Top 8 Free Online Word Games to Improve Your Vocabulary

Online games and mobile app games have all the rage these days. But needless to say, not all of them are worth spending your precious time playing. On the contrary, free online word games are among the most beneficial games. Especially, when it comes to your mental health, emotional health, vocabulary, spelling, and language skills. Through these, you can easily play a quick match whenever you get a few minutes for yourself, say during a coffee break or your lunch hour.

The best thing is that thanks to advancements in today’s technology, there’s an endless list of word games you can play online without having to spend a dime on purchases. So, want a few ideas on free online word games that can give you a little entertainment while benefiting your health?

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Top 8 Free Online Word Games to Use In 2021

The following are some of the best and free online word games to use in 2020 for improving vocabulary and learning new words each day. The below free online word games are completely suitable for adults and children.

Online Scrabble

Scrabble is by far the most influential and one of the free word games you can find around the globe. It’s fun, it’s educational, and allows you to test your language skills. Though the traditional board game has been around for close to a century now, there are various online and mobile app versions of the free online word games nowadays. The online version lets you play against a computer or even against a human opponent via Bluetooth or wireless connection.

online scrabble

And if you’re a bit stuck creating words from the provided tiles, you can use online tools to discover more ways to be smart with words and beat your opponents in scrabble. Unscramble tools allow you to gain an edge over your competition in word games, while also allowing you to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. They can also help you beat the AI machine in the online version, making the game more fun and entertaining.

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Word Zen

Word Zen is another game among the free online word games that seems relaxing after a hectic day. The word game from Big Fish Games involves creating new words to remove tiles from the gameplay board, as long as others don’t surround them. The ambient background music also takes your experience to the next level.

word zenIt contains several puzzle levels, through which the player progresses by meeting the set scores within a specified time limit. You can always use your tile shuffles whenever you get stuck. Precisely, the helpline feature makes this game popular and a must-try in the list of free online word games. 

Similar to Scrabble, word unscrambling tools can help you win Word Zen. For example, you can search three letter words beginning with “L.” Over time, this will help improve your vocabulary and think on the spot quicker to win the game

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Word Blitz

It is a mix of puzzle elements in a word game. It is one of the free online word games to help you spend free time and escape the stresses of life. Also, it involves dragging letter tiles into an amazingly colorful board to create new words and earn points.

word blitz

However, the number of moves is limited. Also, your success depends on your ability to use all the tiles provided and move to the next level.

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Word Swipe

Word Swipe is one of the entertaining and free online word games brought by Great Day Games. In the game, your primary mission is to create words so you can clear tile lines on a game board. The challenging bits is the limited time to achieve goals.

word swipe

Therefore, it is important to be super sharp to accomplish your mission, primarily through the higher levels. It can also be a fantastic way to learn new words and enrich your vocabulary as well as your spelling skills.

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This one is all about swapping letters so you can create words. The puzzle-style and free word games from Big Fish Games starts easy. You may accomplish your goals and move to the next levels, it gets more challenging and consequently more exciting.

word swipe

The first level requires you to create three valid (yet unrelated) words by swapping two white tiles. Unbeknownst to many, it’s important to note that there’s no particular theme to it. Perhaps, the best way to solve the puzzles at each level is to concentrate on how you make your letter swaps.

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A 51 MB app created for kids above 3 years, this is a knowledgeable and brain-developing word game. The Blackout lab creates this one with an initiative to teach new things and strengthen the language. This is a realistic word puzzle game.

word season

Consist of the capacity of a single player at a time. All players can play. These apps collect data like devices or other IDs and share data with third parties. Data deletion is also available at request.

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If you are searching for word games online to play, here it is. This is a realistic crossword game free to play. Though this app contains ads, it is one of the offline word games to play. You can also play this offline. The play store also offers a trial to play before installing.

wonder of words

Interestingly, this game has secured a 4.7 star out of 5 stars in the play store and has grossed number 1. This app also collects data, and you can share your data too. But the deletion of the data is possible upon request.

Download : Android | iOS

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Here you can play free word games with a try now option. This is a lucrative offer from the game launcher PeopleFun productions. These apps achieve 4.4 stars in the play store, positioning themselves in the top 4 grosser. The risk of installing the app is extremely high.


This app clearly states its privacy policy as it combs through your financial information, device credentials, other ID location details, and other very confidential details. Even though this app has accessed a remarkable position in the play store, the risks of playing it are very high. But if you use a cell phone with no financial details, then using it is quite helpful for learning.

Download : Android | iOS


What is the best word game to increase vocabulary?

There are plenty of games available to play to increase vocabulary. Most of them are relatively safer, but few sites intrude through your personal financial and other important data through their so-called app permission and privacy policy. So it is better to avoid such terrible apps. You can play apps like word season and wonder of words to increase your vocabulary.

How can I improve my vocabulary online?

Playing word games online is a great way to improve English. Other than that, you can watch English educational channels or vocabulary reels. Many online assessments are also there to start with and improve English vocabulary. You can also use Anki, Vocab Genius, Memrise, Quizlet, and Magoosh. And other apps to improve vocabulary also.

What app can I use to enhance my English vocabulary?

Many English learning apps provide opportunities to improve English vocabulary. Such as word game, a website-based online game in google. Other than that, wordscapes, word built, and many other options are available to learn from.


Thus, these were some of the best and free online word games popular in the online technology. Precisely, it is suitable to use for every age group. Now you can learn new words with the minimal efforts at your screen. Start learning today and enjoy your time!

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