Mount and Blade is one of the epic action genre video games that has shaken the market in the earlier days. It is the role-playing video game RPG that lets the players take a role in the game. We are taken to the mystical land of Calradia, which relates to Europe in the medieval period. Various versions of the M&B game have come up, like Banner Lord, Fire, and Sword, Blood and Gold, etc. Now let’s look at these seven games like Mount and Blade that belong to the role-playing genre. 

Games like Mount & Blade

Check this list to find similar games

Conqueror’s Blade

Millions of Warlords from around the globe are fighting! Join Conqueror’s Blade now and experience realistic ancient battles with thousands of soldiers on the battlefield! Become a warlord and battle for honor!! Axe Riders, Shenji Grenadiers, and Outriders are a few of the modes offered by Conqueror’s Blade.

conquerer's blade game
Conquerer’s Blade Game

You can either be a conqueror or a defender and for that, you choose either Noble Houses or Legion. To select our Armor, we are provided with an excellent collection of vintage weapons to fight with. This game is free of cost and can be played online. It is supported by Windows 7 and above with a minimum of 40GB disk space. Hence, you should definitely try it out.

Medieval Dynasty

Let’s look at games like Mount and Blade, but they are slow compared to other games. From the game’s title, we could say that this game is all about the medieval period. The lifestyle, surroundings, and habitat belong to medieval times, and players must adapt to it. We are given barren lands with extreme climate conditions.

medieval dynasty
Medieval Dynasty

Plough the ground, cultivate, find fellow beings and build a community. Find companions, expand your clan and become its leader. If you don’t enjoy the fast-paced RPG, then Medieval Dynasty is the best fit for you. This game is available only on PC, and future versions may be ready for PS4.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A long, action-packed RPG would be apt to describe The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt. It has two prequels to it, and the difficulty level kept increasing with each sequel. But we are given the option to choose the difficulty level suitable for us.

the witcher 3
The Witcher 3

Allegedly, it took 100+ hours for a player to finish this game. Geralt of Revia, a witcher, quests to kill the enemies with magic and weapons. Enjoy this game on Steam, Windows, or Mac at your convenience. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the best game like Mount and Blade that never fails to amaze us. 


Looking for games like Mount and Blade but with a higher difficulty level? Kenshi would be a perfect choice. You get tired of trying to explore the game, and yet it won’t end. Initially, you would be alone and will have to develop all the necessary skills to survive. In this game, weather conditions would also be your enemy.


As you move forward, you’ll find new abilities and weapons. You need to find new characters and bring them into your trope, further building an army. It gets complicated as you cross the levels and start making things. Therefore whole new possibilities open up, and it’s up to us to explore them. You can enjoy this game on PC, Windows 7, or above to be precise. 

The Lord of the Rings 

Fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, brace yourself for the online video game of the same. This game brings an incredible storyline similar to J.R.R Tolkien’s novel. Explore Middle Earth with various creatures.


Find your friends, fight with your enemies and gain points. The most exciting thing, we can play this game for free. LOTR is very much in line with games like Mount and Blade.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War 

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is similar to games like Mount and Blade. This game is somewhat relatable to The Lord of Rings online game. Encounter the world of Middle Earth and battle with the most dangerous creatures of all time. Though this game is underrated, it does a great job of amazing the gamers with the graphics and user interface. It is not a free game yet; it’s worth the bucks.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Looking for some of the games like Mount and Blade PS4, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one such game. You can enjoy this game on PlayStation 4 or even on your PC. Just like the Medieval Dynasty, this game also is based on the Medieval period of Europe. However, this game consists of a storyline, unlike the Medieval Dynasty.

kingdom come
Kingdom Come

In this game, you would get to be the son of a blacksmith, a victim of battle, losing everything in the process. You are responsible for gathering people and convincing them to be your soldiers to rescue the king who enemies kidnap. Overall you get to experience the best fights, action sequences, and visual effects in this role-playing game.


Last but not least, let’s look at a game that resembles Mount and Blade in space; StarSector. Explore outer space and the star world. Lead your crew, journey into the galaxy, and fight battles with unknown enemies of the universe. You can be the captain of your team, hire people to travel, and fight with you in space.

starsector game
StarSector Game

Customize your flight, payloads, and outfits according to your choice. You can land on any unknown territory, fight with the residents and mark it. Build industries, homes as per your requirements and thus enjoy your time in space. Be careful as your decisions will determine the fate of you and your crew. Play on Windows, Linux, or MacBook and gather the interstellar experience. 


  • Are these games the same as Mount and Blade?

Although these games take Mount and Blade as references, but they are not the same.

  • Are there any free games that are similar to Mount and Blade?

Conqueror’s Blade and The Lord of the Rings Online are free.

  • I have a PS4; which game can I play?

You can play Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PlayStation4.

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Final Words

We can find a large number of games that are similar to Mount and Blade. Hence, we have listed the seven best games out of the lot. So that you could have the fun of the legendary Mount and Blade. Try all of the games mentioned above and find your best fit.

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