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If you are a fan of reading books and always carry a book with yourself, then you must have come across words like audiobook or EBook. So what exactly it is? An eBook is kind of a digital document version of a real book which can be easily viewed on any device such as mobile, laptops, etc. Google Play Books will help you get free or paid ebooks.

EBooks are so popular these days that they are being sold by different companies among which Google eBooks is the most famous and trusted ones where you can download the eBooks among enormous categories such as horror, romantic, Sci-fi, thriller, suspensive and so many more.

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Google Play Books is a digital platform which provides you an infinite range of books and articles for reading. E-Books are the need of the honour and are the most widely used source to access information. The most remarkable and astonishing feature of e-books is that they come handy and are portable.

ebooks anywhere
ebooks anywhere

Google EBook store is just a medium to provide handy access to its users. It provides a large no of e-books.Some of them are premium, and a few are free of cost. You name it, and they have it, and it’s all just so easy, a gentle press of fingers on the screen, and there you have it. Your vast wisdom of knowledge right in front of your eyes.

Key features 

  • Nicely categorized sections.
  • Discounts both available.
  • Offers keep running and easy to avail.
  • Books available can be free, paid or on a trial basis.
  • Top selling, top grossing and top free sections are also there.

Google Play Books contains e-books of every language. You can find novels, poetic books, Hindi literature,some tv series, dictionaries, guides and everything all you must do is download the pdf in your phone or whatsoever device you currently have. It is a digital revolution and a gift to humanity that we can read the information we want to have everywhere.

gift a ebook
gift a ebook

On comparing it with textbooks, we can vividly see which one is more better. Normal text born can be torn, stolen, they wear out, but these digital books are just like our companion whenever we need it. You can even gift a ebook to someone.

We hardly spend money if seen practically, a leap bound like is worth praising and is needed more in this era where everyone wants to have their hands on in every field. We have lost the ability to wait and give time to think we can want new availability of things just before anyone else.

How to make the maximum of Google Play Books

It is the result of this rushing demand that made google company make this brilliant solution for coping up the need of people. V AST, WIDE, VIVID are the three words which can sum up the creation of Google Play Books.


You were expecting this. I know you were. Yes with all the merits I am also going to make you aware of these disadvantages as they are the part of the same coin. You can start writing your own books using softwares for book writing.


How to Start Using Google Play Books

  • It’s not a big task to make way to the Google eBook store. Just simply search Google eBook and click the first link appears.
  • And it will re-direct you to the play store where you can find the book sections on the menu bar just below the search bar.
  • Moreover, merely tap this link over here to search your eBook from the Google eBook store directly.
  • For more convenience, download the Google Play Books from the Google play store and open the app.
  • After launching the app, it will request you to log in and ask your few interests, so the app itself will suggest you some book of the same category.
  • There may be books which contains text in old english, you can easily translate the old english text to new english using Old English Translator Tools.

List of Top eBooks Available

Top eBooks (paid)

  • The art of war by Tzu sun
  • How to hack by J.D. Rockefeller
  • Creativity incl. By edwill catmul
  • Ethical hacking by lakshay eshan
  • Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney

However, all the books above are not free. Still, they can be found with samples for a free trial.

Top eBooks (free)

  • Irresistible billionaire by Emma green
  • The Sullivans by Bella Andre
  • The world as I see it by Albert Einstein.

Those were some ebooks that you can download for absolutely free. You can read on the go wherever and whenever you want.

Introduction to User Interface

As promptly as you install the app and have started using it, you’ll see that after downloading a book from the Google Play Books store. You will be able to see it irrespective of paid or free. It will show in my library section for you to ghastly access it in future.


Open the eBook on your smartphone or tablet you will be able to turn over the pages by swiping right or left like a real book. Some other small features are also given such as-

  • Highlighting the word in different colors for reference.
  • Using a dictionary for finding the meaning of words without leaving the app or using any third party app.
  • However, you can also take notes and save it on the location wherever you want throughout the book.

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Google Play Books store is now the most used website. When it comes to downloading the ebook where you can just merely set up your payment method from any debit card, credit card or any other standard method.

Ebooks have destroyed the smaller industry of bookselling, and this has directly affected many people. The shops which sell books are all shut down, and there are hardly some which are functioning because of their market reputation.

E-books make us addictive and we often find ourselves glued to our device’s screen for hour’s. In some extreme cases we often forget that what time it is and for how long we have been engaged in this. If you wish your smartphone battery should never interrupt in your reading activity try Charging Booster Apps. However reading ebooks for long also affects our eyesight. The device’s screen’s are harmful to our eyes and also indirectly affects the brain functionality if continued for a prolonged time.

All and all Google Play Books store has brought us very near to our needs but with a cost. We shouldn’t blindly follow what everyone is seeking. We should have enough knowledge about its consequences and then making a choice will be a fair deal rather than just seeing only the boons and following it.

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