If you have been in the web industry for a long time but see no growth in your career? Maybe this full-stack web developer roadmap can help you. It can be because you are stuck in one position and do not acquire the skills to get out of it. The web development industry is constantly updating with new versions.

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The world of work has changed over the past few decades with more people working remotely than ever before especially during COVID-19. Where it has been easy to make web apps using the Reach JS development company, there are many who want to grow and succeed in the field to become web developers. Many of us think and do use web design vs. web development in place of one another but they are different.

In this full-stack web developer roadmap, we’ll cover the skills that you need to set yourself up for a successful career as a Full Stack Web Developer by the end of 2023. By the end of this article, you will be able to find jobs as a software developer.

Full Stack Web Developer?

A full-stack web developer is someone who combines their design and development skills to create the best user experience possible. They also have an understanding of how the different components of the digital world work in tandem to make something like a website or app work.

ful stack

A full-stack developer has a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, and APIs (application programming interfaces). They are familiar with everything from the very beginning stages of development through to distribution and maintenance. The goal is to create a product that works seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms.

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Full Stack Web Developer Roadmap?

Just like any other map, the full stack web developer roadmap will show the journey to becoming a successful web developer and the steps to make in this learning process.

The journey of becoming a full-stack web developer roadmap is divided into 5 destinations. even if you don’t know to code then also you can make your own web forms online.

Choose a Tech Stack

This is the first stop on our full-stack web developer roadmap. Each company follows a different tech stack to reach certain individual goals. Tech stack includes some of the major aspects from backend, frontend, and databases.

tech stack

With some of the easy and extraordinary features, here are some of the popular tech stacks.

  • MongoDB: it is a no SQL database that stores data in JSON binary format.
  • ReactJS: it is to create interfaces and web applications.
  • Express: useful to create web applications faster.
  • Node.js: it is a JavaScript-based open server environment that works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc.
  • MySQL: made in 1995 by Oracle, it is a relational database management system. It is fast and reliable to use.
  • PHP: PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It works with scripting language on the server.
  • Angular.js: it is a JavaScript framework which works on HTML with <script> tag. It is useful to bind data in HTML with expressions.


 A Frontend developer is someone who works on the front end of a website or application. This includes creating the look, feel and functionality of the user interface for websites and apps. Frontend developers can do many different things, including Creating user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Designing responsive layouts that adapt to different devices such as smartphones or larger desktops. Building reusable components and libraries that other developers can use in their projects. Managing a website is also as important to know while you built a website as web developer. 

Framework for frontend on the roadmap includes …

  • AngularJS: maintained by Google it is useful and sustainable in coding. It works on single-page web applications with JavaScript on HTML.
  • ReactJS: it is a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and other developers to record fast and changing data.
  • VueJS: it is mostly used for new codes. You can customize the features.
  • Bootstrap: there are 3 versions of Bootstrap. The 3rd version is mainly used to fix bugs and change documentation. The 4th version is to design a style sheet and fast response. 5th and the latest version is smooth to use and Vanilla JavaScript is used instead of jQuery.
  • TypeScript: If you wish to study Angular, TypeScript is a must. Its creation and maintenance are under Microsoft for the creation of large apps. For features like type-checking, it is always used in conjunction with JavaScript.
  • SASS: Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet. Made in 2006, an extension that is compatible with CSS and time-saving to use.


Backend is a code, which receives requests and sends appropriate data to the client. To move forward in the full-stack web development roadmap here are some of the things you need to master.

  • Express: web application framework of Node.js to build web applications quickly.
  • Django: A Python framework to create database-centered websites.
  • Python: Released in 1991, web development for system scripting and mathematics. A high-level, all-purpose language is Python. It can be used to build online apps, math, and server scripting on a server. pythonTo read and modify files, it connects to databases. Python utilized an interpreter system and was created to be readable. It is also applicable in a functional, procedural, or object-oriented manner.
  • Go: Developed in 2007, it creates a static and compiled language that is similar to C++.


  • PHP: PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It works with scripting language on the server.
  • NodeJS: it is a JavaScript-based open server environment that works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc.
  • JavaScript: A programming language that is just-in-time compiled is JavaScript. It aids in giving your website dynamic features. Both front-end and back-end activities use this.jsThe basics of JavaScript are simple to learn. JavaScript is in demand by several front-end and back-end frameworks, such as NodeJS and AngularJS. It is frequently used for full-stack applications like chatbots. A Java roadmap framework is essential for any full-stack development function, whether junior or senior, in practically all businesses.
  • Ruby on Rails: it provides the structure for all your web development. You need to learn the Ruby language and other concepts before using it.


As the name suggests it is useful to collect and store the data in SQL or NoSQL type.

  • SQL: SQL means Structured Query Language. It will let you access and make changes in the database.


  • MySQL: it is a relational database management system that works with ANSI SQL standards. It is fast and easy to use.
  • Learn these NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache Storm, etc.

You are one step closer to finishing the full stack web developer roadmap.

Version Control

A website is always changing and updating. During this time, it is important to control the version of the site.


Git works perfectly to track and control all the databases and codes.

Other Tips

The journey on the full stack web developer roadmap is long and winding, and there are many ways to get there. Finishing all of the five steps will help you become a full-stack web developer.

full stack developer

Working on the websites is not enough you need to make sure that all the web development is useful and working on the shorter screens of mobile phones. Learn how to work on Hybrid Web Apps to master all the areas of a developer.

  • Start with the weakest link: If you have spent a lot of time working on the front end, begin your process with the back end, or vice versa. If you are unfamiliar with the front-end or the back-end procedures, we advise starting with the back-end technologies before going on to the front-end.back-end
  • Read programming books and manuals: Read books and manuals that describe the best techniques to learn code, then put what you’ve learned into practice to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. When trying to learn a specific programming language, the Internet may be a useful resource for programming instructions and manuals.programming books
  • Establishing a solid network: Being engaged in the market is the only way to keep current. Create an online peer network for this. There are numerous ways to involve yourself in a community, including social media platforms, online forums, chat rooms, and groups.network
  • Develop something: To develop something, you need to have practical expertise. Don’t merely read about theories and notions while sitting still. You cannot argue against learning a particular framework or procedure in a real-world setting.develop something

Work on your knowledge of the Secure Shell protocol, algorithms, HTTP, and Linux. Once you complete the full stack web developer roadmap, you can create your resume, check your hard skills and get jobs as a software developer.


Do employers need full-stack developers?

Compared to last year, a 20% rise in demand for 'full stack developers has been seen.' The demand for multi-skilled workers has increased, and full-stack developers can work on the front-end and back-end components to produce the desired outcomes.

How much time does becoming a full-stack developer require?

It would take 8 to 12 months to become a full-stack developer, depending on your level of coding expertise and how rapidly you pick up new frameworks.

Which is more effective, full stack developer or cyber security?

Full stack development and cyber security demand extremely experienced experts who share some professional skill requirements, yet they are distinct. Full-stack developers create software, but cyber security works to keep it safe from threats.

Is developing full-stack software stressful?

Full-stack developer work can occasionally be stressful, just like other tech jobs. Some developers experience anxiety when trying to solve issues during the development process.


Our world is in the demand for IT. with this full-stack web developer roadmap you know what are the skills and steps that need to be conquered to become a full-stack web developer.

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