In the current day and age, finding free job posting websites and internships has never been easier than typing in an address and visiting a particular site who are hosting and giving out a wide variety and array of jobs and professions to the young and old in equal variety. Thus, you must know about the most popular Free Job Posting Sites.

Even though it might be easier for future employees to find suitable employers, it gets even more complicated for employers to get good employees due to the extensive outreach and intake of such free job posting sites. Some Free Job Posting Sites for Employers are Naukri, Freshers World, Linkedin, Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, Neuvoo, PlacementIndia, WorkIndia, etc.

This is also because even your degrees might not be a testament to the experience you can deliver or gain. Hence, employers have to tighten their specifications to filter the potentially good employees from the bad ones.

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Best 22 Free Job Posting Sites

There are many websites out there in the vast lands of the Internet which are all excellent for employees, but a select few are perfect for employers. Hence we have hand-picked these top 20 free job posting sites for just the employers.


The most prominent Indian free job posting site for employers and employees ranks 3rd in our ranking is Naukri. Also, want to make your resume? Click here to make one

Since its creation in 1997, it became India’s number 1 site for job seekers and employers.


It’s a simple site to post a job for free for employers to check CVs and respond to potential employees. It is the most significant online job portal with the most extensive network of clients and companies in all possible fields. Due to the considerable brands tying up with this portal, it has gained a good name in the list of job portals.

This one of the Free Job Posting Sites also allows employers to use their latest HR tactics to attract employees.

The site has the nifty feature of Job Messenger for sending job opportunities to registered users. All these features make it one of the best Free Job posting Sites.

Visit: Naukri 


Freshersworld is one of the best free job posting sites for freshers. The site also offers opportunities to a trained and experienced professional but is most helpful if you are a fresher searching for a job.

This site helps you to connect with the right people over the internet so that you get a job on demand lines in the industry of your choice.


It offers many opportunities for trainees to learn something new, develop their interests, and refine their skills. Job seekers can expect more call letters and job offers through premium membership. 

Whenever your profile matches any job requirements, it emails you. However, if you accept any job offer, you are bound to follow the recruitment drives.

Visit: Freshersworld


LinkedIn is one of the most popular Free Job Posting Sites and operates via website and mobile app. Professionals use this for networking and generating referrals. Also, it lets employers post jobs. It’s a place for candidates to make them more creative, efficient, and successful.  

The job search is a lot more contextual here. You can choose which roles to apply for based on the number of applicants already in the queue. Also, it gives users an option to integrate their portfolios within their profiles.


LinkedIn has a high passive to active member ratio and includes executive search capability. Because of its focus on professionalism and its many uses outside of recruiting, it has become a standard for most Professionals to have a profile on LinkedIn.

If you need additional information on a prospect, LinkedIn provides a recommendations feature that is although subjective. LinkedIn profiles are accurate, therefore, easily comparable and searchable.

Indeed, it’s the best platform for job seekers to showcase their work samples and market themselves better. This explains why it’s the world’s largest professional network.

Visit: LinkedIn


Ranking second in our pole positions is Monster. Monster is another American-based employment website that has got a global outreach.

It was launched in 1999 as one of the Free Job Posting Sites through the merger of The Monster Board and the Online Career Center. They provide a holistic or filtered approach to getting employees.


The users of can search for and apply for jobs online, post a resume, review company profiles, and get career advice and salary information. It has a separate section for employers and employees. So both the employers and employees have access to the data presented.

The users of can search for and apply for jobs online, post a resume, review company profiles, and get career advice and salary information. It has a separate section for employers and employees. So both the employers and employees have access to the data presented.

Visit: Monster


The next one on the list of best free job posting sites is Glassdoor. Glassdoor is the 4th installment in our ranking, and it was constructed by Tim Bese in 2007. The site’s main feature is that it allows employees to rate employers anonymously.


Glassdoor is accessible using its convenient application on iOS and Android stages. This web portal facilitates users to keep an eye on the advancement of the companies.

They also provide detailed information about each employer, allowing all members to see it.

This feature, in turn, enables employers to observe their competition and will allow them to build unique and attractive job offers for potential employees.

Also, it allows the companies’ employees to give advantages and drawbacks about the company. It has 30 million monthly users, and 89% looking for work. They provide a free trial from which you can post up to 10 jobs for free for seven days.

The site does have a high traffic of prospective employees and employees due to the rating feature of the site. The best part is that posting job offers on this site is free.

Visit: Glassdoor 


TimesJobs is the ancillary of Times Group, providing excellent job opportunities for job seekers and providers in all fields. This site has an outstanding feature of displaying portfolios.


Portal users can view their portfolios and samples to communicate with employers. This is one of the most convenient free job posting sites.

Visit: TimesJobs


Indeed is an American-based global employment search engine launched in November 2004.

This one of the Free Job Posting Sites started as a single-topic search engine but now runs as a multi-job search engine available in 60 countries and 28 languages.

