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‘Life is Strange’ is a game based on a five-part episodic storyline. It is a choice based game where each choice the player makes impacts the story and the outcome. So, depending on the player’s choices, the game can have a variety of different conclusions. Today, we bring to you our top 4 recommendations of games like Life is Strange.

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4 Games Like Life is Strange

Check out these games similar to Life is Strange!

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is one of the greatest games a video game enthusiast can ever play in their lives. It has excellent animation, beautiful visuals, and a fantastic voice acting cast. The messages sent by this game is very nuanced and intricately written in the story.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing games you will ever play; it consists of 32 chapters following the story of 3 different characters. All these 3 characters are androids attempting to live in a world where people have differing and vocal opinions about machines running their day-to-day lives. The game serves as a grand statement towards Racism that is prevalent in today’s society.

detroit become human games like life is strange xbox 360
detroit become human games like life is strange xbox 360

Throughout the game, these beings learn to grow. They learn to stand up for themselves and the people around them, whom they care about. Since ’32 chapters’ is a big number, the player gets to make quite a lot of choices throughout the game. So it is safe to say that, as a player, you are bound to get attached to the lovable innocent characters pretty quickly.

Apart from the Racism metaphor, it also has messages regarding other societal problems. What are those messages? Well, you would just have to find the answers to that question yourself. No spoilers.

That being said, this game has very many outcomes. Some players have logged weeks’ worth of playtime on this game. Yet still have gone onto the Internet only to find another player who got a completely different conclusion than the ones they got.

So be prepared to choose and choose wisely. Your characters are counting on you to do right by them.

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Walking Dead

Honestly, who doesn’t like ye good ole zombie killing game.

And if said game comes with a fascinating plotline and is based on a critically acclaimed comic book series with a fan-favourite TV show made out of it.

Well, then that just makes it an instant hit.

Walking Dead is not just one game. It spans over many different games and is a gaming series. Each game has its plot connected to the other and contains many characters from the show and the comics. So, of course, many players were attracted to this game and have still been loving it. It is great to the point that even the players who have already completed all the stories still revisit these games from time to time.

the walking dead game
the walking dead game

And when your game has so many different outcomes to be explored, it is bound to be revisited repeatedly. So, of course, the Walking Dead still is part of the gaming pop culture.

So if you are one of those super fans who cannot get enough of the Walking Dead, then you might want to dive into this particular game series to experience the world of the Walking Dead by yourself. And the added benefit of getting to control and play as your favourite character is just the cherry on top.

Until Dawn

A horror game spanning over 10 chapters, Until Dawn, has a star-studded voice acting cast that includes the likes of Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), Brett Dalton (Agents of SHIELD), Jordan Fisher (Titans), and more! It is a game almost completely like Life is Strange, or games like Life is Strange 2. Yet, it holds uniqueness in its own ways.

The game has a very dark beginning, and by that I mean it is literally very dark. It is tough to see in this game, so fair warning. But then again, that dark theme is required for a horror genre game. How else are the developers supposed to jump scare you?

We, as a society, have offended mother nature a lot over the past few decades, and it seems like, through this game, the developers are trying to tell us what would probably happen if Nature attacked back. And in a cynical, creepy and psychopathic way at that. (Or at least that’s what it feels like in the beginning, gotta play the full game realize the whole truth)

until dawn
until dawn

At the beginning of the game, the player gets to follow a group of eight young adults who are to spend the night in a lodge in the woods. And like every horror story with monsters and killers ever, these guys decide to split up at the very beginning of the game and go on their separate adventures and discoveries.

This game is especially good for self-indulgent players who like to torture their characters. So go ahead. Choose the worst options in the game. Make the worst decisions that you can think of in this game. Fight that benevolent-looking guy just because you already have your blood pumping after your last GTA run. What’s the worst that can happen.

Plus, if it goes real wrong real fast, you can just restart the game and get a different ending.


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Little Hope

This game is of the horror genre and contains a plot filled with horrifying scenarios and jump scares. The game itself is thrilling with a great back story regarding the monster/ghost that haunts the place. It perfectly fits the category of games like Life is Strange, or games like Telltale Games. 

The name of the game ‘Little Hope’ is based on the fictional town it is based in. It serves as an excellent metaphor for this brilliantly written horror storyline.

little hope game
little hope game

Like most well-developed choice-based games, it comes with amazing graphics, beautiful art style, great animation and a voice cast that includes the likes of Will Poulter (We’re the Millers). So get ready to be absolutely awestruck with the bone-chilling suspense induced by the perfect voice acting and the incredibly spooky setting.

The story’s main plot has the player following a lost group of people that includes three teenage students and two professors. And throughout the 21 chapters of this goosebumps-inducing story, the player gets to go with these lads on a very horrific journey of discovery. They get to uncover what truly happened in the past that has become the cause of their misery in the present.

Or maybe the player picks the wrong option and doesn’t get to find out the truth.

I guess that is something you’ll have to find out yourself.


Where can I find these games?

Ans. As always, the answer to that question is Steam. The answer to finding any popular game is Steam. It has everything.

Why are these types of games so popular?

Ans. It is like watching a movie or a show, and you get to witness a story unfolding before you. But instead of being just a spectator, the player actually gets to decide the outcome of the story that they witness through these games.


In the end, I would just like to say, “Who doesn’t love to play God?”

That’s why the Sims have such a wide audience. And that’s why choice-based games stay in the market and are able to employ such high-value voice actors to further appeal to their audience. People love control.

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