Whether you like to play video games as a profession or just for fun, it is the best game, like a banished and the most exciting way to kill time. Gamers around the world earn tons of money just by playing video games! 

Here is the list of Games Like Banished In 2023:

  • Dawn of Discovery
  • Anno 2070
  • From Dust
  • A Game of Dwarves
  • Age of Empires
  • Kenshi
  • PlanetBase
  • Surviving Mars

If you enjoy playing games like farming, cooking, adventure, city-building, or survival like Banished, this article is for you. Here we list the top 15 games like Banished on your phone or PC.

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What Is Banished Video Game

Released in 2014, Banished is a city-building survival video game. At the time, it was mentioned that Banished Gaming should be able to work on Linux and OS X. For now, play the Banished game for free on Windows.


Here the user has to survive and manage resources in an isolated society. Users must build the town with Hospitals, Farms, Houses, and shops. Citizens of this town should be given work to survive.

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15 Best Games Like Banished

Here are the top 15 free games like Banished.

Dawn of Discovery

Released in 2009, Dawn of Discovery is Anno 1404, a sequel to Anno 1701. This, along with Anno 2070, are the inspirations behind the games like Banished. This game is full of city-building simulations in real time. The plot is based on the Renaissance and medieval periods full of gothic architecture and with a hint of early Capitalism.

dawn of discovery

The Player has to colonize and develop the unnamed country and manage the citizens’ demands, needs, and requirements. They have to handle ground and naval combat and domestic relationships. 

Visit: Dawn of Discovery

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Anno 2070

Released in 2011, This game is full of city-building simulations in real-time—a futuristic sequel to Anno 1404 and the 5th of the Anno video game series. 

anno 2070

The setting of this game is 2070, where there are no political movements based on a country, border, race, or religion. But there will be one world president, and players can vote on who will become the next president, what bills will pass, etc. There will be various events like Neo Skullz Pirates, Project Eden, Global Distrust, etc.

Visit: Anno 2070

From Dust

Released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox, From Dust, is a God video game. The game takes place in the Breath, which was summoned by a tribe.

from dust

The Player has to help recover their lost knowledge and overcome every problem or natural calamity. 

Visit: From Dust

A Game of Dwarves

Released in 2012, Game of Dwarves is full of real-time strategy and dungeon management. Just like the name, the theme is dwarf.

a game of dwarves

Here is a dwarven Prince. You have to claim your ancestral land and discover and reveal secrets. You must manage all the dwarf citizens and train them to become warriors.

Visit: A Game of Dwarves

Age of Empires

Age of Empire is a historical video game series. The first copy came out in 1997. This game is not city-building, but if you’re looking for games like Banished, this game will satisfy you with the historical theme from the Stone Age to multiple civilizations.

age of empires

This series’s latest installment, “Age of Empire IV,” came out in 2021.

Visit: Age of Empires


Came out in 2018, Kenshi is a Lo-Fi roleplaying game where players can do as they please instead of following the original storyline.


It takes place during a post-apocalyptic time when you enter the game with zero skills. You gain the skill with actions, may damage your limbs, and recruit members into your team. This game is not super aesthetic, but you can play these survival games to win and complete them.

Visit: Kenshi


Came out in 2015 for Microsoft Windows and 2016 for OS X, PlanetBase is a game full of simulation and strategy. Here you must build, manage and survive a human colony on a distant planet in space.


You must colonize four planets with humans, face all the natural disasters, make successful structures, and train the citizens with skills.

Visit: PlanetBase

Surviving Mars

If you are eager to go to Mars and settle there, Surviving Mars is the game for you. It was released in 2018 and applies to Windows, macOS, Linux, PS 4, and Xbox.

surviving mars

As a player, you can choose the sponsoring nation and vehicle to build a thriving society of humans on Mars. You can supply resources from Earth to Mars. Colonists need to survive and manage this planet and face all the problems of human civilization, like war, flood, drought, epidemics, etc.

Visit: Surviving Mars

Space Haven

Released in 2020, this is a spaceship colony much like RimWorld, a Dwarf fortress. In this game, you must take your skilled and talented people as a crew in search of a new home.

space haven

You manage this crew and fulfill their demand and needs to survive in the spaceship. Building this spaceship and gas station while exploring the Galaxy would be best.

Visit: Space Haven


Released in 2012, Towns is full of city-building and simulation. As a new player, you can choose your layout of Grass, Snow, Desert, etc., and you have to build the village and survive there with good resources.


The game begins with 11 villagers; you have to give them jobs and places to do their work.

Visit: Towns

Cities: Skylines

It was released in 2015 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Like the name, you must build and manage the city’s resources to survive. You must control the roads, transport, health, and environment on a budget.

cities skylines logo banner


First, start with a small piece of land and urbanize the rest of the area on your own. You must make room for houses, employment, health care, etc.

Visit: Cities: Skylines

Zeus- Master of Olympus

If Ancient Greece fascinates you, you will surely enjoy this strategy game. However, this game is not in Ancient times, but elements are there in the game.

zeus- master of olympus

You must build your city with farming, infrastructure, trading, and more here. You have to face the monsters from Greek Mythology. You can pray to the Greek gods for your benefit. Zeus will grant your wishes regarding how you want to play the game.


StarTopia was added to Steam in 2013. The setting is in post-apocalyptic war. You must build space stations and fix some of them, destroying the war. Here you do not have a command over the security and attack.


Your job is to build the space station and hire aliens to help around and arrange basic needs like food. This game is more of a business simulation game where you have to handle the economic part of any surviving situation.

Visit: StarTopia


You can play this game if your thrust of Ancient Greece is incomplete. Like Zeus, this game is full of strategy, Norse mythology, and Vikings.


It has two modes: Northgard- a regular way, and Ragnarok- a more challenging manner. Here you can choose your map, clan, trade, etc.

Visit: Northgard


The start of this game was an indie game for Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2013, but it was officially released in 2018. It has a complete simulation of construction, strategy, and management.


The Player has to survive the colony from many external and internal conflicts and events. The game will become more advanced and harder as you play for fun. The game also has a 2D view.

Visit: RimWorld


Are there mods in Banished?

There are a lot of new buildings to work within the Banished mods, making it possible for players to construct complex production chains. Buildings from the mods not only provide deeper content but also provide a variety of decoration options to spice up the visuals.

What is the best way to install mods on Banished?

Installing a Banished mod requires moving the mod file (modname.pkm) into the WinData folder. For Steam, the default location is C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonBanishedWinData.


If city building and survival is your game type, you can surely take some notes from here, play some of the best free games like Banished on Steam and enjoy your free time making a completely new town, city, or house and continue colonizing.

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