It helps organizations of all sizes enlist the best ability and offers the best open door for employment searches. The website automatically amends your job post for mobile, which means you can accept applications on the go from any desktop or mobile device.

Indeed .com became so popular that they beat even though they existed before them. Indeed has had the highest traffic of employees and also allows employers to post free job postings.

They also enable employers to boost the visibility of their job options with pay-per-view ads. The negative side is that all businesses go first here to post a job for free. Hence expect heavy competition from an employer or an employee.


Indeed is a website that allows you to post jobs, both free and paid, globally. The presence of paid advertisements doesn’t affect free ads; the only difference between them is how their advertisements appear.

Moreover, the traffic is enormous, and job-seekers click on whatever job offer appears in front of their eyes, which suits them according to their qualifications. To make this strenuous process a little better, Indeed also provides you with a mobile application.

Visit: Indeed 


The next on the list of best free job posting sites is FreeJobAlert. FreeJobAlert covers a broad range of employment segments, including Government jobs, Bank, Teaching, IT jobs, Engineering, Railway, and Police/Defence jobs.


Visit: FreeJobAlert 


As the name suggests, this one of the Free Job Posting Sites can give a kick start to your career with its massive search access. It utilizes intelligent tools running on a stack of networking computers. Thus, it scans the web and identifies job postings for job seekers.

They periodically revise, scan listings and add jobs to the index. Its cutting-edge technology provides relevant profiles of the situation to the seekers.


It has a significant presence worldwide, covers 90 countries, and is available in 28 languages. CareerJet allows employees to search resumes, too if you have a paid subscription to it. 

It is one of the vertical Job Search Engines that maps job postings vacant online in one database by mentioning job listings originating from company websites and large specialist recruitment sites. Hence, it makes it into our list of Free Job Posting Sites.

Visit: CareerJet

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The next one in the list of best free job posting sites is CareerBuilder. One of the oldest and most significant job portals, CareerBuilder, provides job listings, posting of resumes, and career advice to job seekers. People can easily search for jobs and know about the latest job vacancies.


If you want to make a new resume, CareerBuilder can help you with it and build a fantastic resume within minutes. Thus, it helps to create a resume and gives an edge to your career.

The most crucial part is that it secures job listings directly from the employers. Its network has become more significant over the years by partnering with local dailies and online class fields.

Visit: CareerBuilder


This is one of the newest free job posting websites competing with Indeed. It is a job search engine based out of Australia, where an employer may post up to 10 free job ads monthly. free job posting sites

Job posting is a simple task on this website. All the employers need to do is fill in necessary details about their business, provide information about the job, create an account on Jora, and click on ‘Post Job.’ This free job posting platform has a vast global network for country-specific sites.

Visit: Jora


If you’re tech-savvy and very much into software engineering, Work Tipper is the right place. Search for jobs in digital marketing, software development, design, and sales for free. WorkTipper is another best free job posting site out there. free job posting sites

They place more than 20 roles daily according to your preferences, and it has more than 100 companies in its database. Thus, aspirants will never skip a chance to apply for their dream job, and they can constantly refine their search quickly.

The prominent feature of WorkTipper is that it allows candidates to create multiple resumes per job profile. Thus, increasing their chances of success. 

Visit: WorkTipper


If you’re a techie and looking for a profession in Information Technology, GeekForGeeks is one of the best free job posting sites that one can recommend to you.


It covers almost all the courses available in computer and technology. It also lets the newbies practice coding and enhance their programming skills. You can quickly get a job at this one of the Free Job Posting Sites if you’re a master of coding. Chances are more if you practice almost all the questions available here. 

An interview session is held once you crack all the problems paving your way to easy placements. It gives a programmer the perfect ambiance to work, learn and develop new interests.

Visit: GeekForGeeks


It is a free job board and aggregator that allows employers to post unlimited jobs for free. It also permits job seekers to apply for jobs and communicate with the employer on the site. All these services are accessible without even posing the compulsion to register on the site. They offer Basic, Silver, and Gold plans. The latter two are paid and show more results than a Basic account for job or applicant searches.

jobisite free job posting sites

Posting a job on this website is an easy three-step process. This is not the site you’d consider to be the most job-friendly. However, it is easy to use, has an attractive interface, and allows job seekers and employers to post and search for jobs with various valuable resources for free.

Visit: Jobisite


Quikr is an India-based classified advertising platform and of the best free job listing sites. It also allows you to buy and sell things. The range of these things is enormous- from an old coffee table to life insurance. This site is our concern because it lets individuals post jobs for free.

quikr jobs free job posting sites

As an employer, you can keep posting job offers on this site. You can also get employees for a specific duration of time, like plumbers, electricians, etc., who will work for you as long as you need them. Quikr also has a mobile application, making the process much easier.


