How to Get Verified on Instagram | Complete Guide

Have you ever sat down and wondered, what does it entail to acquire the much-coveted blue tick next to one’s Instagram username? You aren’t alone! It’s quite a fascinating desire of many, but very few attain it. Gone are the days when IG used to verify celebrities, public figures, and verified brands only. In this article, we will discuss more about how to get verified on Instagram by following some of the simplest methods.


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How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021

As Instagram has broadened the idea to get verified on Instagram, here are some of the contemplating ideas one should follow to become eligible for the blue tick. Here’s a complete guide on how to get verified on Instagram easily in 2021.

The verification procedure

The IG verification process isn’t as challenging as one might perceive. However, you need to be double sure about the account you intend to verify. If you want to get verified on Instagram, you ought to send a request verification for a single consideration if you have more than one existing account. Therefore, you need to go through the account critically and ensure it’s the one you want to run with always. Set your account in order with a bio, profile picture, and a post.

Request Verification Instagram
Request Verification Instagram

Be Authentic

In a world where everyone seeks to get verified on Instagram, it’s easy to paint a fake lifestyle and post it for people to see. However, before any individual goes down this road, you need to know that a false persona isn’t worth your effort. Sooner or later, one is bound to get exposed, and it might affect the brand you built.

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You ought to get real in the digital world as there are many cross-check tools that people can use to see if you are a cheat or not. Your account ought to represent a real person, a legally registered business entity, or an organization. It also boosts your chances to get verified on Instagram.

Upon attaining the blue badge, you stand a great chance to prevent imposters and copycats who seek to lure your followers to their pages.

Be more Unique

Fake news continues to devour like wildfire across social media platforms. As you get to adhere to the terms of use in IG, you also need to watch out on what you get to post. It’s tempting to spread a fake story and get into the hype; however, over time, your account gets struck.

Therefore, you ought to set yourself apart and prove to be newsworthy. It’s a chance to ensure people can always look unto your IG account to source for credible details that they can rely on at any time. Being a single newsworthy account enables you to create a trustworthy brand that attracts followers with time, you get verified on Instagram.

Diversify your online presence

In as much as you want, you focus solely on Instagram verification, and you also need to diversify. You also need to become existent in other social media portfolios to become a genuine and real influencer. Having an online personality requires you to become continuously active.

Thus, you get to become an online influencer marketer where people can find you easily on multiple platforms. It’s also a chance to get verified on Instagram within no time.

Work hard to become Notable

If you desire to get verified, its high time you put in the work. You need to highly market your brand across multiple social media platforms and news sources. You also need to find a unique niche that the vast public desired to see. Thus, you get to be highly searched and rank top. You need more than getting featured in promotional or paid content.

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Thus, your Instagram SEO becomes excellent. The beauty of becoming notable is that you get to rank highly among social media platforms. Once you attain the blue badge, you automatically rank first among other non-verified accounts. Thus, you get to attract more followers who get to promote your brand even further.

Maintain Genuine brand aesthetic Appeal

The Instagram platform has over one billion active day-to-day users. Gaining popularity among such a diverse and vast online crowd users requires an authentic and unique brand approach. After finding a niche, you need to ensure style consistency at all times. Having a unique perspective enables many followers to identify with your brand.

Therefore, when focusing on IG marketing, you need to acquire vast profound information on how to set yourself apart from other Instagram users. It’s best to check out various blogs, including, among others. It’s a chance to learn on matters of influencer marketing, blogger uniqueness, and verification, among other details.

To maintain brand aesthetic appeal, you need to be consistent in having a similar writing tone and captivating pictorials. You ought to incorporate hashtags that are quite similar to the product or services you are marketing. You also need to use the same filter on every picture post. It’s a more straightforward way to ensure you have an authentic account that will boost your likely hood of getting the blue check or to get verified on Instagram.

Pay more attention to Bio and caption

How informative is your Bio before one looks through your account? You need in-depth, precise bio details to show you are a real individual. Your biography and captions speak volumes about who you are more than you can imagine. Therefore, you need to ensure it represents you as genuine as possible.

Bio and Caption
Bio and Caption

While creating a bio, you also need to ensure your account is open and known. Having a private account might hinder your chances to get verified on Instagram.


Upon getting your blue badge, you ought to adopt best-practice behaviors. To avoid losing your blue upon acquiring it, you need to know that you can transfer, advertise, or see it.
It is essential to know the procedure to get verified on Instagram. Therefore, you mustn’t try to endorse the IG account over 3rd party applications.

Take time to build an official Instagram account and weigh its worthiness to get verified. You need to familiarize yourself with the nitty-gritty details in influencer managing as well as Instagram marketing by checking out various blogs, including It’s a unique chance to learn the hidden secret treasures in Instagram marketing.

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Be sure also to follow the guideline above to reach your full potential, gain IG followers to enable you to promote your brand. Precisely, if you follow the above ways correctly and smartly, you’re likely to get verified on Instagram. Try these methods today!

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