GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. It was introduced in 1987 and has run successfully in multimedia since then. GIF is an image format like JPEG or PNG, but it has some Animation. The static images are packed up to form a GIF image. In its 30 years of journey in the fast-moving world, GIF has earned its title as the Biggest Digital Marketing Trend for 2017. The significance of GIF technology has risen tremendously, and we find GIFs in every field of importance. They convey the message quickly and apparently without any ambiguity. Thus, you must know about the best Gif Animator Software out there.

Some Online Animated GIF Makers
  • Imgur
  • Picasion
  • GIMP
  • ScreenToGif

It would be best to create a GIF image without expensive software. Using free software, one can sit right there and make fantastic GIF images and make your project presentation look more convincing.

Any user can quickly animate, even if you are a beginner. Many GIF Animator software and GIF viewers are available for Windows at zero charges. Here, we have imparted the best GIF Animator to grab your attention.

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Top 19 GIF Animator Software


PhotoScape is a simple photo viewer and editor with a convenient user interface. This software helps you create animated photos. i.e., GIFs with ease. Select a folder from your file system, drag and drop pictures into the animation editor, and watch your photos play an animated file. Dragging and dropping is what you need to do.


The software works the rest. You can quickly delete or add a photo to the editor. Once you finish editing, save the file to your storage and play it to see if your creation has a shape.

Download: Photoscape

Microsoft GIF Animator

This Microsoft GIF Animator software is an animation creation tool that supports easy handling of the features with its intuitive user interface. Not all your purposes are fulfilled by downloading GIFs online. They may vary in time, content, and meaning. Therefore, to meet your exact purpose of using a GIF as a formal or informal requirement, it is recommended to create it yourself.

microsoft gif animator

Microsoft GIF Animator serves you this goal by giving you an additional feature of setting frame time and repetition time, allowing you to create a GIF file that runs according to your command. Just add the photos, and set the frame time and repetition time. Now, your GIF file is ready. Save it, view it, and share it.

Download: Microsoft GIF Animator

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GIFApp is a GIF animation composer that enables you to create an animation from images in a particular sequence. Add pictures and set different delays between the frames to meet your time requirement.


Images are not the only source of framing an animation; a video clip can also be composed as a GIF file. GIFApp supports converting a part of the video clip into a GIF image. You can create, edit, and add effects to the GIF image using this software.

Download: GIFApp


Photobie is a software capable of editing photos and creating GIF images. It is a featured software that meets all users’ requirements, from beginners to professionals.


This gif editor software is a freeware that allows you access to all our features without restrictions or additional charges.

Download: Photobie

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GIF Maker

Gif Maker is an extremely simple and straightforward-to-use animator. It is a powerful tool to make and edit several GIFs. This tool will let you create, recreate, edit, and filter gifs accordingly. as per your requirements. Using this software, you can make simple gifs, a presentation, a banner, a card, or whatever you like.

gif maker

Using this tool, you can enhance and make your projects better. It provides several features like converting AVI Video files, various multiple graphic formats, wizard, and optimization tools for all kinds of effects and edits. This is pretty easy to work with and is an option both beginners and professionals would love. It is available for windows vista and above and is the best gift software, entirely free!

Download: GIF Maker

Wondershare Filmora 

Wondershare Filmora X is famously known for its video editing features, but little does anyone know that it also provides you with various features for making and animating features. This software is already a big name, and many people trust it for their work and projects, which alone explains why you need to try it. But not many know of its GIF animator software capabilities.

filmora gif animator

You can make new gifs using several still images, add wholly unique and special effects and glows, get and convert your files in other formats, use advanced tools for optimization, etc. Filmora is available for Windows 7 seven and above, and you can try out the free trial version to get to know it better. It is pretty simple to use and operategif video editor, even for beginners.

Download: Wondershare Filmora


LICECap is an animator that lets you create animations by following the basic concept behind Animation, i.e., you can set FPS (Frames per second) rate. By editing the window dimensions, you can adjust the GIF size.


You can create animations by recording the desktop or window you are working on.

Download: LICECap


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, open-source image editor that can help you create fantastic GIF images. This gif-making software allows you to edit pictures and develop animations as GIF files.


The procedure to create GIF files is as follows:

  1. Open all the photos you want to frame in your GIF to the photo
  2. After adding all the images, you can preview your creation by following this order: Filter>> Animation>> Playback.filters
  3. Now play the Animation and watch your GIF image being played. Then, close the animation playback window and save your project.

Download: GIMP

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Gifted Motion

Don’t want to go through the pains of installation and licensing? Then Gifted Motion is the software for you. Just download this software, and you can start working right away! It is an entirely independent software platform, and it runs on Java. It can also work on any operating system and has a vast existing image library for you to start without much work.

gifted motion

With all the necessary optimization and editing and easy-to-implement features available, this tool is relatively uncomplicated and quick to work on. It can be termed the best gif maker software option for beginners and those who don’t need to work on it professionally. The user interface may look outdated to some, but that makes it even easier to understand and use. It is ee to use and available for Windows seven and above. It’s undemanding and an excellent option for you to start.

