7 Facts You Need to Know About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It was released in 2008 and has gained immense popularity nowadays. You must also learn about the Google Chrome Operating System.

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is an open source web browser and is one of the most popular web browsers nowadays. Tremendous booting speed has been observed with Google Chrome. Chrome boots up in very less about 10 seconds. Websites load quickly and smoothly without any interruption. Chrome has a fantastic feature of upgrading with the latest updates and fixes every time it is turned on.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Chrome operating system has a design in such a manner that multiple web applications can run in multiple tabs without hampering the speed of the web browser. When the thought of designing a web browser came into the mind of Google expert team, they decided to design a browser which should be different from browsing simple text pages. We use the browser for checking our e-mails, shopping, paying bills and running various applications.

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Role of Cloud

The Chrome users are required to perform all their tasks online or in the cloud without downloading other software like iTunes or Microsoft Office. The devices running with chrome receives regular software updates, and their data usually resides on the servers of Google. The devices are provided with proper security.

The user data stored on the device is encrypted, and it is also limited to user preferences. All other data gets stored in the cloud. The user preference will also be sync to the cloud account so even if a user loses the device, he can log in from another device into his cloud account and all his data would be stored safely there.

Google Chrome OS is fast and lightweight. Google has achieved complete success by developing an operating system with their only installed program which is Chrome browser. Users work and save their things online using Google drives. This is genuinely a shift from today’s computing environment, where most programs are installed locally on the computer’s hard drive.

7 Facts About Google Chrome Operating System

Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is a cloud-based operating system. It is lightweight because of which we cannot run complex programs which are not available in the cloud.

Chrome OS
Chrome OS

You would always need an internet connection to operate chrome OS.

Open Source

The very important thing in Google Chrome Operating System is open source software. It involves no cost.


If you are a person who needs to stay online for the whole day be it for a job or some other reason, then Chrome OS is the best suited for you.


Regarding speed, Chrome OS is the best. The design is in such a manner that it can run faster with low powered processors as well.

Security Measures

The security system is updated in Chrome OS by default. Also, your data will be stored online because of the cloud-based OS.

Amazing Shopping Experience

Everyone shops online nowadays. As there are many online portals available for different categories like Healthkart for all nutritional needs, Urban Ladder for all types of furniture and many more. Chrome gives you an experience of shopping quickly and easily as booting process is faster with chrome.

Other Services

Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, etc. are the built-in services in Chrome OS.


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