Factorio is one of the most intellectual video games that has ever been designed. Games like Factorio aim to target the creative and innovative side of any gamer. It’s a refresher from all the regular battlegrounds. Engineers and Management students can relate to this game. But wait….is this game just for engineers and management students? The answer is a big NO. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the flow of things could play this game.

factorio game
Factorio Game

Games like Factorio start from simple activities like digging up the minerals (coal, metals, etc.), converting these minerals, transporting them, and then constructing a network. It only gets enjoyable when we raise buildings and factories that could steer the operations and manage all the processes. Competitors start attacking our network, and this takes the game to the next level. All this is just the tip of the iceberg. A zillion things are going on inside the game. Sounds interesting, right!!! What if I say there are lots of games like Factorio? Let’s explore some of the games similar to Factorio that could be played in 2021. 

Games Like Factorio

Here’s a list for you to enjoy games similar to Factorio

Automation Empire: 

As the name itself suggests, we build our empire by automating all possible tasks. This is also a resource managing and one of the automation games like Factorio. It aims to stimulate the creativity and imagination of the players. The 3-D visual effects are the most attractive and engaging one can ever encounter. We can construct factories, transportation and production lines, thus managing our business.

automation empire game
Automation Empire Game

One can even use these games as simulators for their business models. We automate the business by using bots, minimum resources to generate more significant outputs as we escalate the ladder in the game. The level of difficulty and enemy attacks increases as we finish the levels.

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Going Medieval:

Tired of Modern technology and advancements?? We can now explore the intricacies of the medieval period by diving into their lifestyle. Start by hunting your prey in extreme weather conditions. Form a community, build houses, farm the available land and use all the techniques necessary for your survival. Subsequently, we face multiple challenges like climate, death of people, and invasion by enemies trying to capture our community.

going medieval game
Going Medieval Game

The visual effects of this game are genuinely unique, and one could feel like living in the medieval period. You get to be the leader of your clan. As the leader, you would be responsible for satisfying their needs, protecting them, and building a fortress. On average, a day in the game lasts for 17 minutes. You also have the option of modifying the speed of the game. You can find this amazing game on Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG. At present, Going Medieval and Factorio like games are compatible only on PC. In addition to that, the game is in its early stage and is given access to people to try, test, play, and the stage is open for suggestions, bugs, etc. Take your chance to play the Early Access to Going Medieval and have extreme fun.


One of the famous and Factorio like games most sought out in 2021 is Satisfactory. In the same vein as Going Medieval, Satisfactory is also in its early access stage, but it is a fantastic video game to try out. This game has a lot of unique features. As a player, you get to experience everything about a new alien planet, and we need to set out for an adventure to identify the natural resources available. Jetpacks, trains, and jumpsuits are accessible to help our exploration. Use your imagination to create anything and everything on this alien planet and earn rewards.


They are extracting mines and minerals and moving them across various plants to process them into copper wirings and other products to expand the factories. Detailed workings of complicated machines, fixing and maintaining them is pretty challenging. Conveyor belts travel for miles connecting all the plants transporting the materials. Most importantly, use furnaces, blast machines, trains, electrical poles to power the plants. This game runs on 64- bit processor and is developed for PC. Hence, Windows 7 and above support this game. Acquire this game from Steam and enjoy the factory on a new planet.


Hydroneer is one of the free games like Factorio that could be played on your PC. Hydro means water, so most of our game is related to water. We get to search and dig the precious minerals like gold available in the water. We can also explore the land near the water source and search for them using shovels and giant machines after that. Start digging inside the water and install pipes to use this water for your production.

hydroneer game
Hydroneer Game

We need to increase this pipeline as we expand our facility and keep a check on the pipes. Construct houses from the wood, use the water to connect to your homes, farm the land, build bridges with the trees along the river or the water source for transportation. You can create machines like rigs which could be run by water. To play Hydroneer, we need 6GB of available space and 64- bit processor. Windows 10 operating system supports this game.

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Open TTD: 

If you enjoy Factorio like games then, Open TTD is one such game. It is pretty similar to Factorio and can be considered to be the precursor of Factorio. It is fun to play with, but it is quite pixelated and doesn’t have 3-D visual effects.

open ttd game
Open TTD Game

Unlike other games, it doesn’t require a lot of space. You can play this game on earlier versions of Windows.


In conclusion, we hope you try out one of these games and have a fun gaming experience.

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