Games Like RuneScape You Should Check Out

RuneScape was released in 2001, which is 21 years back now, but still, it is played by many. It is a fantasy game with kingdom and skills and many other fun things. It has multiplayer and player versus player combat which makes it addictive to play with friends. But in this blog, we have something more for you. We will introduce you to ten more games similar to RuneScape. Crazy, right? So let’s dive into it!

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10 Games Like RuneScape

Games have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Especially among youngsters, many games got hit, and gaming became an actual profession. People started watching live streams of gamers for entertainment. This gave rise to the demand for gamers to try out fun and new games or even play multiplayer games online with friends, even when together or far away.

One such game which is popular is RuneScape. But today, let us look at some of the best games like RuneScape.

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World of Warcraft (WoW)

This is also an online game very similar to games like Runescape. It is also multiplayer and takes place in a fantasy-like world. You also have the option to create your avatar in this game.

wow games like runescape
wow games like runescape

It came into existence in 2004 and then in some other countries in 2005. So this came after RuneScape but still became as famous as it. It is compatible with windows as well as macOS. The highlight of this game is their amazing music in the background which adds value to the overall experience while playing this game.


EverQuest was founded in 2000 for Windows, and in 2003 it was also launched for macOS. Sony Online Entertainment owns it, which made it popular among people back then, and it is free of cost.


The best part about this game is the 3D effect while playing. It was the first MMORPG to use a 3D game engine which added to a lot of craze at that time. It is also multiplayer and one of the best games like Runescape. 

Legends of Aria

Legend of Aria is also a very similar game to RuneScape in many terms. But only a few parts of this game are free of cost, and for the rest, you will have to take a subscription to unlock it.

legends of aria
legends of aria

It has an exciting concept where you get to make a few choices and based on that, you get different types of endings. There are five endings in total, and it keeps you hooked all the time. People who love RuneScape like games love this too.

Elder Scrolls Online

This game first started as a single-player, but now, you can play it with multiple players. It has breathtaking graphics and hence, many people love it. Though it is not free, many people enjoy playing it and buy a subscription. It is more fun with friends than playing it single player.

the elder scrolls online
the elder scrolls online


This game started much later but topped the list of games like Runescape 2021 and is still very popular. Rift was established around 2011. 

games like runescape rift
games like runescape rift

Since 2018, there have been many different changes in the game to enhance the gaming experience using users. 


This is a multiplayer role-playing game. You cannot play this game as a single player as it requires a minimum amount of players. Dofus is also compatible with Windows and macOS.

games like runescape dofus
games like runescape dofus


It came into existence around 2004 and was popular for games like Runescape free list. 


Kenshi is one of the games like Runescape, which was founded in 2013. But this game does not allow the multiplayer feature. So you can only play it in single-player mode. Thus, it’s perfect to kill your boredom!


Also, users must note that this game is only compatible with Windows. It also has a fantasy setting making it more interesting, and does not bore you even if you are playing alone.

Ultima Online

Ultima Online was founded much before Runescape became popular. It started around 1997 and is a multiplayer based game. It got its name from the world the game is set in, known as the Ultima universe.

ultima online
ultima online

Note that this game is not free of cost and that you need to pay the subscription cost to access this game. 

Black desert online

This is also a multiplayer game like a few others, which started in 2014 by Pearl Abyss. Though this game is not free of cost, one thing sets it apart. You do not need to pay subscription fees for this game monthly or yearly.

black desert online
black desert online

You need to pay the amount once, and then you are all set for unlimited usage from that account. This became popular mostly when it became available on playstation. 


This brings us to the last game in MMOs like Runescape list on this blog. Wakfu was founded in 2012. It is also viral even today among youngsters and anime lovers.


People hugely love this game because of its immaculate animation and light humour. This is available on Linux, Windows and macOS. 


Q) Is it worth playing RuneScape in 2021?

As the 20th anniversary of RuneScape approaches, one can’t help but wonder: will RuneScape still be worth playing in 2021? And, to put it plainly, the answer is yes. Despite the numerous changes the game has seen over the years, RuneScape continues to be have a large number of audience all around the world.

Q) What is the total number of RuneScapes?

Jagex supports three different versions of RuneScape: classic, old school, and modern, all of which are based on various incarnations of the game over time.


So this was the list of games similar to Runescape. You can find more such games and explore what they are about by looking for similar games.

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Hope this blog helped you discover new games and you had fun trying them out! Share this with your gaming buddies to add new games to your exciting list. 

Happy Gaming!

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