The Nintendo GameCube controller undoubtedly can be listed as the best Gamecube controller for Steam. But are you aware of the ten best GameCube controllers? Well, Nintendo has some of the best designs, which we will mention in this article.

To use a GameCube controller on Steam, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Wii U USB GCN Adapter and vJoy device driver.
  2.  Install x360ce.
  3.  Enable the GameCube driver.
  4. Add the necessary files to the Steam game folder. 

You can use your GameCube controller to play games on Steam by completing these steps.

The top 10 best Gamecube controllers for Steam include Nintendo WaveBird, VTone Wireless Gamecube Controller, Xbox Series X|S Core Controller, PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller, etc. Although retro gamers are creatures of culture and like to follow things according to the rulebook, technological advancement has made them jump from USB GameCube controllers to wireless controllers. So here we are with the ten best wireless GameCube controllers designed to be compatible with GC, switch, Wii-U, Mac, and PC.

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Best 10 GameCube Controllers for Steam

The best ten Gamecube controllers for Steam are:

Nintendo WaveBird

Not listing Nintendo WaveBird as the best GameCube wireless controller would be unjust. The classic USB GameCube controller allows players to play from any corner of the room without catching a break without being tethered to the Nintendo console.nintendo wavebird

The only drawback is that it weighs more than the original remote.

VTone Wireless Gamecube Controller

Nintendo WaveBird being a classic, only fits some people’s budget. But if you want to feel the comfort and shape of a Nintendo wave bird without spending much, then the VTone wireless GameCube controller is the right choice.vtone wireless gamecube controller

The best GameCube controller for Steam, VTone wireless GameCube controller, uses RF signaling to allow the players to move up to the range of 10 m. Sticks and buttons are smooth and functional, making the players experience the comfort of WaveBird.

Xbox Series X|S Core Controller

One of the best Gamecube controllers for Steam, the Xbox Series X|S Core Controller is the latest default design similar to the previous console generation to provide gamers similar type of comfort and a smoother experience. A solid study well, a placed button allows the players to feel functional x|s core controller

With ergonomic design, premium build quality, and affordable price, it is the best companion for many PC gamers. 

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Slightly higher in the range, and the budget PS5 is currently in the talk. PlayStation has adopted dual-sense technology to take the gaming experience to a new level and benefit the players from the adaptive console’s capabilities.dualsense controller ps5

The technical advancement of the PS5 is no doubt attracting the masses. It weighs slightly heavier than the PS4 controller, but the textured surface gives it a sturdy balance and premium quality feel. Tactile and adaptive triggers make it the best Gamecube controller.

8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

If we talk about the underdogs in the list, then 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller will surely be one. With an affordable price range and excellent build quality, these wireless controllers are the most versatile third-party controllers in the market. It is designed with the base model being the classic Super Nintendo controller with a more minimal design and comfortable layout.8bitdo pro 2 bluetooth controller

The controller of 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller is highly efficient and customizable. It allows players to switch between three modes: button mapping, a user-customized controller profile, and an app to personalize it. 

8BitDo Ultimate Xbox Wired Controller

It is one of the best GameCube wireless controllers. For the stubborn retro gamers who want a hybrid classic/modern controller experience in the same controller, 8bBitDo Ultimate Xbox Wired Controller has it all packed. This blends a typical Super Nintendo-style and Xbox core controller with adaptive features and a Bluetooth connection.

The controller also offers remappable buttons, on-the-fly profile switching, an extra pair of back buttons, and a corresponding application to personalize the device. Resolving issues with the Xbox controller is straightforward, such as it won’t connect. It is clear to configure and set up.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo has been adapting changes in their manufacturing to allow gamers to play their favorite games on the Steam deck platforms. This controller is one of the masterpieces by Nintendo that takes place for the PlayStation and Xbox. This gives PC gamers choices of playing on different platforms.nintendo switch pro controller

A super handy fit, a smooth button layout, and comfortable ergonomics allow a smooth transition to the Steam deck, making it the best GameCube controller for Steam.

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PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller

The PlayStation 4 dual shock controller is often under shadowed by the classic players. One of the best USB GameCube controllers. However, it can effectively compete against many high-end functioning models of gaming consoles on the Steam deck. It is a plastic build, so players prefer PS5 dual sense adaptability and premium built 4 dualshock controller

However, the controller of the PS4 is a budget-friendly option with a comfortable layout. It has responsive buttons that fit seamlessly with the steam deck. Click here if your PS4 controller is disconnecting from your PC.

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PowerA Enhanced Wired Xbox Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Xbox Controller offers a more comprehensive competitor of the Xbox’s wireless core controller. Along with this, it has a solid design and an affordable price range.powera enhanced wired xbox controller

The standard Xbox design is made of sturdy material with a complete share button and dial to toggle an earbud or headphone audio. With customizable features, it has programmable buttons and a wide range of colors.

Steam Controller

The first PC controller of Valve is the Steam controller. It has an amazingly unique design with a supportive layout similar to the steam deck. Steam Controller was initially designed to work with the Steam Link game streaming hardware and software service, but they discontinued those services.steam controller

It has a featured trackpad mimicking the mouse inputs and buttons with the software on the Steam deck. Thus, Steam Controller is worth buying for PC games and enthusiasts.


Can you connect WaveBird to a PC?

Yes. The original WaveBird controller works fine with a PC.

Does a switch Gamecube controller work on a PC?

If the controller is Bluetooth accessible, pairing it with a PC is easy. If it is not accessible to the Bluetooth connection, you can use a Bluetooth dongle to make it sync up quickly with your PC.

Is there any PC emulator for the Nintendo switch?

Yuzu is a PC emulator for the Nintendo Switch developed by Citra. It is the most popular 3D emulator and it is free to download for windows.

Can PC games be played with a switch controller?

Yes. By plugging the switch pro controller with a USB cable into your PC, Windows 10 will pop up in the controller. You can then connect and start playing.


We hope you found our list of the top 10 applicable best GameCube controllers for Steam. The list includes  Nintendo WaveBird, VTone Wireless Gamecube Controller, Xbox Series X|S Core Controller, PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller, etc. We will meet you with another amusing article about gaming. Till then, happy gaming!

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