8 Sneaky Premium & Free SEO Tools You Need to Know


You know how it goes, keep your friends close and enemies closer. In SEO you need to keep a keen eye on your competition. There always will be someone who is ahead of you, and the only way to beat them is by being familiar with the techniques they use in marketing. It is also the best way to rank top: outdoing the competition. Thus, you must know about these cool Free SEO Tools now!

Watching your competition like a hawk is, however, easier said than done in most cases. Nevertheless, it does not mean you have to take a step back in doing competitor analysis. Below are tools that you could use to monitor every move of your competition.

Top 8 Premium and Free SEO Tools of 2018

Monitor Backlinks

What does the tool do? As the name suggests, the solution helps you track all of your competitors’ backlinks. Not only will you be able to get hold of the backlinks that are useful to them, but you will also get to know of the negative ones.

Monitor Backlinks will help you a long way in analyzing the backlinks webmasters use in your industry and give you the information you need to formulate your link building strategy. The role of the tool is to help you keep track o your competitor’s new links, get a handful of excellent and bad backlinks and analyze the results.


The moat is focused on monitoring the ads the competition is running in your industry. This one of the Free SEO Tools keeps track of all the ads that your competitor has on various available platforms. It will give you insight into the size of the ads and also give you suggestions and guidance on how to go about your ads.

The tool is easy to use: you are only required to key in the names of the competitor you want to analyze than the tool will give you comprehensive feedback on their display ads.

Simply Measured

Are you curious about your competition’s social metrics? Simply Measured is a tool you should put into use. The tool gives you access to over 35 reports on the various parameters of your competition, which include their conversions, branding, traffic and trends: it will provide you with a thorough comparison of the competition’s statistics on each platform they are on, and that way you will be able to pinpoint the strategies that work best.


Understanding your audience is vital for SEO success. And this one of the Free SEO Tools does it. For instance, being familiar with your audience likes and preferences in terms of content will help you produce customized content for the various audiences. Quantcast is the perfect tool for helping you know and understand your potential and existing clients. More so, it enables you to make a comparison of the demographic data you have against that of your competition. The data in question is the clients’ lifestyle, demographics and even, their interests.

Information on the mentioned is essential in helping you do better targeting in your social media marketing campaigns.


An emphasis has been put overtime on the importance of tracking your social media mentions. Of what relevance is it? Well, apart from the primary factor, in that it enriches your brand reputations, it goes a long way in enhancing your visibility and awareness.
To optimize on the mentions your brand gets, Mention is a tool that you need to incorporate in your SEO. It works in such a way that it keeps you posted on the mentions of any websites that can be traced back to your competitor.

Well, note that you can also get alerts on other sites that are talking about your competitor without having to link back to them. Mentions are vital as they will help you build on backlinks. Using Mention will help you identify the backlinks that prove to give your site the most value. And, it is as simple as going to the influencer’s dashboard and sorting out the websites.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a tool that will inform you of how your competitor is ranking. The beauty of it is that you will be able to get reports on all search engines. Even target areas and several projects of your competitors on every single search engine.

SE Ranking gives you detailed feedback regarding your main competition, data on their traffic, positions and their site’s visibility. The cool thing about this tool is that it will give you insight into websites that rank top ten in every query that you enter, and for details, you have an option to access it by just clicking on ‘Main Competitors’ tab.


Last but not least, a tool you need to have is Alexa. This is the ultimate one of the Free SEO Tools. You should not, at any cost, miss out on the global traffic monitoring that Alexa will do for you. The tool is focused on giving you data about your competitor’s backlinks, keywords, and traffic. This is to mention a few.

What is the deal with Alexa though? It is among the top and most recommended tools. Whose data you can use to make meaningful improvements for your website. And the tool is winning because it also allows you to create a comparison of competitors in the same industry, on an international level.

Competitor analysis does not have to be a task that put you at wit’s end. With the help of the seven mentioned tools alongside SERPbook, you will be able to make the most out of knowing a thing or two about your competition.

Reverse Image Search

With Reverse Image Search technique you can discover similar images around the web. Also, it can provide information about the image. Reverse image search can be used for the following purposes:

  • If you want to locate the source of an image.
  • You can know on what web page your image is being used.
  • The content creator can be tracked.
  • You can find similar images of high-resolution version.
  • Lastly, you can get information about the image.

There are many tools for RIS and one of them is reverse image search by SmallSEOTools. This tool is used for word counting, checking of grammar, plagiarism checker and Reverse Image Search. Let us take a look that how search by image works:

  1. Navigate to official website.
  2. You can simply upload a picture, enter the URL or choose an image from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Now, Click the “Search Image” button to induce the results.

You will get the best-matched details and results. This tool is reliable, efficient and straightforward to use.


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