6 Best Free Morse Code Translator Tools [Latest]


You have probably heard of the Morse SOS messages. This code was one of the fundamentals of early telecommunication. You’re bound to find it interesting, and chances are, you’re curious enough to know how to send secret messages to your friends, or decode mysterious codes featured in war documentaries. Although the code was initially for telegraph lines, you can now use it if you’re fascinated by the radio or if you want to send an emergency distress signal. Thus, you must know about the best Free Morse Code Translator out there.

Whatever the reason, this code is easy for software to convert to text or vice versa and you are about to discover six tools that can do the job. You must remember that most of these options require you to type your code as dots and dashes and they cannot accept audio input. It’s easier to note the dots and dashes of the sound you’re listening to and manually type the code.

Top 6 Free Morse Code Translator

The SCPhillips webpage – Morse Code Translator

The SCPhillips site has a free webspace to let you convert text to code, or code to text. To convert text to code, you just have to type your input, and you’ll acquire your code regarding dots, dashes, and characters. What’s better, is that this website allows you to save the output code as an audio file. It also lets you set pitch and speed for your output code, and lets you share the final code with a friend. You can easily copy and paste a code into the input box and receive an accurate translation. You’ll need the latest version of any browser, and you need to have enabled JavaScript. This tool also lets you translate prosigns. But you’ll be fascinated by one unique feature on this website: it lets you upload Morse code audio, and the site converts it into regular English text.

Morse Code Translator App by JinH

You’ll be pleased to know that this app has secured a 4.7 rating on Google play store- and for a good reason. The app lets you convert text to code or code to text very quickly. You’ll have to personally type the code as dashes and dots. You’ll also find this app easy to use. Unfortunately, you might have to deal with some ads on this application. Besides that, this translator is one of the simplest.

Morse Code Translator App by PixelCan

With a 4.1 rating on the Google play store, this app meets many needs, and you get to enjoy a flashlight feature to transmit code. The app gives great audio feedback, which you can edit, and lets you share your code. However, you’ll probably have a problem with the fact that the tapping gaps for dots and dashes are sometimes the same. PixelCan has fixed many bugs that were reported in the past, so the app assures you of simplicity in use and effectiveness of translation.

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Morse Code Translator app by Apps Bilgi

Apps Bilgi has created a very simple translator that converts text to Morse code or code to text. You will have to deal with the fact that the app doesn’t have a flashlight transmission of code feature. However, the app makes up for it in many ways. It gives you an audio file as well as a Morse code when you type in text. You can configure the speed, gap, and frequency of the audio code.

It has a strong repeatable playing feature. You’ll also be delighted to know that this app has a finger tap keyboard, where a long tap is considered to be a dash, and a short tap is taken to be a dot. This makes typing the code in the input box, much faster and simpler. This app enjoys a 4.3 rating on Google play store.

Cryptii’s Webpage: Morse Code Translator

This  Free Morse Code Translator website was one of the first code decryption sites to come out. You’ll have to keep in mind that it’s old, because it explains the limited functions that you can perform in it’s code to text Converter. Another pitfall is that it produces no audio feedback. You’ll still find it to be a redeemable translator that does its job without a hitch, and you’ll be able to appreciate the fact that it’s a website and not an app, that saves you space, bug problems and data.

Dcode website: Morse Code Translator

Another Free Morse Code Translator website that saves you from the task of downloading an app, Dcode has some great features that make it a reliable tool for code conversion. This website lets you define a range of characters: you can even use two characters of your choice for short code character and long code character.

The website also lets you type Morse letters, Morse characters and lets you involve a word from the dictionary. In other words, it lets you compound your typed Morse code with text. The Dcode webpage lets you translate without a separator.

These six options are the best voted and easy to use Free Morse Code Translator right now. You’ll discover that it’s much safer to use a free tool to decrypt code than to invest in a paid product. The Morse code is a free and easily accessible code, and you should not be carried away by fancy and costly software that often don’t carry additional unique features. So convert text to code or the other way around, and have flashlight transmission games with children or send your friends secret passages- using free code converters.

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