Flashcards are always helpful to put up information that everyone needs to remember. If you’re a student or a teacher, you must use many student apps, educational books app, and E-book downloading sites.

In that case, this blog will be highly useful for you. Flash cards are used to study and keep points in check quickly. While sticky notes and paper snippets are the norm, online Flashcards Maker is also useful.

So if you are a teacher or a tutor trying to create attractive flashcards for your pupils, here are the 11 best free online websites where you can create flashcards.

Top 11 Flashcards Maker Websites

Here are the Top 11 Flashcards Maker Websites.


Cram is a free flashcard creator tool with a simple interface that creates functional, sophisticated flashcards. To use ram, you must first sign up for their services by providing your necessary details. Once that’s done, you can begin by clicking on the “create flashcards” button.

Cram Flashcards Maker

You must select a title, add some description to your card, a subject, and access level to the card you create. You will have to enter the questions on the right-hand side and the answer to that question on the left-hand side of the screen.

When you feel the card is good enough, click the ‘create set’ button. Your flashcard is now ready to be used for studies and tests.

Visit: Cram

FlashCard Online

Flashcards Online is a site that assists you in making flashcards online. It’s a moderate site that you can use without making a record.

You click the Giant “Start Now” button, pick the number and the sort of flashcards you need to make, and the site readies a layout for you to add content. Add significant pictures or text to your cards (contingent upon the kind of card you chose), sit tight for a couple of moments while the site measures your information, and it’ll provoke you with a “Free Download” button. Snap the catch to download a PDF document with your flashcards, which you can then print. This is one of the best services to use if you don’t know how to make flashcards online.

flashcard online

The layout is fundamental, so you must depend on your abilities to change the pdf into working flash cars. The site is quite essential, so we suggest using it to make flashcards for youngsters.

Study Blue

This is one of the unique flashcard creation tools on the web. It’s a straightforward interface for creating flashcards. First, you register by clicking the “join now” button, which you can complete using Facebook or Google+. You also need to specify whether you’re a student or a teacher, your school’s location, and what your studying class is.

Study Blue

If you want to download their app to study on the go, anywhere and anytime, you must provide your phone number. You can share the study materials you create here with your friends over social media.

To create a new flash card, click the generate study materials option. Under the make flashcards button, please specify your question in the terms section and the answer to it under the definition section. Once you have given a proper title to your card, click on the save link on the top of the card and hit done.

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You can review your sheet and take quizzes on the home screen from the materials you’ve created.

Visit: Study Blue

Study Stack

This is a good way to create quiz cards from the raw academic material. Sign up to the website using the “free sign-up” button and begin to make your first flash card. You can do so by clicking on “Create a new stack,” which will send you to the homepage of the study stack.

Study Stack

Select a stack name and add a description to it. Once you’re done, select “save changes.” Then you can move over to the next tab, which says Data tab, and ad a question with its answer, which you want to be put on your flashcard. Then click “save changes” again; it’s as simple as that!

Visit: Study Stack


This elegantly designed online flashcards maker allows you to choose your preferred study mode from many options. Sign up for Quizlet using Facebook or Google+, and click “start using free Quizlet” to begin. Click on create button and add your information for the flashcard, like your title, subject, and description.


As usual, you add the question on one side and the answer on the other. You can also import some images from your storage onto your card. Once you finish your card, click the Create a Set button to finalize. You can access your cards through several methods, like scatter, test, and speller. You can use them to test your skills or test your students.

Visit: Quizlet


Anki uses intellectual science and artificial consciousness to fool your cerebrum into recalling anything with attention to effectiveness. The application utilizes a proof-based learning strategy called Spaced Repetition to expand the conceivable measure of discovering in a given report meeting. Anki tracks and create flashcards that the AI has decided you need to chip away at, giving you your investigation pal. This is one of the best online flashcards makers out there.


Visit: Anki

Flashcard Machine

This web-based Flashcards Maker program lets you create flashcards quickly and help you with your studies. As usual, enter your information and register for the service. They will send a confirmation link to the email address you specify, so head over to your account and complete the registration by clicking on the provided URL.

Click on the “get started creating flashcards” button to begin with your first flashcard using this Flashcards Maker. Fill in the required information on the create new flashcard set tab’s general info tab. Once you’re done, click on the save set details to finalize your entered info.
Fill the question in the terms tab and the answer to that question in the definitions tab to complete your flashcard. If you want to add another card to your existing set of cards, click on the “+Add another” option provided.

