How To Mine Bitcoin For Free? Top 10 Sites For Mining

Cryptocurrency is aiming to become the most extensive mode of transaction in every financial market across the globe. Everyone is quite excited about learning more about it and even gaining profits. However, getting Bitcoin could be much simpler than what you think of it. If you have enough knowledge regarding using any Bitcoin mining platform, you are ready to go. Today, we bring to you ten free Bitcoin mining sites that you can try in 2022. Make sure to follow the instructions and guidelines of every website before investing your money. After all, you are here to gain profits and avoid any shortcomings in the market.

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What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Mining refers to generating more Bitcoin to add up with the existing crypto circulating in the market. You require high-end computers and processing power to mine Bitcoin. The process is quite similar to mining gold or diamonds, where you solve tedious mathematical expressions to gain Bitcoin.

bitcoin mining
Bitcoin Mining

All of this takes place on a designated platform or website that tracks every stage of the procedure. Further, the entire transaction is secure where you receive your share of cryptocurrency in your respective account.

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Top 10 Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

As mentioned earlier, you require specific websites or applications to start mining Bitcoin and other cryptos for free. If you are a beginner confused about where to start, we are here to help you. Our experts compiled the best online websites to mine Bitcoins for free without much effort. They are,


First, we have Shamining as the free Bitcoin generator on our list. It has an engaging user interface with millions of active accounts in different countries. You only need $100 as a minimum input to start mining Bitcoin on the platform.

shamining free bitcoin
Shamining Free Bitcoin

The best part is that you can avail 24*7 support regarding any issue with your account. The company claims around 1.4X return for its users.

Visit: Shamining

IQ Mining

IQ Mining is a popular platform that provides the option to join the cloud mining group. There is no subscription or registration fee for a new account. Any small investor can quickly begin their Bitcoin mining journey through IQ Mining.

IQ mining
IQ Mining

It is available in 4 different languages (English, Russian, French, and Spanish). The platform keeps a regular check on the transaction and provides a secure environment for legitimate customers.

Visit: IQ Mining

Genesis Mining

Anyone looking for platforms that deal in older cryptos like Bitcoin, Genesis Mining is a perfect place for you. The website first came into the market in 2013 and is providing high returns to its users.

genesis mining
Genesis Mining

Not to mention, 2 million customers are already using Genesis Mining regularly. Moreover, you can invest in multiple packages of cryptos without worrying about the maintenance of your account.

Visit: Genesis Mining

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Chicken Fast

Chicken Fast is a simple yet effective free Bitcoin mining tool that allows users to earn without hassle. The complete process is automated, which makes mining fun for clients who fear the crypto market.

chickenfast bitcoin
ChickenFast Bitcoin

You can treat Chicken as your GPU miner who lays eggs in the form of high returns. You can invest from any corner of the world and get daily BTC payouts without any delay.


Next, you can try the Hashshiny website to get services related to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin cloud mining.


The system is completely updated and offers a 1.5% hash rate for Bitcoin. Apart from it, users can invest in multiple cryptos like Litecoin, Etherum, Dash, and many more. No doubt, it is one of the leading Bitcoin mining platforms in the market.

Visit: Hashshiny

ECOS Bitcoin Mining

ECOS is believed to be the first cloud mining platform to have every digital asset tool under a single shelter. However, it only deals in the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world- Bitcoin.

ecos bitcoin mining
ECOS Bitcoin Mining

You need to have a minimum of $149 to start crypto mining, where the contract stands valid for 12-50 months accordingly. New users can avail of a 1-month free contract without extra charges.

Visit: ECOS

Bitcoin Pool

Bitcoin directly manages Bitcoin Pool, where you can experience a high-skilled mining environment. The developers ensure to deliver 98% block rewards along with the highest PPS in the market. You can choose to invest between BTC or BCH according to your requirement. The overall account tracking and management are pretty convenient.


BeMine may be a new company in the market but has a vast potential to grow shortly. It is an ideal free Bitcoin mining platform for individual investors who want to use the latest equipment.

bemine mining
BeMine Mining

You can either go for the entire ASIC-miner or opt to purchase a particular share of it. Eventually, you will receive high returns without the need to manage, transport, or install ASIC.

Visit: BeMine


Eobot is the cheapest platform to mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Etherum, Dash, and other cryptos. It offers a real-time exchange feature between different currencies to maximize profit.


You can use your hardware to mine Bitcoin even if it works on any Scrypt Algorithm. Hence, the process is quicker and does not create a fuzz in the longer run.


At last, we have the Hashflare crypto-mining service provider where you can start investing in Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, etc.

hashflare cloud mining
Hashflare Cloud Mining

It is already serving millions of users with multiple types of equipment to mine crypto. The computational power is enough to get profitable returns in a short period.

Visit: Hashflare

How Do You Mine Bitcoin for Free?

You can find multiple online platforms that allow you to mine Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies for free. Moreover, you can get rewards on your credit card transactions and other shopping perks. If you already have some Bitcoin reserves, you earn interest on the same. We have already mentioned top sites that you can use and try to maximize your crypto storage.


To sum up, we recommend you start using different methods for free Bitcoin mining and make huge profits. It can be beneficial but also has downsides. Hence, don’t forget to learn the shortcomings and limitations of every procedure before moving forward. It would be best if you started slow and gradually increased the investment pace in the crypto market.

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