10 Free Writing Fonts For Cricut | Top Picks Of 2023

If you like to look for free fonts, this list of free writing fonts for Cricut is the right place for you. Cricut Design Space is your solution if you adore Cricut crafts and typography but detest having to pay for fonts. Notably, the way that Cricut only creates the outline of free writing fonts.

You can discover how to get thousands of free writing fonts for Cricut Design Space without spending a dollar if you don’t already know how to download free fonts to Cricut Design Space.

The typefaces listed below are available for free download and can be used for both private and professional projects. Additionally, they function in Cricut Design Space as free writing fonts for Cricut. Thus, this is ideal.

Top 10 Free Writing Fonts For Cricut

In this article, we will briefly tell you about 10 free writing fonts for Circut.


This typeface is adaptable. It leans to be a more feminine font than neutral, but it is very versatile.

abcl free font for cricutThis typeface is excellent for everyday Cricut writing projects and cards for birthdays and holidays.

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Ammys Handwriting

This typeface is ideal for tricking loved ones into thinking you have lovely handwriting if your handwriting is that of a five-year-old.

ammys handwritingTherefore, type out your message in advance and let your computer write it for you to save time (and the chance of typos)!


Roboto is a complimentary font that looks extremely similar and is comparable in quality.

roboto free writing font The only significant difference is that, unlike Beloved Sans, which includes a lowercase font that is simply smaller capital letters, Roboto has a conventional uppercase and lowercase font. Therefore, “Beloved Sans” appeared to be a pretty attractive, tidy font. As a result, you must type in full caps to have the same effect as Beloved Sans.

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Anita Jane

We are now entering the typography category. It’s a terrific writing font for the Cricut since you can use it to add value to more expensive projects like wedding invites!

anita jane writing fontSuch a lovely, intricate font provides you with perfect calligraphy look without requiring you to have a steady hand!

Swallow Falls Lite  

Here is yet another amazing font for when you need something straightforward but not uninteresting, humorous but not only for one gender, and readable but not overly general. It reads beautifully in a wide variety of font sizes.

swallow falls lite You can use this font in quite high sizes without worrying about the letters becoming outlined bubble letters.


Here is yet another gorgeous, bold typeface! Another excellent choice for elaborate tasks like holiday cards, wedding invitations, and more is British.

british free writing font for cricut As you can see from the example below, this typeface is also rather huge, so that you can use it for a larger variety of projects.

Ochre Script

The best calligraphy font available is this one. Another excellent font choice to significantly increase the value of projects with higher-end appearances.

ochre scriptImagine using this font and metallic markers to create a stunning card with intricate cutouts that reveal a glittery or holographic backing card.

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Here is a cute typeface now! Sweetheart is undoubtedly an extremely cute and simple typeface that avoids becoming overly childish.

sweetheart free writing fontIt’s another extremely thin typeface that enables you to use font sizes slightly larger than some of the others discussed below, giving you more room for project options. This card would be wonderful for Valentine’s Day projects or a thoughtful Mother’s Day card.


There is another fantastic alternative to consider when seeking a highly readable fancy font that can go high-end in a simple and appealing style. The way this typeface flows, it is clear that a person created it with great handwriting.

wollastonIt is another excellent font to use for signing cards, writing elegant words and phrases, and more in a way that makes it look like you have amazing handwriting! It has that polished style without looking too formed or computer-produced.

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What I Want For Christmas

Don’t be misled by the font name; while this font would be wonderful for Christmas and holiday cards, there are many other things you can use for outside Christmas!

what i want for christmasThis font will be ideal if you’re searching for something in the middle between fine calligraphy or fancy cursive.

Looking for the perfect font for your business can be difficult. You can download free fonts from Creative Fabrica if you would like to use even more fonts for your work. Creative Fabrica is home to many commercial fonts and free svgs for Cricut. You can use them to make any craft–digital, paper-based, or Cricut project.


How does Cricut test fonts?

You should test them with the marker you intend to use before completing a lot of writing because they don't always look perfect. You can experiment by writing the name of each font on the left and the phrase 'you are loved' on the right.

Can you use a Cricut with a pen?

Currently, you must switch your Cricut machine's settings to draw rather than cut to utilize pens with it. Design Space examines the vector lines when you change from cut to draw in the settings. Cricut will draw the font outline on most typefaces, even those only intended for 'single cuts.'

Can you make Cricut Design Space on your own?

When you need to DIY Cricut Design Space, don't be afraid. Your creativity won't be constrained by free writing fonts for Cricut.

On a Cricut, is the nouradilla font free?

Cricut free script font The curly script font Nouradilla is ideal for various Cricut crafts. This lovely free Cricut font is a great option for creating rustic wood signage, wedding decorations, and holiday projects. Creating seasonal decor with this typeface is so much fun, such as doormats with fall themes.


Because you can profit from all the fantastic Cricut crafts you create with these free writing fonts for Cricut. Since these fonts were downloaded from a website, Cricut will still draw the letter’s outline; however, because they are thin enough, the finished goods will still have filled-in typography. This is the ideal situation for you as opposed to fonts that are “free for personal use only.” Nice, huh?

Be aware that there is a limit to how large we can make these fonts because there isn’t a means to obtain free writing fonts outside of Cricut Design Space and upload them so that it won’t merely create the outline.

However, if we keep them small enough and the lines near enough, so they overlap, it will still draw as a typical Cricut writing font would. In essence, these are still bubble letters in the eyes of Cricut Design Space.

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