Top 16 Best Garage Sale Apps for Android & iOS {Latest}

vinThere is no right time to buy a tea table or furniture that fits your home. Even better to get a low-priced TV that your kitchen needs. The right place to look for bargains if you need one is in a garage sale. Thus, you must know about the best Garage Sale Apps out there.

The garage sales have got everything in the store that you need to define your happiness. The process of exploring and finding the one you need is a tiresome job but can give you effective results every time.

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Finest Garage Sale Apps for 2021

Here is the descriptive list of the Best Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS.

GLICKIN Garage Sales

GLICKIN Garage Sales is one of the Garage Sale Apps is eligible to perform on both Android as well as iOS. The interface of the app is very simple and comes with a clear menu.

The three prime features of the app. include, finding a sale that you want, posting the sale and Quick post. The garage sale is sorted according to the distance from your current location. Every garage sale comes with its name palette. Items it has and their finite or infinite work hours. Just gauge for the items that are required.


An extra feature of the app is that it lets you post your sale. All that you need to do is just choose the date and time. It also provides a feature to add videos and images to the items to make it more reasonable for sale. Later, share the sales that are happening in the garage with the quick post feature. All these feature makes it if not best but one of the most decent Garage Sale Apps.

Visit: GLICKIN Garage Sales


VarageSale is operative on both androids as well as iOS. The app acts a third party platform and is one of the better and finest ways to sell as well as buy goods from a garage. There are various categories of the items that include, clothes, furniture, stuff for babies, home decorations, etc. Add any seller to your interest book if you like them.

The app is completely safe to use and makes buying, selling way easier making it one of the Garage Sale Apps. It also allows interacting and connecting with the people whom you have never known.


There are amazing and incredible deals on most of the items and is an easy way to earn cash by selling anything from your home that you have not been using for a very long time.

There are categories to book your goods which include, available, pending sale or sold so that the current status of the products are known from time to time. The members are also in connection through social media.

Visit: VarageSale


This app uses your location to find the best deals for you from multiple cities at the same time. CPlus also provides multiple display modes, favorite lists, filters, and lets you manage multiple accounts.


It also has easy optimization for mobile phones, making it pretty easy to use. It is a free app and has received great reviews from its users, making it one of the best garage sale apps.

Visit: CPlus


The world of the Garage Sale Apps is on Android as well as iOS devices and is available for your service 24*7. The products or the items available here have been divided into a group for the ease of people.

It gets pretty easy to look for the items you need while you have to make a pick from the group. Some of the groups include cars, accessories, books, bikes, video games, etc. Wallapop is a magic place where you are going to find anything you have been searching your entire life.


The app also lets you sell your goods in the neighborhood. All that you are required to do is take a picture of the item you intend to sell, add a description of the items like how old is the item, what is the price and so on and voila! That’s it.

The item is now visible to sellers to buy. The advantage of the app is that they don’t disclose your exact address and help to keep it confidential for the whole time.

Visit: Wallapop


OfferUp app is known for its performance is one of the best applications for selling and buying goods on play store. The goods posted in the app are locals and are easily available anytime.

If your garage is full of those unnecessary items that you might not require anytime soon, this is the best time to relieve of it all. The process is same, take a picture of the product, add every possible detail about the same and post it.


The app lets us communicate with the buyer and the seller through conversations. There are ways to know about the dealers like how safe they are and what their reputation is. Overall it is the best place to look for and get all the items in one place and at great and amazing prices.

Visit: OfferUp

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Letgo is an extremely userfriendly garage sale app and is used for selling secondhand sales quickly and simply.

It lets you sell or exchange stuff with people around you by just taking a snapshot of the item and uploading it on the app with the description. This app uses AI to classify the items into suitable categories.


It is a free app and is available for all android users on google play playstore and the ios users on the apple app store.

Visit: Letgo

Yard Sign GPS

The local search is made very easy with this local app. Yard Sign GPS is very understandable. The useful categories like construction and trades, political and advocacy and things related to garage and yards.

yard sign
yard sign

This is the first application of all times that makes life easy by providing ease to get hands-on sales that are happening on the garage, services, and offices, etc.

