other influencers, both in your industry and outside of it. Asking for recommendations can provide you with a new perspective.

These fresh ideas to find social media influencers may not have expertise in your niche but may share the same audience.

Track and Understand Your Metrics

Once you have completed the task to find social media influencers, begun to collaborate with them. Knowing your goals and targets will give you an idea of what to look for, allowing you to track and understand marketing metrics once you’ve launched your social media campaigns and collaborations with those influencers.


Use what you’ve learned to further your understanding of the world of social media marketing. Therefore, the above were some of the strategies to find social media influencers to build your online business

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