GPU monitoring lets the user know about various parameters of the device, like its temperature, clocking speed, memory usage, and more. There are multiple types of GPU monitoring software depending upon needs. Want to have clarification, then it’s a must-read writeup.

GPU Monitor is a Windows sidebar gadget that allows you to monitor the latest statistics of your Nvidia or ATI desktop graphics card.

GPU-Z, CAM, GPU control, GPU shark, and GPU tweak are some monitoring software famous because of their features. This article also serves you with a step-by-step process for monitoring GPU usage. GPU-Z, GPU temp, and GPU control are monitoring software free of cost. Having a fair idea about things before installing them is essential. This article discusses monitoring softwares and its features. Also, you can use benchmark softwares to check the performance of your device. Read this to have clarity on tracking softwares.

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5 Best GPU Monitoring Software

GPU monitoring softwares are of various types. Many monitoring devices are free of cost, while some are paid to monitor devices. Some of these softwares can monitor more than one device at a time.gpu management

Some of these softwares are as follows. 


GPU-Z is a lightweight GPU monitoring software that gives an idea about GPU and video cards. You will get date and time information via this GPU-Z. You can download this monitoring device for free. The new version of GPU-Z was latest updated in December 2022.

You will not be able to see the errors only but will be able to fix them too. 

Download: GPU-Z

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CAM manages PCs and monitors the performance of graphic cards. They control not only the performance but also the temperature and lightning. CPU informs about all the problems via the message

It is a free monitoring device that takes extensive care while gamers play games. It has three levels, and the basic is used for both CPU and GPU. 

Download: CAM

GPU Control

Tap the plus button to open the widget window to get GPU control. It tells you about the current condition of your graphic cards and PC. gpu controlIt checks the temperature of both CPU and GPU. You can install this app for free. 

Visit: Nvidia 

GPU Shark

GPU Shark is a lightweight GPU monitoring software to monitor your device. It is built especially for GeForce and Radeon-based graphic cards. gpu sharkIt displays processing speed, clock speed, performance, GPU fan speed, and memory usage. You can monitor all things on the device in a single window. 

Download: GPU Shark

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GPU Tweak

Various types of GPU tweak controls 3D graphics performance. It strikes about overclocking and underclocking performance. It can monitor four devices at a time.gpu tweak Learn more about CPU stress software further. 

Download: GPU Tweak

Graphics Card Monitoring Software Windows 10

You can play many games and run several softwares in Windows 10. For graphics card monitors, you can use different softwares like GPU tweak, GPU control, CAM, and more. Monitoring software will help you learn about the actual status of your device. gpu monitoring softwareFor monitoring Windows 10, devices follow the steps. Tap the performance, and scroll downwards to the left pane. Search the GPU option in the pane.  

To learn about monitoring the usage of GPU, go through further topics. 

Monitor GPU Usage While Gaming

While gaming, it becomes essential to monitor the device. Monitoring will help you to know about the device’s condition and the problem to fix it.performance while gaming

See the following steps for a guide for monitoring your device while playing games. 

MSI Afterburner Installing and Downloading

Download the MSI Afterburner GPU monitoring software on your desktop. Extract the folder downloaded to your PC. msiMSI Afterburner will install naturally on your device. Make sure to download the new version of the MSI Afterburner. 

MSI Afterburner Configuring

After downloading, you will find properties where you will get the GPU monitoring tab in the gear option. After scrolling the part of the graph, you will get to know about CPU and GPU performance.  afterburner

GPU usage monitor on the screen display. Here you will learn about GPU usage, GPU temperature, CPU clock, and more. 

According to your preference, rearrange it.

You can change the order of the display as per your preference. After organizing the list according to your choice, press the apply button; whatever you want to monitor regularly, take them to the top. msi themesYou should click the tick button. 

In MSI Afterburner, play a game.

After completing all this, you can play a game for the check. While playing the game, you will find the track in real-time in the upper left-side corner of the game. Sometimes, the metrics’ color may match the background’s color or look dull; you can change it. Game-1

Read continuously to learn about some free GPU monitoring softwares. 

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Free PC GPU Monitoring Software 

Monitoring software is essential to learn and solve their problems on time. There are various softwares for monitoring those. Some are available free of cost.pc gpu

To learn about such monitoring softwares, read below thoroughly and attentively. 


GPU-Z monitors graphics cards and PC as well. You can use it for free of cost for private and public use. You can get the date, time, temperature, and more information through GPU-Z. gpuzOne can check and fix the errors you find through this software. This monitoring software has many versions. 

GPU Temp

This helps the user learn about the device’s temperature and load. This will show you the proper temperature graph to know your device’s current and previous status. You can change the color of the chart as per your requirements. gpu tempYou can fix the problems immediately in itself. 

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GPU Control

GPU control helps monitor the overall functioning of the GPU and CPU. It is a free monitoring device available on your device’s widget. pc gpu controlYou can change the order of the widget list as per your choice and requirements. They are mainly available in Windows 10. 


Can you monitor GPU with the same technique as the CPU?

Yes, since the same tools usually monitor them. For example, core temp, open hardware monitor, and others.

What are the traits of a compatible GPU?

Add PCle x16 on the motherboard to experience the features of a compatible CPU. You should use eight or six pins for the power supply.

What does GPU monitoring software do?

GPU monitoring software lets the user know about the current status of temperature, clock speed, fan speed, power consumption, and more. Which later helps in fixing the CPU or GPU immediately when it starts dis-functioning.

Can you monitor GPU performance?

Yes, GPU performance monitoring is easily done by the built-in and external monitoring tools or softwares. By using them, you can anytime track the record of the performance of your GPU.


GPU needs monitoring to learn about their inner functioning like temperature, clock speed, fan speed, etc. Many GPUs have built-in monitoring software, and some softwares are downloaded for the best experience. Most monitoring softwares allow you to discover problems and help you solve them. You can get some monitoring softwares free of cost, like GPU control, GPU tweak, GPU-Z, and others. 

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