Learning linguistic nuances such as pronunciation and vocabulary can be difficult at an early age. While there are plenty of traditional methods to consider, we must remember that technology can also play an important role. There are many grammar apps for kids, each offering a handful of unique benefits. Check out some offline grammar checker tools here.

Best Grammar Apps For Kids

We have compiled a list of the eight most impressive platforms to simplify the decision process while briefly describing what each offers.


Thanks to its user-friendly nature, this first bundle is undoubtedly one of the kids’ most popular grammar apps. Grammaropolis presents its lessons with a series of fun and interactive games. grammaropolisIt also teaches basic principles such as nouns, pronouns, and adverbs. This package also includes videos and songs. The good news is that the basic version of Grammaropolis is free to download.

Visit: Grammaropolis

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Grammar Pop

There is no reason why modern grammar apps have to be dull. This next application is a perfect example of how some innovation can go a long way. Grammar Pop takes a progressive approach to learn. Users will advance to more challenging levels as they demonstrate their grammar skills. For example, sentences will become longer while the time allotted to complete each task is shortened.grammarpop

The main intention is to provide children with a more challenging experience akin to a game than a learning application. Only 743 megabytes of free memory will be required. While a free version is available, the paid app offers various tools and utilities. Check out some writing software here.

Visit: Grammar Pop


Punctuation is arguably one of the most straightforward grammar apps for kids, thanks to its clean and concise layout. It displays when certain punctuation marks should be used by providing real-time examples. punctuationThree different quizzes are available, and games will also be presented regularly. Punctuation represents a great way to augment traditional learning techniques. It is suitable for children who are eight years of age or older.

Visit: Punctuation

Smashing Grammar

Smashing Grammar is another prevalent smartphone application. It consists of six games that teach children fundamental grammatical concepts. The graphics are highly detailed, and this app can also be used with an iPad, so kids will not be limited to smartphone access alone. smashing grammarPlease note that Smashing Grammar is only compatible with iOS platforms. The basic version is nonetheless free to download, and it will not require a great deal of memory.

Visit: Smashing Grammar

Verb Smash

As you might have already guessed, this application primarily centers around the correct usage of verbs within sentences. Games are configured in such a way as to present a series of verbs that slowly fall to the bottom of the screen. The child must insert these verbs into the correct portion of a sentence before they disappear.verbsmash

Verb Smash offers a clean layout with few distractions, like other grammar apps for kids. Thus, those who do not have prior experience can use this interface. Some other features of this application include:

  • More than 500,000 question-and-answer combinations.
  • Includes regular and irregular verbs.
  • Teaches multiple tenses.
  • You can change the game’s speed based on age and skill level.

Most users agree that Verb Smash is appropriate for children above ten.

Visit: Verb Smash

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Learn English Sentence Master

This article notes that Learn English Sentence Master focuses on properly constructing sentences. Words will initially be scrambled. It is then up to the user to determine where they should be placed. There are several different levels so that numerous ages can be accommodated. Furthermore, a unique multiplayer mode will allow children to compete with one another if a wireless connection is present. Many grammar apps for kids do not offer this feature.learn english sentnce master

Learning English Sentence Master enables players to display their scores on a virtual leaderboard, enhancing motivation levels and encouraging active participation. Children as young as four can utilize this app, which is available for iOS devices. While the program itself is free, the app presents in-app purchases regularly.

Visit: Learn English Sentence Master

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English Grammar for Kids

While the title may be relatively straightforward, this bundle is unique. Kids’ grammar apps should provide targeted learning opportunities alongside a fun virtual environment. This program has a digital dinosaur tutor, which helps students along the way while providing occasional guidance.learn english

Children can access ten levels of gameplay. Each of these levels contains an additional ten sentences. The goal is to identify the part of speech associated with one or more underlined words. As you may have imagined, the penalties become more challenging as the child progresses. 

Visit: English Grammar for Kids

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

Engineers design these grammar apps for kids of a wide age range. The app segregates all games into three categories (easy, medium, and hard). It covers everything- words, grammar, and spelling, and they can even display the results on a global leaderboard.

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge requires users to answer as many questions correctly as possible within 60 seconds. They can then earn badges, emojis, and similar rewards. The good news is that this application is entirely free to download, and updates occur regularly.johnny grammar

Grammar apps for kids should provide fun and engaging experiences. Whether you have been searching for a free app that offers the basics or a paid version capable of delivering more bespoke challenges, there is no doubt that these bundles aim to please you. Thousands of parents and educators have already rated all the programs mentioned above, so they are worth looking at.

Visit: Johnny Grammar Word Challenge


What are the best Grammar Apps for kids?

Grammaropolis, Grammar Pop, and Punctuation are some of the best apps that kids can use to learn and correct grammar at an early stage.

Which grammar app is free?

Grammarly is a free app that is NM and is for adults and kids. Grammaropolis is also an app that you can try for free.

How can I improve my child's grammar?

You can improve your child’s grammar by playing activities with them, which include singing songs with them and telling them stories, and you can also use apps that help improve grammar. There are also many Apps that players play games with kids and help in improving the language.

Is the LearnEnglish Grammar app free?

The Learn English Grammar app is free. You can use it whenever you like by downloading it from the website or the App Store.


This article provides a cohesive list of engaging grammar apps for kids that you can use to engage your kid and make them learn vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and imaginative way. You will find at least one app that suits your needs best from this list. Happy Reading!

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