How to Gain More Instagram Followers | Top 5 Trusted Methods

Do you want to gain more Instagram followers? Read this article thoroughly to get a boost for your Instagram. To a worrying extent, Instagram and its algorithm remain a mystery for every brand striving to promote itself on the platform. The matter of which tactics to choose to grow followers has pretty much kept an arduous and unavoidable task of guessing and failing. Learn how to get IG followers without following.


Encouraged by this uncertainty, we have committed to the task of, based on facts, data, and actual success experiences. Crafting a knowledgeable list of what we consider the five most trustful methods from free and time consuming tactics to the use of paid followers as a strategy, to gain organic followers successfully.

5 Guaranteed Ways to Grow More Instagram Followers in 2021

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Optimize your Instagram profile

The very first step to increase followers on Instagram would be to ensure that your account is optimized.

optimize instagram profile
optimize instagram profile

Add a good and descriptive bio, a good profile picture, and a username.  These are the first things people notice on your profile. It could make or break your profile. People also link their upcoming projects in their bio. This is a very effective strategy.

Interlinking Between Different Platforms

How to get organic followers on Instagram? Interlinkig. It may seem obvious, your Instagram bio and image are the front page and the deciding factor at times. The link in your bio could traffic over to another website, It is important that you pay attention to it.

Make it easy for your Instagram followers to look you up on the internet. You can tell people to follow you on Instagram on your website. Send traffic from website to Instagram and vice versa. Interlinking platforms is vital. 

Key Takeaway

To have the best chances on Instagram, optimizing your profile and your posts is important.

Posting Every Day To Gain More Instagram Followers

Posting every day is maybe the oldest and most reliable trick in the book to gain more Instagram followers. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of interpretations regarding the matter of “frequency”.

gain more instagram followers
gain more instagram followers

Criteria from sources like Adobe Spark draw the line over a +1–10 posts daily rate. However, and as suggested by experts like Brian Hughes, this accelerated pace is pruned into turning a “double edged sword” as it commonly leads brands to undermine their performance over other basic practices like “consistency” and “content quality”.

Keep Frequency And Consistency Together

Due to this uncertainty, there’s been settled somewhat of an unspoken consensus in the community to sentence the rule into a “one day–one post” basis.

In this regard, according to a study made by Tailwind in 2017, which analyzed more than 100,000 Instagram profiles. It showed the “1 post daily” rate to be a healthy practice. Not only for followers growth but also for the overall engagement rate increase.

Key Takeaway

As long as you post one post a day, don’t try to oversupply on the risk of damaging quality and –even more importantly– consistency.

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Using User-Generated Content

 This is the one most regularly associated with the over-arching growth commonly and rightfully achieved by themed accounts. Among which one may mention:

  • Meme pages
  • Modeling accounts
  • Galleries
  • Art and photography accounts
  • Pet appreciation blogs

Using user-generated content (UGC) consists of grabbing quality content found around the web – either from followers’ submissions, Direct Messaging, other accounts posts, and outsourced UGC – and sharing it in our accounts, giving credit to the OP.

The Process Of Re-Sharing To Gain More Instagram Followers

Here brands take the role of a curator. Guiding the user through a cultural mass. The key focus of using this method is putting a lot of attention on the design and goal of the curation and we have said before, this could be a simple thematic approach, like the one done by, for example, “cat-lovers” accounts; or something more elaborated, like recompilations made by art galleries and foundations.

instagram influencer
instagram influencer

So be careful of you are “saying” about your brand with this strategy, and if it makes a clear message or not.

Key Takeaway

Relying on interconnectivity, UGC makes a clear win-win for brands that already have some audience, preconceived knowledge of its medium, and a clear target persona.

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Buying Followers

Buying followers is the first enhancer that comes to mind when thinking about start-ups and up-and-coming brands that need to build credibility and gain more Instagram followers fast.

Profiting from what is called in marketing as the “snowball effect”, this practice is highly implemented among small and independent art and design accounts as a trusting way to give credibility to their venture.

There are two ways over which using paid followers as a strategy proves to be beneficial:


Getting followers that engage with your content compels your other followers to interact with it too. If one post has a good number of likes and comments. People will lean into esteeming the post more valuable and endorse it more.

Greater Visibility

 The Instagram algorithm sets up which accounts show up at users’ newsfeed and after analyzing elements like the number of followers and engagement these have. On this basis, an account with a higher number of followers is prone to be a feature in feeds than others who don’t.

