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The most common thing among all the women in the world is their obsession about how they look and how well their body or figure is being maintained. Yes, fitness leaves behind their passion for jewelry, branded shoes, handbags, shopping, etc. Women and girls these days can insanely go to any extreme when it comes to the shape of their body. Also, it would be wrong to say that all women are a maniac about their fitness, but the fact is that everybody wants to look beautiful and attractive. Thus, you must know about the best Fitness Trackers for women out there.

The ladies have been doing all the possible ways to keep themselves fit. They follow the strictest diet possible, the most laborious workout at the gym, visiting doctor at a regular interval of time to test their fitness level, etc. But in this busy world, it is practically not possible for them to visit a doctor at a regular interval of time. So where would they go or how would they know their progress?

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Hold on ladies, here is the solution to your problem, Fitness Tracker or popularly known as Fitness Band! These Fitness Bands are made for both male and female but there some brands that manufacture such bands especially for the ladies.

So, here is the list of 5 best fitness trackers for women:

Top 5 Fitness Trackers for Women

Bellabeat Leaf

Unlike any other unisex bands, Bellabeat Leaf is mainly designed for the women. This device can be worn by the ladies like any other jewellery. Bellabeat Leaf tracker is available in the form of bangle, badge or choker with two variant in colours: silver with light colour wood and the other in a dark brown wood with a touch of rose gold.

Fitness Trackers
Best Fitness Trackers for Women – Bellabeat Leaf

The primary functions of the Leaf are, it tracks the statistics of one’s fitness on a daily basis including the amount of sleep one had, calculating the anxiety level and other regular physical activities. It even alerts you through vibration when you don’t have enough material movement in a day and lets you know how to increase your respiratory system. You can pre-order the device for $89.

Up2 by Jawbone

Like any other fitness tracker, Up2 can track the distance travelled by the user, each step taken and some calories burnt. Many of its features are quite similar to the older version, Up24.

Up2 by Jawbone
Up2 by Jawbone

Jawbone’s Up2 also offers a built-in activity tracker, and along with that the device also has the software that can track one’s mood and the food or drink you take. The one unique feature that the device allows the user is to connect to a third party fitness app. The price for this fitness tracker device is $99.99.

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Withings Activité

The ladies who don’t like to wear jewelry, here is a simple and stylish solution for you; a Fitness Watch! This watch is an ultra elegant device designed by the French. The dial of the watch is a Swiss-made along with calf leather strap. The watch has a finishing touch with sapphire crystal and stainless steel back which makes it look fresh and trendy among the youngsters.

The device is pretty simple and easy to use and can be configured through your smartphones or tablets for tracking your day-to-day activities and further you can also monitor on them. It acts like a guide that tracks your daily activities and notifies everytime you miss some of your daily routines. This 50m water resistant watch will cost you for $450

Beurer AS 80

The fitness band has a built-in sensor that continuously tracks your physical activities including your calories burnt, amount of sleep you had, number of distinct steps taken, distance traveled and other movements. The monitoring system of Beurer AS80 is optimized and managed through a free Health Manager app that you can install on your smartphones.

Beurer AS 80
Beurer AS 80

You can also set a goal on a daily basis and try to attempt it. In case you are not able to attempt the goal, you will be notified, and on reaching the goal, you will be rewarded. It also displays the time to keep you up-to-date. This fitness band will cost you approximately $125.60

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Mi Band 2

The Mi Band 2 has an OLED display so that it attracts your eye and can see in more details at a glimpse. With just a simple tap on the band, you can track your rate of your footsteps and heartbeat. The band also shows time like any other watch or band.

Mi Band 2
Mi Band 2

The advanced algorithm in the device encounters unnecessary movements and discards it resulting in more accuracy in your physical movements. The band has a motion sensor so everytime you start a run or walk or even a workout, it knows it all and starts tracking your actions automatically.

This cool gadget will be a good option for anyone’s budget as it costs around $30.62 (approx) only!

Hence, wrapping up with these five fresh and handy gadgets that you can purchase and even gift to your mom, daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, or any other relatives. So what are you waiting for? Just go online or to the market and buy it before someone else grabs the deal! As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”; so start working out, eat low calorie and healthy foods, do yoga and exercises regularly. Hope the article was useful for the ladies out there. Till then, use these Fitness Trackers, Stay fit and Stay healthy.


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