Flashcard Machine

When you finish your set of flashcards, save it by clicking on the hold and exit button. You may begin your study with the start study session option. You can even configure your study sessions, just like the Quizlet site. But it does not give you preset modes to choose from.

Visit: Flashcard Machine


GoConqr is a fantastic Flashcards Maker. You start by setting up your account and then answering questions about your grade level and subjects to build your learning profile. GoConqr gives you extra features such as groups, free content, a calendar, and many more, additionally to the flashcards you can create.


Whenever you’re ready to create your flashcards, press the Create button, and select Flashcards. You can enter the text or even upload images to all sides of the cards. You can also format the background color, textures, and text.

Visit: GoConqr

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Brainscape is a marvelous website for creating and finding flashcards created by others. To use Brainscape, you need to create a free account. After that, you will have to add a class (subject) and create a deck of flashcards for your use. You can set up numerous types and flashcard decks in each, which is ideal for various courses.


List the questions and answers (fronts and backs) for your cards. You can now start studying after saving your deck right away. While you can only use text on your flashcards with the free account, that might be all you need. Additionally, you can sort, edit, and share your decks with others. Brainscape also offers paid plans for extra content, an exceptional editor to include images & sounds, plus other learning features. It is just a great Flashcards Maker.

Visit: Brainscape


ProProfs.com helps you make a deck of five flashcards in just a few minutes. For that to happen, you first need to create your free account. This website allows you to add images and text, organize the cards in the order you want, and edit or add more cards to decks accordingly.


You can view your flashcard deck & memorize the information. ProProfs also allows you to take a quiz and play a match or gravity game. This site will enable you to share your flashcard set through email, shareable links, social sign-in, or embed code. You can look further at the website’s knowledge base, brain games, training, etc. It is an exceptional Flashcards Maker.

Visit: ProProfs.com

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FlashDecks is a perfect website for creating flashcards online. This website has a primary interface with which you can generate flashcard decks instantly. Add text to the fronts and backs and upload images to accompany the cards. For examining your flashcards, you get to see the acts of each display.


When you want to reveal the back, click and indicate if you were accurate. The indication is essential for keeping a record of your stats which display nicely in a graph. You can also check out flashcards shared by others too. You can also share your flashcards on the website or social media and design collections for multiple decks. FlashDecks makes it all very simple, thus being a great Flashcards Maker.

Visit: FlashDecks 

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Can I add images or multimedia to my flashcards?

Many online free flashcard makers support adding images, audio, or even video content to flashcards. This feature can enhance the learning experience by providing visual cues or audio prompts that aid memorization and understanding.

Are online free flashcard makers compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, most online free flashcard makers are designed to be compatible with mobile devices. They are often accessible through web browsers, making them usable on smartphones and tablets.

Can I use an online free flashcard maker to share my flashcards with others?

Many online free flashcard makers enable users to share their flashcards with others. You can generate a unique link or invite others to access your flashcard sets. This feature is helpful for collaborative studying, allowing you to exchange flashcards with classmates or peers to facilitate group learning and knowledge sharing.

Can I print flashcards created with an online free flashcard maker?

Some online free flashcard makers offer the option to print flashcards. They provide printable templates allowing you to print your flashcards on paper. This feature can be beneficial if you prefer physical flashcards or need a portable study tool without relying on electronic devices.

Can I use pre-made flashcard sets from other users?

Many online free flashcard makers have a repository of pre-made flashcard sets created by other users. These sets cover many subjects and topics, making it convenient to find and use flashcards that align with your study needs. You can search for flashcard sets within the platform and import them for personal use.

Are online free flashcard makers secure and private?

Reputable online free flashcard makers prioritize user privacy and data security. They employ encryption protocols and follow industry best practices to protect user information. However, reviewing the platform's privacy policy and terms of service is always recommended to understand how your data is handled. Exercise caution when sharing personal or sensitive information within flashcards.


So these were 9 of the best Flashcards Maker services online for creating flashcards. You can use your imagination and create interestingly designed cards using preset combinations or by selecting your custom arrangements. You’ll find all these services to be exceedingly helpful towards your academics.

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