Key Takeaway

Although usually judged as a risky tactic, buying real followers can be a handy catapult for small brands that are striving to raise credibility among a target audience.

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Stories, Lives and Reels

Why it’s crucial to keep a good pace of Stories activity? Well, the thing is simple: Ever since their introduction, there had happened a 180º shift in Instagram users behavior in favor of the consumption of stories.

instagram stories
instagram stories

According to a study published by Techcrunch:

  • As far as 2017, on average, 1 out of 5 Instagram stories posted by brands received a DM reply.
  • Simultaneously, Instagram stories generated 35% more views on average for brands than actual Snapchat stories.

Plus, with the introduction of new features like Instagram Reels and the hiatus of Instagram Lives. We expect this behavioral tendency towards vertical-media consumption to keep rising.

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Keeping The Pace Of Instagram Stories To Gain More Instagram Followers

This method can be tricky to gain more Instagram followers, so be careful about how you use it. Most importantly, make it fun and simple. On average, users’ attention span for Instagram Stories is roughly half from that of Instagram posts.

– According to Iconosquare, Instagram stories produced, on average, a decrease of about one quarter in the engagement rate of 60 major brands.

– Because it’s a content intended to be binge-consumed. People will expect your brand’s activity on Instagram Stories to be less artificial. Creating a good opportunity to share alternative content.

Key Takeaway

Publish Stories at least as frequently as you share feed posts. If even more, better. Remember that it should be content more informal. So there is no need to overthink what you are posting but focusing on building communication bridges with your followers.

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Smart Use Of Hashtags And Location Tags

Using related hashtags based on what you’re posting makes your content easier to find for audiences. You can gain more Instagram followers that have a greater inclination to engage with your content.

Most of the time, since this cause-effect chain can’t be as clearly drawn as other statistics. Why? Because Instagram post insights don’t show any correlational data between “impressions from hashtags” and “follows” and one might argue this makes hashtags a blind suggestion.

instagram hashtags
instagram hashtags

Regardless, some experts suggest that it indeed exists a sweet spot for this practice. Consisting of both adding 9 hashtags + 1 location tag.

The Role Of Geolocalization

According to Facebook, adding a location to our posts is a good SEO practice to connect with whole communities. If you make smart use of location tags, sharing “worldwide content”, you can take advantage of the certain impact that these tags have over the algorithm.

Key Takeaway

As the Instagram algorithm keeps submersing into complexity. Hashtags and location tags remains a healthy and effective method to be found spontaneously. Something rather becoming harder after each and each new update.

Audience engagement

How to grow Instagram followers organically? The answer is audience engagement. On Instagram, engagement is vital for growth. Grow a following quickly by starting a discussion with your followers. Generate content where followers talk amongst themselves and with you.


Every comment on your post is an opportunity to earn a new follower (or retain an existing one), so make sure you answer each one. Look into your DMs and try to be as active as possible.

Small businesses

Instagram now pushes small business’ content. Make some reels of your packaging your products.

small bussinesses
small businesses

Post people unboxing your products, Whatever to build a more tight knight community.

Key Takeaway

Gain more followers by keeping existing followers happy. Ranking on the explore page for small businesses has become easy with hashtags and Ad Insights.

Instagram collabs

Instagram now allows you to collab with other influencers. This can help you widen your outreach and gain followers from collaborations. Link up with like-minded people and create posts that reflect both profiles.


Key Takeaway

Broaden your target demographic with collabs.

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Instagram’s Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm now promotes reels more than anything. Instagram’s algorithm shows user-specific content.This is how to get followers on Instagram without following.


Read up on community guidelines and stay away from anything that might get a post remove

Content experimentation

You need to have a variety of content in different formats. Actively posting photos won’t do you much good. But adding a few reels and stories in the mix will definitely get better attention. Remember that the algorithm considers people’s interests and tries to display the types of information that they interact with the most.  If a user likes reels more often, Instagram will push reel content more to them. Go live to have a real-time experience with followers. 

Key Takeaway

Post polls on your story to gauge what content the followers want.

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So here were a few tips and tricks that you can use to gain more Instagram followers and increase the reach of your Instagram page or profile. Hope it was helpful for you. These are some thoughts on how to organically grow Instagram followers.

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