Get Garena Free Fire Skins for Free and Safely

Garena Free Fire is a fantastic game to play and spend your free time on. It is not only offering excellent gameplay but also some exciting features for the fans. Like many other games and apps, it offers both free and premium features. The game also provides skins, and you can also get free fire skins.

garena free fire
Garena Free Fire

Although there are so many sources, not all of them work. Therefore, we need to do lots of research on that. In this article, I will share some of the best and safe sources from where you can Get Garena Free Fire Skins for Free and Safely. 

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So, one of the most valuable and safe tools to get FF Skins for free is Nicoo. Well, the list does not end here, and it’s pretty huge. Therefore, I would suggest you stick with us till the end of this article. Then you will get to know about more accessible and safe sources to unlock FF Skins. You can easily download apps on your SD Card to save your storage space. Usually, downloading any app takes a lot of space. In addition to that, downloading the fire skins might decrease your phone’s storage. 

How to Get Garena Free Fire Skins for Free and Safely

If you are on this page searching for some free skins for your favorite game Garena Free Fire, you probably know what this game is about. Although you will not get skins directly from this page, you will find some tools through which you can unlock them for free. 

There are tons of features in the game, some of which are paid, while some are free. This article will let you know about those tools and how they work. So, don’t rush towards the apps after reading their names because it can be useless if you don’t know how to use them safely. 

Therefore, I have come up with this particular article to guide you. So, just like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and many other such games, FF is also offering premium skins or costumes. Costumes and stickers that you can apply on your weapons, vehicles, backpacks, parachutes, etc. Click here to know more of the sites from where you can download different skins.

garena free fire skins
Garena free fire skins

There are different bundles or categories of these costumes. You can have various costumes for your character. There you will have further options for the female and male characters. There are so many other items for which you can have these skins. 

The other items include weapons, parachutes, backpacks, vehicles, pets, and more. However, you can get these for free on special events from the Free Fire officials. But some accessible and illegal sources can be risky. But I have selected some free but safe sources here.

1. Nicoo

Nicoo is an App that is only available for Android smartphones and tablets. It is an independent and third-party tool that is not affiliated with the official game. You can have multiple kinds of options right there. 

However, it is illegal and not allowed to use in the game. However, to some extent, this is safe because thousands of players are using this app and have never complained about any issue. Because they are offering an Anti-Ban or Anti detect feature. 


Furthermore, the skins are based on different bundles. You can unlock them in piles. However, you will find the single items as well. If you want to get single items, you can also select them manually. But I want to let you know these apps are not safe. 

2. SF Tool Free Fire

SF Tool Free Fire is another tool or app designed only for Android smartphones and tablets. It supports all the Android mobile phones that are compatible to run the Garena Free Fire game. You can again find more than ten skin bundles in there. 

Further, you get new bundles every week and month. However, this is again a third-party tool not affiliated with the official game. Therefore, it is not allowed to use as it can be used to manipulate the game’s features. 

sf tool free fire
SF Tool Free Fire

To use both applications, you need to install them on that same phone where you are playing the game. Because these are injectors that you directly inject the items into the game through the setup files available on your phone’s storage. 

3. Free Fire Mega Events

Garena Free Fire arranges different kinds of events every year. Further, these events are based on the national occasions of other countries and regions. So, you can also benefit from them and get some free skins during these occasions.

free fire mega events
Free Fire Mega Events

Most of these skins are premium, but you can get them free. Even this is the legal and safe way to get these items. If you want to go through legal sources to get your favorite costumes, then these events provide an opportunity. So, keep your eyes on these occasions. 


There are some other games on Android that you can download for your entertainment. These were some primary sources through which you can unlock or get some exciting premium skins for free. But I would recommend you get Free Fire Skins in a legal way instead of these illegal and third-party tools.

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