Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse: What is Better for You?

Every office worker can have a mouse for their desktop PC but may make do with the trackpad when they’re using a laptop. For the office worker, companies won’t invest in a gaming mouse because it just looks extravagant and beyond what’s needed. However, for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and colleagues who work from home several days a week, owning a gaming mouse are more feasible. Thus, you must know the comparison of gaming mouse vs regular mouse and what is better for you.

Let’s compare the gaming mouse to a regular mouse to appreciate the subtle (and not so subtle) differences.

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Difference Between Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse

The following are a few differences between a gaming mouse vs regular mouse.

Visual Differences

The modern gaming mouse is either a light flashing, garish monstrosity or has the subtle color cues of a Razor mouse with subdued red back-lighting and other visual extras. The darker appearance and use of red coloring present in many gaming mice often match gaming keyboard designs to fit right in. This is mainly in the case of Razor and Asus gaming products.

On the other side of gaming mouse vs regular mouse, a desktop mouse, while ergonomic, they’re often not going for appearances. Black or dark blue are typically the colors of choice with only a few models offering backlighting and other visual features on the high-end. The emphasis is on functionality for office work and general PC use. The desktop mouse isn’t trying to stand out from the crowd.

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DPI Refinements

A gaming mouse will usually have multiple dots per inch (DPI) settings from high to low. They’re adjustable to pick up the smallest of mouse movements when playing a first-person shooter or a fantasy game that sometimes relies on pinpoint accuracy for aiming or fighting an opponent. The higher DPI settings which are nice to have, as per the Wired Shopper, are only necessary for gamers.

In the comparison of gaming mouse vs regular mouse, the optical sensor of the desktop mouse is accurate enough to pick up purposeful mouse movements. When moving across the desktop or selecting a menu option, that’s usually sufficient.

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A Range of Buttons

A gaming mouse will have multiple buttons along the edges and top. Not just the typical left and right mouse buttons. And a scroller in the center to move through web pages or documents. These are usually programmable with macro key sequences. This is to execute a series of commands that activate game features almost instantaneously.

With the desktop mouse, you rarely need programmable buttons to get things done. Certainly, it’s useful to have a forward and back button on the side of a mouse to move around the web more easily – this is worth paying extra for – but an excess of buttons beyond this is only going to confuse users.

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Durability refers to how long the mouse will last. If you’re investing a lot in a gaming mouse, it’s natural that you will look for a durable one. Gaming and Regular mice are both made from similar materials. However, a regular mouse remains a budget pick at the end of the day. A gaming mouse is designed to be more robust and last longer. This factor does not have anything to do with the mouse’s performance, but it’s just as important.

Polling Rate

Polling Rate refers to the responsiveness of the mouse. Responsiveness is the indicator of your mouse’s sensitivity. It tells at what speed your mouse will communicate with the computer. A higher polling rate is enjoyable as it delivers much more movement. This polling rate is measured in Hertz. Gaming mice generally have a greater polling rate than normal mice. But, it’s justified as while gaming, you need better responsive controls than usual.

The ideal polling rate for a gaming mouse is usually 1000 Hertz, while on a normal mouse, it is 125 Hertz. Having a higher polling rate, as in the case of gaming mouse, decrease the lag. Needless to say, it will make use of more CPU resources than a regular optical mouse would.


While Polling Rate and DPI are the main differentiating grounds, factors like ergonomics also come into the picture. Ergonomics refers to how the mouse will adjust to the human body. Good ergonomics refer to comfortable muscle activity while using the mouse. Gaming mouse allows you to keep your arms and elbow in a comfortable position while delivering productivity. 

The design of your regular mouse does not cater to the user’s comfort as much as a gaming mouse. Ergonomics can be a reason you get the gaming mouse even if you are not explicitly using it for gaming. This is where the gaming mouse gets the upper hand as it is designed with ease of use in consideration.

Customization & Aesthetics

This might not be the most essential component for most. However, If you have a gaming station, then the Aesthetics of a gaming mouse look excellent over a regular mouse. The only downside of a gaming mouse over a regular mouse is that it’s on the higher end. It costs more, but if you want a good-looking setup with a gaming PC and LEDs, it’s a good choice.

Besides that, a gaming mouse provides you with tools to customize how you wish to play. You can customize the mouse buttons to suit your gaming needs. The extra buttons help you enhance your gaming technique. This is a huge advantage over a regular mouse because it, in turn, enables you to play better. They all have different bindings depending on the manufacturer.


Are gaming mice more accurate?

Yes, gaming mouse sensors provide good accuracy. However, for being cost-effective, an optical/regular mouse does a good job too.

Does an expensive gaming mouse make a difference?

The price difference comes from the use of premium materials. It makes a difference if you are looking for an attractive design and sleeker feel over ergonomics.

Bottom Line

Hope this article shows you the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. For people with a special working situation where they can choose their own mouse and regularly play PC games, it makes sense to purchase a gaming mouse with the features they desire. For most other users, buying a better-quality mouse with web navigational buttons and a good optical sensor is usually fine.

Both Logitech and Microsoft produce very capable mice products. This is for both gaming mouse vs regular mouse. And stands the test of time. Several mice manufacturers also provide software that enhances the features. Permitting greater customization of click rates and hardware acceleration for mouse movements too.

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