14 Best Free Job Posting Sites for Employers | Latest 2019


In the current day and age, finding free job posting websites and internships has never been easier than typing in an address and visiting a particular site who are hosting and giving out a wide variety and array of jobs and professions to the young and old in equal variety. Thus, you must know about the most popular Free Job Posting Sites.

Even though it might be easier for future employees to find good employers, but it gets even harder for the employers to get good employees due to the extensive outreach and intake of such job listing sites.

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This also because even the degrees you might have might not be the testament to the experience you can deliver or gain hence employers have to tighten their specification to filter the potentially good employees from the bad ones.

There are many websites out there in the vast lands of the Internet which are all excellent for employees, but a select few are perfect for employers. Hence we have hand picked these top 10 free job posting sites for just for the employers.

Free Job Posting Sites

Some of the most popularly used Job Posting sites list is mentioned below.


Quickr is an India based classified advertising platform. It also allows you to buy and sell things. The range of these things is enormous- from an old coffee table to life insurance. What makes this site of our concern is, it lets individuals post jobs for free.


As an employer, you can keep posting job offers on this site. Not only this, but you can also get employees for a specific duration of time, like plumbers, electrician, etc. who will work for you as long as you will need them. Quickr also has its mobile application, which makes the process a lot easier.

Visit: Quikr.com


Indeed is an American based global employment search engine which was launched in November 2004.

Started out as a single topic search engine but now runs as a multi-job search engine available in 60 countries and 28 languages.

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Indeed .com became so popular that they beat monster.com even though they existed before them. Indeed has had the highest traffic of employees and also allows employers to post free job postings.

They also enable the employers to boost the visibility of their job options with pay per view ads. The negative side is that all business go first here to post a job for free. Hence expect heavy competition from an employer or an employee.

Indeed is a website which gives you the facility of posting jobs, both free and paid, globally. The presence of paid advertisements doesn’t affect free ads as the only difference between the two is the way their advertisements appear.

Moreover, the traffic is enormous and job-seekers click on whatever job-offer appears in front of their eyes, which is suitable for them according to their qualifications. To make this strenuous process a little better, Indeed also provides you with a mobile application.

Visit: Indeed 

National Career Service

This is a government recruitment portal which is run by the Ministry of labor and employment, Government of India.


This website focuses on giving skilled craftsmen and unemployed people job opportunities. This site provides job matching services in a user-friendly manner.

Visit: National Career Service


PlacementIndia enables you to post free as well as paid jobs. It has some of India’s leading companies as its clients which makes it one of the best.


The only difference between the paid and free job advertisements is that the paid ones are promoted automatically on the website. This doesn’t harm the unpaid advertisements.

Visit: PlacementIndia


WorkIndia is from those Free Job Posting Sites which lets you post jobs for free. The process of posting a job here is straightforward. You have to fill a form telling your requirements. Next, they advertise your job offer on their mobile application. Job-Seekers who might be interested in the job offered by you can directly contact you.


This website has maximum traffic from the beginners who apply directly for the interview by submitting their CVs. This site also enables you to add the Google map location so that the candidates can reach the venue for interviews.

Visit: WorkIndia


Ranking second in our pole positions is Monster. Monster is another American based employment website which has got a global outreach.

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It was launched in 1999 as one of the Free Job Posting Sites through the merger of The Monster Board and Online Career Center. They provide a holistic or filtered approach to getting employees.


Monster also ensures that you the employer will get the most qualified candidates most efficiently and efficiently of filtering candidates.

Visit: Monster


The most prominent Indian job listing and searching site for employers and employees rank 3rd in our ranking is Naukri.

Ever since its creation in 1997, it became India’s number 1 site for job seekers and employers alike.


It’s a simple site to post a job for free for employers to check CV’s and to respond to potential employees. They also allow the employers to use their own latest tactics in HR to attract employees.

Visit: Naukri


Glassdoor is the 4th installment in our ranking, and it was constructed by Tim Bese in 2007. The main feature of the site is that it allows employees to rate employers anonymously.

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They also provide detailed information of each employer and allows all members to see it.


This feature, in turn, enables the employers to observe their competition and will allow them to build unique and attractive job offers for potential employees.

The site does have a high traffic of prospective employees and employees due to the rating feature of the site. The best part is that posting job offers on this site is free.

Visit: Glassdoor 


Shine is undoubtedly not the least, but it is placed in the last in the top 5 positions of Free Job Posting Sites. Irrespective of being last in the top 5, it’s the fastest growing recruitment portal in India, and also it has Facebook integrated into it.


Getting the right employees for the right job in an organisation will lead to a more efficient and efficient organisation. This is what the packages of Shine.com are tailor-made for that is to find the right person for what. They also allow employers to post jobs for free.

Visit: Shine 


Starting as our first pick in the last 4 places for job sites are FlexJobs. Even though this one of the Free Job Posting Sites allows free placement of job listings.


The problem is that you have to apply to the site and have to get approval by them to post on their site. But once you get approval, you get unlimited free postings. They also provide outstanding support as a site.

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Visit: FlexJobs


This American company is one of the Free Job Posting Sites which is close copy  of Indeed.

Ladders Job
Ladders Job

Founded it in 2003, Ladders accepts payments to boost your job listings visibility. It also offers a free tier of the job listing. It is in New York.

Visit: Ladders 


Job spider is counted on as one of the easiest and most straightforward Free Job Posting Sites of posting job vacancies. It’s also entirely free with no premium tier.


It’s just not popular as much because their marketing is not top notch.


Visit: Job spider


Reaching the last two ranks are Upwork. This one of the job websites is considered as one of the top free job posting sites but the negative side is that the site is more towards freelance.


It’s also very unknown as many people don’t know about this site. You can register yourself as a Freelancer here if you think 9-5 jobs are not your cup of tea.

Visit: Upwork


It’s one of the best & free job posting sites to post job vacancies, but you are only allowed to see partial bits of the candidate’s resume.


This is because the rest of resume is behind a paywall. Which you can remove for $3 per applicant which in turn also allows you to contact the potential candidate.

Visit: Resumark


So this was our list of top free job posting sites out there. Refer to this and get the top employees for your company now!



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