8 Best Free Jeep VIN Decoder Tools [Updated 2018]


While often compared to the fingerprint as in two are alike – the vehicle identification number or VIN. From the professedly meaningless set of alphanumeric digits, you can differentiate the whole thing about your Jeep. From the engine type to the transmission, it utilizes Free Jeep VIN Decoder.

A VIN can found in various places on the vehicle and its documentation and typically, VIN is located on either the registration documents or the insurance policy. On the jeep itself, it is commonly on the driver’s side door post. Or the driver side of the windshield or the front of the engine block. If you are having trouble finding your vehicle’s VIN, check the manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions.

Why is this important? You may not have noticed, but each new VIN contains exactly 17 characters, with the last six being your Jeep’s manufacturer number. It is impossible for two vehicles to share the same VIN. So, for gaining information about your jeep, you have to use Jeep VIN decoder.

You have to decode your VIN from Free Jeep VIN Decoder to get the vital information about the car, such as manufacturer, year of production, model and more. For instance, if someone wants to buy a car, it is possible to check the VIN one the online database to assure that the vehicle was not stolen, damaged or illegally modified.

The VIN has a specific format that you can recognize globally. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in the extraordinary form. The online service of Free Jeep VIN Decoder allows a user to analyze the validity of the car and get detailed knowledge on almost any VIN, search for Jeep car parts and check the car’s history.

There are a lot of sites of Jeep VIN decoder available on the internet. But, choosing the best free one is another task. So, here is a filtered list of some of the websites that you can use for Jeep VIN decoder for free.

Top 8 Websites for Free Jeep VIN Decoder


Using this tool, you can decode your present Jeep VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and find out interesting information, such as engine size, the year built, extra options and many more.


You can replace the last three or two digits of your VIN with “x”. If you had like to keep your serial number a secret.


This website allows checking jeep build sheet and verifying the different specifications of Jeep vehicles such a Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee.


Lookup Jeep specifications include transmission, features, paint codes, engine, installed options, as well as additional information part of the Jeep build sheet. You may require to lookup your Jeep VIN on more than one decoder to get all the information you need.


This site provides a Jeep VIN decoder that gives you information about what all different characters in your vehicle identification number mean.


This VIN contains information about the Jeep including model, type of engine, its manufacturer, etc.


This jeep vin lookup website gives you an accurate description of the vehicle as the VIN has 17 characters to provide details about your Jeep.


Each figure represents something about your Jeep except the check digit character. This style is known as “check digit” because the design is to protect the consumer from theft and possible fraud.

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You can use this site for free Jeep VIN decoder as- first, figure out what type of Jeep you want like a Patriot or a Wrangler. Then when you have found a used Jeep that you like, get the VIN and run it through our free decoder system.

Vehicle History
Vehicle History

In a couple of minutes, our site will send a report to your computer or mobile device.  with information found from the open Jeep VIN decoder including the name of the current owner, available service records, title problems, additional details on the Jeep, etc.


Wranglerforum.com is a free tool that gives you all information about your Jeep by just entering your VIN.


You have to just open your Jeep’s Vehicle Identification Number in the text box, and after some time, the information will automatically appear on your screen. This site is efficient to use as it does not contain any detailed procedure.


VINCheckPro is a VIN check, and motor vehicle records search engine. Using this site, if you want to learn about your vehicle’s history, validate its information, etc., you can do your job done here.

VIN Check Pro
VIN Check Pro

The affordable tools utilize a comprehensive digitalized vehicle record database. It is collected from numerous sources and is regularly expands and updated.


This site is another option to decode your VIN. After opening this site, you will see a text box appearing in front of the screen. This text-box requires you to fill your Vehicle Identification Number.


By entering your jeep vin build sheet, you will get to know all the details about your jeep. You have to open the correct VIN. If the number is incorrect, then an error message will appear saying “The VIN you specified is invalid”.

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