Did you know grammatical mistakes affect your blog’s ranking, popularity, and personality? Even though small mistakes are ignored, writing error-free articles should be your top priority. Thus, when it comes to essays, you should always opt for essay writing services. Detecting and correcting grammatical errors is impossible for foreigners who speak English unless one lets someone else help the user. However, it will not be eligible to remove misspelled words. Sometimes the app doesn’t recognize wrong-written sentences. There are many Grammarly alternative tools open in the market. Using a plagiarism checker by PapersOwl is one of our recommendations.

Here’s a list of best grammarly alternatives:

  • SlickWrite
  • AfterTheDeadline
  • Hemingway
  • Write full
  • OnlineCorrection

Best Grammarly Alternative to Choose From | Top 13

This is the list of best grammar alternatives as of 2023. This list includes both free and paid tools.


SlickWrite highlights errors in your text, such as unnecessary sentences, passive language, grammatical errors, similar kinds of sentences, repetitive phrases, etc.

slick write

It delivers many default opinions. SlickWrite chooses a word in the sentence. A pop-up window will appear at the end where one can recollect and correct Grammarly Alternative words.


  • Clean interface interaction.
  • It allows one to configure the mistakes accordingly.
  • Mentions the mistakes made while writing sentences and corrects word structure.

Visit: SlickWrite


AfterTheDeadline is a serious alternative to Grammarly. It works to correct grammatical spelling errors mistakes, tenses, punctuation mistakes, etc.afterthedeadline software tool


  • Provides open-source code
  • Contextual spell checking
  • Recognize word abuse
  • Grammar checker
  • Error Explanation

Visit: AfterTheDeadline

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Hemingway focuses primarily on increasing the readability of your text. It is also an effective Grammarly Alternative. You can use the online version or download the desktop application. It can be used on WordPress and even on Medium Editor. They also represent the level of reading.

hemingway editor software tool


  • No internet connection is required.
  • Clean and friendly interface.
  • It helps you divide extensive sentences into smaller sizes to convert them easier to understand and read.
  • Improve reading skills overall for the user.
  • Vividly detailed advice and word directory.

Visit: Hemingway

Write full

Writefull is a platform that provides features that can help the user to improve the quality and consistency of their writing. It is also a fantastic Grammarly Alternative. It allows the user to gain quick feedback for your article or text by checking an in-depth analysis of your text in large databases of different packages designed to assess the quality of the text or writing.


  • Permits to convert a spoken text.
  • Understand the simple usage of words used in the article.
  • Check the meaning of words’ quality and synonyms for words.
  • It helps the user to translate the text into English.

Visit: Write full


Online Correction is a platform to find and highlight spelling mistakes. Also, many grammar and style errors are highlighted. Correcting an article with this is very convenient because it gives out a straightforward interface for the user that is easy to navigate and fast. It is the best Grammarly Alternative.

onlinecorrection software tool

OnlineCorrection is one of the best alternatives for Grammarly. In addition to the English correction feature, OnlineCorrection also supports several languages. This software can correct any German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, or Russian text.


  • Users can check you’re grammatical as well as spelling mistakes
  • Check for style problems
  • Automatic Correction
  • Support in essay writing sentences and vocabulary
  • Supports English dialects

Visit: OnlineCorrection

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PaperRater is a platform that checks grammar and spelling errors in the most convenient way possible. It could be perfect for Grammarly Alternative. This platform even serves to prevent the plagiarism in-text review feature.


However, in the free package, you can only specify the amount of text or article to be copied. Valid text lines aren’t displayed.


  • Spell-checker, grammatical error control.
  • Plagiarized checks are integrated within the concealer.
  • Ad-free experience results.
  • Most accurate proposal for content creators.

Visit: PaperRater

Grammar Check

GrammarCheck is, indeed, a simple writing application. This is a service provided on the web with features that encourage the user to generate efficiently and even eliminate errors. Users can check text quality by typing or copying it directly and pasting it into the dialog box.grammarcheck tool website

  • Clean interface and spell checker.
  • We hosted over the network and even easily accessed anywhere.
  • I am favoring the user by copying content and thus eliminating errors most efficiently.

