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Editing PDFs can be crucial for enterprises. A limited PDF editor will hinder productivity and break down otherwise effective procedures. This article is about Foxit PDF Review.

By avoiding all that and more, Foxit’s PDF Editor makes it simpler to edit an existing document. You don’t have to go back to the software used to create the file, make the necessary adjustments, and export it as a PDF, only to run into another issue and repeat the procedure.

foxit pdf

PhantomPDF enables you to carry out PDF editing activities, such as adding text, changing the formatting, and annotating the content. You may get alerts, keep track of modifications, and distribute documents among team members. You can do more with Foxit Converter technology than just these fundamental functions. Read on to find out more about Foxit PDF Review in our article.

What is Foxit PDF?

A notable developer of quick, inexpensive, and safe PDF solutions is Foxit. Foxit is the most popular in-built PDF program on one-third of all new Windows PCs. The cost-effective Foxit products let consumers and businesses operate more productively with PDF documents and forms.

foxit pdf


Many individuals enquired as to whether Foxit could replace Adobe Reader Acrobat. Depending on the needs and desires, the answer could differ. We’ll discuss the Foxit PDF Review and whether using it is worthwhile.

For editing, modifying, and converting PDF files for usage by enterprises or individuals, Foxit PDF Editor provides a full solution. 

Advantages of Foxit PDF

The following are some advantages of Foxit PDF that you should know about.

Clear, Understandable User Interface

The user interface is rather straightforward, with a row of buttons at the top denoting various tasks you wish to complete, such as “Edit,” “Convert,” “Protect,” and “Share.” There are numerous types of PDF applications supported by the Foxit PDF product line today.

foxit ribbon

Foxit can be a great option if you seek a less intimidating Adobe Acrobat substitute. The user interface is well-organized, only displaying the required tools at the appropriate Foxit PDF Review. When you click on one of them, the icons in the row directly below it change to present the tools you need to complete the requested task.

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  1. The “Edit” area is already chosen when you open a document. You must click on ‘Edit’ if you want to modify an existing Foxit PDF Review.

Foxit edit

2. Your PDF will break into text boxes that you can select, move, and adjust in size as needed. As you change its size, the text within it will automatically reflow. This also occurs if you change the information in these boxes.

3. With the help of its “Link & Join Text” tool, the online Foxit PDF Editor has addressed that issue.

4. Select it, then click the boxes you want to connect (in that sequence). When you’re finished, return to editing, and you’ll be able to type fluidly through the boxes.ribbon toolbar5. You have the fundamental text tools you would anticipate from any word processor. The font’s size, color, and alignment are all editable. Along with choices to change character, line and paragraph spacing, and character size, there are also options for bold, italics, underlining, strikethrough, and other formatting. 

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Foxit PDF is an excellent online PDF convertor. You can convert documents into different file types using Foxit PDF Review, including Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. RTF, plain text, HTML, and even different picture formats can all be converted. This adaptability is excellent if you remove the PDF’s content to base something else on it.

foxit file convert

  1. You may convert files like Word to PDF with this conversion technique because it works in the other direction. You can convert a webpage to PDF or use an existing file, your scanner, copied data stored on your computer’s clipboard, or any combination thereof.

create pdf from webpage

2. It’s fantastic that Foxit PDF Editor can connect directly to your device when using the scanner option.

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Collaboration Online

It makes sense that there would be online collaboration features, given that Foxit PDF Review is targeted at enterprises.

  1. These can be found under “Comment.

foxit comments

2. From there, you and your team can add a free-floating note, attach the highlighted text to a note, highlight your text in one of four colors, strike out, replace, or insert text, and draw shapes. Foxit PDF Editor can be used as a PDF annotator as well.


3. There are numerous ways to ensure that other team members know precisely which modifications must be made.

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Businesses must safeguard their data. In some sectors, it’s crucial to maintain compliance with international data rules because failure to do so could negatively affect a company’s operations, finances, and reputation.foxit pdf redaction1. There are simple methods for Foxit PDF Review, typically by adding a black box over private information. However, if done incorrectly, you can still pick, copy, and paste what was intended to be restricted.

Mark for Redaction

2. The “Mark for Redaction” tool is an additional choice. You can choose which text to block off with this. It doesn’t seem like you can modify your selection, but you have more control than the Whiteout tool (undoing your action).

whiteout tool

3. You can also use the “Sign and Certify” tool to secure your PDF with your signature and add restrictions to it.

foxit sign and certify

4. It’s a strong tool that also allows you to search and redact, automatically searching the document for a particular word for you.

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Disadvantages of Foxit PDF

  • OCR is not a robust enough technique to handle complex documents.

ocr tool

  • In some cases, forms made in Foxit display differently in other PDF editors, like Bluebeam.
  • To safeguard your privacy, adding passwords to translate PDF files is impossible.
  • Foxit does not support the editing of encrypted PDFs.
  • You cannot access the premium features during the free trial without first registering.

foxit editor pro

  • Since there are so many features, it would be useful to have more specific functions that are intuitive.
  • Converting from the Website can have issues.

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Is there an edge issue with Foxit?

Although not specifically a Foxit issue, it would be helpful to stop Edge from taking over the PDF files. Since Foxit performs so many functions, it takes some time to become accustomed to all the little icons practically everywhere on your interface.

What are Foxit's strongest points?

It excels at making frequent features simple one-click processes. For instance, you can right-click on a selection of multiple PDF files in your explorer window to get the FoxIt menu. You may then choose ‘Combine’ to quickly combine multiple documents in one location.

Why is Foxit PhantomPDF the most trustworthy PDF program?

With capabilities that support multiple languages, Foxit PhantomPDF is one of the most dependable PDF solutions for consumers and organizations across the Foxit PDF Review. Foxit PhantomPDF's full-featured PDF solution, simplicity of use, and wide-ranging language support are its key advantages.

How can I use the Foxit PDF compression tool to shrink huge files?

Online PDF file compression can help your workflows. Foxit PDF compression tool is an easy way to arrange your files and reduce the size of large files. To download a compressed PDF file, add files, click compress, and then download.


Images, various layout components, and curved text need to be fixed. You can do more with ConnectedPDF than just these fundamental functions. You may get alerts, keep track of modifications, and distribute documents among team members. Foxit PDF Review uses OCR technology from PhantomPDF to enable you to alter scanned documents into Foxit PDF. The software limits the conversion of simple commercial documents.

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