Download: Gifted Motion

SSuite Gif Animator

Need a Gif maker which is compatible and works with all kinds of systems? Then it’s time to check outsuper easy tool, SSuite’s GIF animator software. This GIF animator is probably the most manageable to use and understand in the list. With the most editing and optimization options available and various unique effects and display features, this is one of the best gig-if-making software on the list.

ssuite gif animator

You can create your gifs using images and different kinds of videos and convert and save them in any format you choose. It is quick and efficient and would be an excellent choice for people who don’t know much about advanced animation software and have much-editing knowledge. Beginners would love to try it to make fun gifs to share with their family and friends. One can download this one of the best gif makers; it is entirely free, and have fun while creating amazing gifs.

Download: SSuite Gif Animator


InstaGiffer is a professional tool that enables you to master animations. You can record your desktop while playing any video or doing any operations on your PC. Record your desktop life and add various effects to reflect your magic onto your creation.


It’s free from ads and other interruptions. Boost up your skills in the editor and master your GIF creation techniques.

Download: InstaGiffer

Cyotek GIF Animator

Cyotek GIF Animator software allows you to create and modify GIF images easily. This gif animation maker has a simple user interface that helps even amateurs to master the usage of the editor.


You can animate, edit, modify existing GIF images, work with color palettes, and explore many other exciting features. It is also possible to drag and drop images into the editor. You can preview the created Animation before saving your project.

Download: Cyotek GIF Animator


KickMyGraphics is easy-to-software with a simple and understandable interface. You can create an animation using a sequence of images of any format. Set the delay time between the frames using the slider.


Add various effects to give your Animation a professional look. It also enables screen recording and animating the recorded video. You can import high-resolution images and make them look professional.

Download: KickMyGraphics

Express Animate Software

Express Animate Software has advanced features to build your motion animations. You can animate and add digital effects to the AnimationspriAdd videos, images, text, and move objects, making the eAnimationergy look lively and creative. You can easily group objects, add masks, audio, and more. It is available for free of cost, and you can create animations using extensive features with no additional charges.


Download: Express Animate Software


A quick Windows program that can merge any amount of photographs saved as separate GIF files into a unified animated GIF. What sets this software apart from the competitors in the market? To open with, UnFREEz is freely available, which means you can use it as long as you like without spending a cent or feeling terrible.


Second, UnFREEz is a tiny program, so you won’t waste too much time downloading a huvastrogram. Finally, it is really easy to operate. Drag GIF files from Directory into the window, adjust the frame delay time, and click Make Animated GIF afafterwardUnFREEz will take care of the rest, which includes automatic interlacing and opacity detection.

Download: UnFREEz


Imgflip is a GIF animator software that can create high-resolution 2D Animation for commercial use. Consequently, any company may profit more and experience a rise in sales. Video imagery files, photos, Youtube clips, and any video platforms may all be used to create GIFs. It’s straightforward to get into and offers modification options.


You can even save the generated GIFs account by entering your Imgflip private account. By marking the “private” option, you can export your created GIFs while maintaining them secret. The profile logo makes people determine where you made the GIF and the place it was generated. If you enlist for a Premium membership, you can eliminate the logo from your GIFs if you want them not to have any watermarks.

Download: ImgFlip


GiFPal can be considered a freeware GIF editor with simple effects that let you apply the changes you desire to your chosen media. GIF animations may be made with photographs and cams. For sketching and textual insertion, there are sketching tools available.


You can now add the required effects in every created GIF without losing the quality of the end product. One of the reasons GiFPal is considered one of the best gif-making software is that it is excellent for stop-motion cartoons and animations.

Download: GifPal

Animation Desk

Animation Desk’s best feature is its intuitive sketching interface, allowing users to animate their ideas effortlessly. It offers a user-friendly interface for sketching, modeling, and storyboarding. Every creative thought you already had in your brain can now be reimagined with this GIF-making software.

animation desk

Your ideas may be turned into animated features, figures, and e-cards. Users could save their creations in various formats, including high-resolution GIFs, PSD elements, video clips, and PDF Storyboards.

Download: Animation Desk

Free GIF Maker

Generate animated GIF visuals in a few simple steps; without any need to spend countless hours using image manipulation tools to make vibrant images. This Gif animator software works in a way that helps you to create animated GIF pictures in a matter of minutes. How individuals engage with one another on social media by sharing, liking, and commenting on features may be linked to the effects of animated GIFs.

free gif animator software

Freely download and use the produced pictures on your website. Now upload the image and click a button. Simply download the free full version of GIF Creator, install it on any Windows PC, and use it for free on your website.

Download: Free GIF Maker

I hope our list of the best Gif Animator Software came to your help. Do let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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What can you do using a GIF animator?

GIF is a very famous model of communication in almost all social media platforms. It is straightforward to use and convey ideas. GIF and a meter can instantly make GIFs of your choice.

Is there a free GIF maker?

Canva is an app or platform that you can use for varying purposes, and It also has a GIF maker where you can freely make GIFs of your interest.

What are some of the online GIF makers available?,, Imgur, Picasion, GIPHY,, GIMP, ScreenToGif . or some of the GIF makers that you can give a try to are very interested in GIFs.

Is GIF suitable for animation?

GIFs initially came to the market to provide graphics and for-hire professionals. Still, later it gained popularity among the commoners as a standard method of communication and exchange of ideas. So now there are so many available apps that can create GIFs easily and instantly.

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