Mighty Recruiter

This platform focuses on recruiting. It is a modern recruiting solution designed for all companies, be it a small one with one employee or a large company with over a hundred employees.

mightyrecruiter free job posting sites

A free account holder may post about twenty jobs daily, while paid account holders can post more than a hundred jobs daily. This free job posting site also allows an employer to cross-post a job to certain other job boards, namely, Glassdoor, Linkedin, and Career Builder. They claim to have crossed seventeen million resumes.

Visit: MightyRecruiter

National Career Service

This is a government recruitment portal run by the Ministry of Labor and employment, Government of India. And one of the best free job posting sites.

national career service

This website focuses on giving skilled craftsmen and unemployed people job opportunities. This site provides job-matching services in a user-friendly manner.

Visit: National Career Service


It’s one of the fastest-growing free job posting websites in the world. This platform requires users to create an account and then leisurely scroll through to find jobs or applicants.

neuvoo free job posting sites

They have around 75 million monthly visitors worldwide and over a thousand job network partners. An employer may post jobs here for free. They also receive an opportunity to sponsor Neuvoo to get ten times more candidates who have applied for the jobs.


The next on the list of best free job posting sites is PlacementIndia. PlacementIndia enables you to post free as well as paid jobs. It has some of India’s leading companies as its clients, making it one of the best.


The only difference between paid and free job advertisements is that the paid ones are promoted automatically on the website. This doesn’t harm the unpaid advertisements.

Visit: PlacementIndia


WorkIndia is of those Free Job Posting Sites which lets you post jobs for free. The process of posting a job here is straightforward. You have to fill out a form telling your requirements. Next, they advertise your job offer on their mobile application. Job-Seekers who might be interested in the job you offer can contact you directly.


This website has maximum traffic from beginners who apply directly for the interview by submitting their CVs. This site also enables you to add the Google map location so the candidates can reach the interview venue.

Visit: WorkIndia


Shine is undoubtedly not the least, but it is the last in the top 5 Free Job Posting Sites positions. It’s the fastest-growing recruitment portal in India and has Facebook integrated into it.


Getting the right employees for the right job in an organization will lead to a more efficient and efficient organization. This is what the packages of are tailor-made for that is to find the right person for what. They also allow employers to post jobs for free.

Visit: Shine 

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Starting as our first pick in the last 4 places for job sites are FlexJobs. Even though this one of the Free Job Posting Sites allows free placement of job listings.


The problem is that you have to apply to the site and have to get approval from them to post on their site. But once you get approval, you get unlimited free postings. They also provide outstanding support as a site.

Visit: FlexJobs

Best 5 Alternative Free Job-posting Sites


This American company is one of the Free Job Posting Sites, a close copy of Indeed.

ladders job

Founded it in 2003, Ladders accepts payments to boost your job posting visibility. It also offers a free tier of the job posting. It is in New York.

Visit: Ladders 


Job Spider is counted on as one of the most straightforward Free Job Posting Sites for posting job vacancies. It’s also entirely free with no premium tier.


It’s just not famous as much because their marketing is not top-notch.

Visit: Job spider


Reaching the last two ranks is Upwork. This one of the job websites is considered one of the top free job posting sites, but the negative side is that the site is more freelance.


It’s also very unknown as many people don’t know about this site. You can register as a Freelancer here if you think 9-5 jobs are not your cup of tea.

Visit: Upwork


This platform, founded in Ireland in 2006, is an excellent choice for attracting local and global professionals to US-based jobs. They have listings in twenty different countries, where businesses and employers can post jobs in their respective categories and interact with potential candidates.

learn4good free job posting sites

Visit: Learn4Good


It’s one of the best & free job posting sites to post job vacancies, but you can only see partial bits of the candidate’s resume.

resumark free job posting sites

This is because the rest of the resume is behind a paywall. You can remove for $3 per applicant, allowing you to contact the potential candidate.

Visit: Resumark


Are free job posting sites effective?

Free job posting sites can attract diverse job seekers, especially for entry-level or non-specialized positions. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the job market, industry, and specific position requirements. Paid job posting sites often offer additional features and broader reach.

Can I post any job on a free job posting site?

Most free job posting sites allow employers to post various job types, from full-time and part-time positions to internships and freelance gigs. However, it's essential to review the guidelines and restrictions of each site to ensure compliance with their posting policies.

Are there any limitations to using free job posting sites?

Free job posting sites may have limitations such as a maximum number of job postings, limited visibility or duration of the postings, or restricted access to certain features. These limitations can vary depending on the site's specific terms and conditions.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of free job posting sites?

To maximize the effectiveness of free job posting sites, crafting compelling job descriptions, using relevant keywords, and providing clear application instructions are essential. Additionally, regularly monitoring and refreshing job postings can help maintain visibility and attract a steady stream of applicants.

Can I use both free and paid job posting sites simultaneously?

Yes, using a combination of free and paid job posting sites can increase the visibility of job openings and attract a larger pool of qualified candidates.


So this is the comprehensive list of Free posting Sites out there. Do share your thoughts and let us know if you’re going for the jobs now or got great employees for your company!

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