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This is another one of the best Grammarly Alternative Tools. You can learn to rectify grammatical errors and legibility and check for plagiarism problems here. The most beneficial thing about this platform is that premium and free features are not discriminated against.prowritingaid

  • Provides a detailed representation of all grammatical errors
  • Give a synonym for word suggestions
  • Supports all the platforms (Mac or Windows and Linux)

Visit: ProWritingAid

Virtual Writing

This is one of the significant and popular platforms. Virtual writing is another best Grammarly Alternative. Bloggers, teachers, writers, and script makers often use this tool to rectify grammar, spelling, punctuation, rewriting, and vocabulary enhancement tests. It even provides word counts that display the number of words, essays, articles, or other content.virtual writing tutor software tool website

  • Check and enrich the dictionary.
  • Cliched words and strength
  • Dictionary field
  • Error correction grammar 

Visit: Virtual Writing

Druide Antidote

Druide Antidote is a solid French and English grammar test. It offers bug analysis, grammar diagnostics, online dictionaries, and more. You can run this tool either individually or with Microsoft Word.druide antidote

  • Advanced concealer with intelligent filters.
  • Various dictionaries with powerful search tools.
  • Clear and detailed voice instructions.
  • Punctuation: Excessive commas or missing.
  • One-click Correction for all types.
  • Syntactically detailed sentence analysis.
  • It allows you to display bold, italic, and emoji.

Visit: Druide Antidote


If you are looking for a web-based correction tool, Reverso is for you. They are developing extensions for Chrome users but not for desktop, Android, or iOS applications. Open the official website and paste the text to use the online version. 


Maybe it didn’t detect the bug before, but finding the main bug features is good. It has integrated vocabulary as well as options for conjugates and synonyms. Reverso supports many languages. This will be adjusted according to the user experience.

Visit: Reverso


This alternative to Grammarly is an AI-based website. It provides a few days of free trials. This free trial can make your heart win for many reasons. It can write emails for you. It can write paragraphs for you.writesonic Besides that, you have to choose the type of draft you want and put the main words the app will write for you. But a significant problem with this ai-based app is that no matter what an ai is, it may not always serve the purpose or match your expectations.


  • This site provides automatic AI-based writing without effort.
  • It checks your grammar, phrasing, punctuation, etc.

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Though the website was initially made to check plagiarism, the developers have added the grammar check version with time. It is another unique website like Grammarly and can contain 1000 words at a time with the essential feature and can check more with the premium paid version.search engine reports tool

You can upload the file from your pc or your google drive or copy and paste the piece of writing you want to check. Once done, proceed and click. I am not a robot option, and then you will have two options. One is a basic grammar check, and the other is a plagiarism checker. Choose as per your needs. 


  • You can check 3000 words with paid and 1000 words with unpaid versions.
  • You can check for plagiarism too.
  • Includes all the grammar checks.

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Is there a free app like Grammarly?

Tons of apps like Grammarly are available to replace it, but their effectiveness varies greatly. Websites like Grammarly can provide more or less free Grammarly features depending on their charging policy. But a few great alternatives to Grammarly are ProWritingAid, Quillbot, SentenceCheckup, Whitesmoke, Zoho Writer, LanguageTool, Slick Write, and Ginger, as per the consumer's choice.

Is Quillbot better than Grammarly?

Grammarly provides a necessary and detailed check of the content you will serve or create. Thus these extravagant features make Grammarly a bit pricey. Which might not fit in everyone's pocket; on the other hand, Quillbot is one of the alternatives to Grammarly. This app excels in providing a choice of full paraphrasing and is also pocket friendly. Students can opt for this one, but Grammarly is an all-rounder.

What is the best free grammar checker?

Grammar checker is a boon to the writing industry. Whether for students or authors, it has always helped. Though the paid version of the grammar checker is good, the free version has always served the basic purpose. The best free grammar checkers are:- Write Sonic, LanguageTool, Jetpack, Slick Write, Virtual Writing Tutor, Scribes, Zoho Writer, Ginger, Pro-writing Aid, and Hemingway.

Is Ginger better than Grammarly?

Ginger is quite a popular app, and people are more frequently opting for this artificial intelligent app. This AI-based Ginger is a great alternative to an app like Grammarly. Grammarly, the name says it all. Over the year, Grammarly's performance is unbeatable no matter how many similar products have joined the league, but Grammarly has always been better than anything. So for us, Grammarly is the one.


All the Grammarly Alternative tools are helpful as they offer different features by focusing on other areas of the content generation process. It entirely depends upon the consumer’s choice and the type of platform one wants to use.

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