Visit: Yard Sign GPS

Garage Sales by Map

Garage Sales by Map makes Garage Sale Apps very fun and lively to use. It make use of the map in your to look for garage sales happening around your local area. There are driving directions inbuilt for the place.

Garage Sale Map
Garage Sale Map

It may happen that you don’t need your television anymore nor do you need your old bicycle, the app provides you a chance to sell the same through them while you are at home sitting back and relaxing. Simply tap of the sale you want to visit on the map and the work is for you.

Visit: Garage Sale Map


This is an app developed by Brian Anderson, who wanted to make garage sales easy and transparent.


The app encourages its users to work as a team and function through the cashier’s phone during any garage sale event. So yes, it also not only let you sell and buy things online but helps you coordinate for any such event!

It provides all the transaction data and order history for transparency and tracking sales.

Visit: TallySheet


This app helps you find both Garage and Estate sales near you. It is super specific with its categories and is very quick in finding what you need. It uses your location to find the best deals for you.


This app not only lets you upload pictures but also mini 10second videos of your item to give a better perspective. The app aims to reduce the gap between the seller and buyer and provide a bridge to connect and make a sale by automating the entire process.


Listia is a great online mobile marketplace. Here you can buy and sell things. You can easily sell a thing you do not need, and in exchange, you can get stuff which you want in return, for free. It also lets you earn credits points by giving stuff off for reuse. You can get as much as free things you want when giving away stuff.


You just need to click on a photo of your item and add some details describing your product and post it to Listia directly. It has an unparalleled and unusual geolocation characteristic which shows you what nearby users are giving off. You can quickly sell the items you don’t use and obtain credit enjoy the perks of one of the top Garage Sale Apps.

Visit: Listia 

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One of the greatest rated local marketplace apps is 5miles. This app lets you sell and buy old stuff in your neighborhood region. You can simply sell or purchase any used item online at your local area. It is free of cost, effortless to use, and has amazing and unparalleled features. 5miles is, again, a very safe app to use. You can find excellent products at reasonable prices on this garage sale app.


The only prerequisite it has is that a user should log in, and register with their email or Facebook accounts for it to be safe and secure. You can effortlessly upload videos and photos of your advertisements on this app and also share your listing through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email, or other social media networks. This will boost your post to send it to the top of the feed making it one of the Best Garage Sale Apps for locals.

Visit: 5miles

KSL Classifieds

KSL Classifieds is one of the most famous Garage Sale Apps for android as well as iOS users. This lets you sell used stuff to people hassle-free. It is very simple to use and gets big classifieds marketplace in your hands. You can simply post an item for sale online. It is supremely easy to post photos, produce and edit videos & photos with few lines describing the item, so it becomes easy for the buyer.


Additionally, it also lets you post your resume for jobs for you to get a job accordingly based on your profile. Along with that, it is very easy to find cars, properties, toys, mobile, and plenty of things in this app. It offers a great feature of ‘private chat’ for buyer and seller to securely discuss their products and negotiate based on the individual’s needs. All these features makes it one of the Best Garage Sale Apps.

Visit: KSL Classifieds


This app lets you buy and sell all kinds of vintage products, from clothes and furniture to retro video games and old books. Vintage is one of the most popular platforms among collectors to connect with other local sellers and buyers.


This app was developed by Bixnetx LLC and is the best option if you are looking for some unique and rare stuff.

Visit: Vintage


Nextdoor lets you connect with your local community and throw a joint yard sale together! This app lets you build and find a local community, makes it easier to spread the word and connect with businesses and people.


This app also constantly updates you with the latest info and deals, thus making it super easy to use. If you would like to build a local community to buy and sell stuff, this is the best app for you.

Visit: Nextdoor


HoardNot is a great app if you wish to make some quick money. This app will help you to connect locally and make target sales in your area. It also lets you build communities and connect with similar people, and also provides the option to chat anonymously and negotiate your deals.


This app will also inform you about the yard sales around you and direct you to these events using Map support.

Visit: HoardNot

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