TWith the introduction of the Internet, the world has turned into a global village. People can easily communicate with each other using different devices. So, we are here with Top Free Calling Apps for Android users, which anyone can easily access.

Android devices are pretty helpful for people. There are billions of active users available all over the globe who use Android devices to access different services. So, if you are one of the users, you guys should stay with us for a while and get all the information.

If you are an Android user looking for the best calling apps, you must check out these top 5 free options available in 2023. These apps offer high-quality voice and video calling, messaging, and file-sharing features. The best part is that they are entirely free to use, making them an excellent option for anyone on a tight budget.

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5 Best Calling Apps to Try Today!

Most people use their data system, but getting internet services is relatively fast and excellent. There are multiple methods available for users to communicate with others using Android devices. You can find tons of Calling apps that provide the best services for the users. Not just on Android devices, there are apps for audio and video calls on PC and laptops.

The communication applications provide the best ways to communicate with other people quickly and have fun. These platforms offer the best services. So, if you are using internet connectivity, we have options for you all.

calling app

So, if you want to get more information about apps, then apkoll lists for you the latest versions of best-calling apps that you might check out for free.  Therefore, explore more about apps and enjoy your quality time.

The applications require good internet connectivity for you to make calls. Most of the application provides premium services for the users. It is one of the most common methods by developers to generate some money. But people don’t like to invest money, which is why we are here with some of the best options for you. To know more about the costs of unlimited internet cost by some ISPss, click here.


It is one of the best and top platforms, famous for communication services. WhatsApp provides simple contact number-based features for users. So, you can communicate with your contacts easily.


The platform provides high-end, secure connectivity for the users. You can make voice and video calls instantly. Media sharing services are also available, through which you can easily share any video, voice note, audio, picture, and other forms of media. WhatsApp comes at the top of the list of calling apps.


The features of Telegram are similar to WhatsApp Messenger, but here you will get additional features. Make instant video and audio calls to other users. Telegram also offers contact numbers-based communication, but you will also get suggestions.


In the data-sharing process, you will get better features. The platform doesn’t provide any limitations for the users. So, here, you can share large files quickly. You can also easily find different groups here, which you can quickly join and have fun with.

Viber (Calling Apps)

Viber is also pretty popular in the list of calling apps that provide different services for users. Here, you can easily add your friends and also join various groups. The process is quite simple and easy, which anyone can easily access and enjoy.


The video and audio quality is relatively high, even at low internet connectivity. To make the communication attractive, here, you will get multiple stickers. So, you can use the stickers in your chatting and enjoy spending time here.


With Skype, you can access some of the best features of calling. It provides a fast communication system through which you can make video or voice calls. Here, you will get features to talk on a video call with 24 users at a time.


The quality of sound and video is also high compared to any other platform. There are tons of more features available for the users. One of the best features is to make direct calls on landlines at low charges. The app provides free access, but some of the features require a premium.


If you have friends from different countries, then TextMe is one of the best calling apps. The app allows users to get multiple numbers. Here, you only need to create an account and get free numbers to use for calling.


Most of the features are available for free, but some require premium. So, you can try free services and get information about the app. If you are satisfied with the services, invest some money, or else you have more options.

So, these are some of the top calling apps which you can easily install on your device and access excellent services. Most of the features in these apps are available for free, which means there is no need to invest money in them.

But you might find some premium features in these calling apps. So, we recommend avoiding investment until you are delighted with the elements. Access the free version and explore the application.

If you like the free version and are willing to get the pro version, the investment isn’t bad. So, you can find more similar platforms on the Internet, which you can use and have fun with. But these are some of the best and top platforms.

Since texting and content sharing are also possible in these apps, you may feel protecting the apps from people’s sight. Click here to know about some of the app lockers for Android.


Which app is best for free calling?

1. WhatsApp: Offers free voice and video calls to other WhatsApp users. 2. Skype: Allows for low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles as well as free calls to other Skype users. 3. Google Duo is simple and reliable for free video calls with strong encryption. 4. Viber: Offers free calls and messaging to Viber users.

How can I make free calls?

You can make free calls using various methods: 1. Use free calling apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Google Duo, or Viber for free calls to app users. 2. Internet Calling Services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams 3. Utilize VoIP providers like Google Voice and Skype for free or low-cost calls, including international calls, to landlines and mobiles.

Is Viber safe?

Viber is generally considered safe for communication. It provides end-to-end encrypted calling and messaging, ensuring privacy. However, like any app, using strong, unique passwords and being cautious when sharing personal information is essential. Exercise standard online safety practices to enhance your security while using Viber.

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi calling is a feature some mobile carriers offer that allows users to make and receive phone calls over a Wi-Fi network instead of a cellular one. While the feature is typically free to use, standard call and text charges may apply based on your carrier's plan and policies.

Conclusion (Calling Apps)

With these Calling Apps, you will get some of the best communication experiences of all time. So, if you want to get the best communication experience, then you have multiple options available.

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