How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2019 | 5 Best Ways

Instagram is one of the most extensively in use social media platforms in the current time. The primary reasons why everyone wants to have a huge following is the outreach of the platform. We all are in search of ways to Grow Instagram Followers.

Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram
Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram

It provides a great platform to grow. Hence making it natural that you want to improve your Instagram followers as well. However, getting followers on a highly reputed social media site was never easy, and it is not.

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Top 5 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Now

We have researched and compiled some of the best tricks that can be used to grow Instagram followers quickly in this post. Use the one that best suits your interests.

Use Online Marketing Tools

The online marketing tools are in abundance nowadays, and it is effortless to use them to get your target audience at a single place. For example, you can use Pro-Export Ninja to get the work done for you. Using this online marketing tool, you can compile a list of Instagram users with similar interests. You can also know who follows the people and brands related to yours, thus making you grow Instagram followers.

Pro-Export Ninja
Pro-Export Ninja

This way, you can have the bio, emails, and the contact details of your target audience who are your potential followers. Once this tool has given you a good list of users in a Google Sheet, you can classify them as per your comfort. Then you should reach out to them via email marketing strategy and get them to notice you. You can also receive a follow from their end if your profile interests you.

The basic approach that this tool focuses on is scaling up of things, which will take your growth rate very high. This tool will compile a list from various sources such as:

  • Profiles
  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Bio
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Number Of Posts
  • Number Of IGTV
  • Private Account Or Not
  • Approved Account
  • Public Email
  • Profile Type
  • Communication Method

Providing you an exhaustive list to you for your target audience, which makes it an excellent tool to use.

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Use Relevant Hashtags in Your Posts

The more regularly you post on Instagram, the more are your chances to get noticed by the audience. However, if you post randomly without any relevance, you are going to be one of the millions of users who have a three-digit following list on this Global Platform. Hence, use the hashtags that are massively popular in your posts. This will surely help you Grow Instagram Followers.


Also, Wilhelm posting, don’t just use the hashtags as they are and be creative as well. The audience with similar interests will notice you, and also follow you if you remain consistent. An important point to note while using hashtags is that no trick or strategy will give you an instant growth. So you should stay in the game and continue following the plan if you want to grow Instagram followers steadily.

Post at the Appropriate Times

A significant reason why most of the brands fail to get a good following is that they don’t value time. They randomly post their content and share the videos and stories. This is done only to increase the bulk without knowing if their followers or the audience are seeing their posts or not. That is where the analytics arrive into action.

Instagram Posting
Instagram Posting

You need to analyze the duration of the day when your followers are most active, and then you post in that time frame to get the maximum rate of visibility to your followers. This strategy to grow Instagram followers is widely used and has a success rate as well. Most of the posts that are shared are generally instant shares; that is, the users share the content as soon as they see it.

Hence, if your reach is more to your followers, then your posts have a higher chance of being shared across the people who don’t follow you. They will be add to your followers’ list soon if you time your online activity.

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Engage with Your Followers

Whether you desire it or not, but this world hates people who seem to be egoistic. Engaging with your followers holds good for your Instagram and other social media followers as well. Hence, make a point that you engage actively with your followers on the platform, which, in this case, is Instagram. When you are actively engaging with your followers, they hold an excellent reputation for you. This will always bat for you when you are not there.

Instagram Engagement
Instagram Engagement

They are the ones who will share your content to give you a massive outreach. Hence, you shouldn’t lose the trust of such followers. Replying to the maximum comments, clarifying their doubts, and engaging with them in discussions is a good strategy if you want to grow your followers at this time.

Give Your Followers a Follow Back

This strategy to grow Instagram followers might not sound that good, but it is an effective way to get a high growth. Growth is in the count of Instagram followers in a short period. The strategy works on the temptation technique.

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

Here when some users receive a follow back, they communicate this to others via Instagram, and this makes their followers come to your profile and give you a follow.

Follow Back
Follow Back

Following your followers will fetch you a good number of followers as not every user will unfollow you if you don’t give them a follow back. Hence, a small amount of click on the follow button will provide you with a broad reach on this social media profile. Therefore, you should use this strategy to get the maximum output of your efforts.


These were some of the best strategies and techniques to grow Instagram followers quickly. Some were more manual while others are with automation, but all are genuine tricks which do not violate any policies whatsoever of the companies. Hence, you can use all of them without any fear of suspensions. You can use the method that best suits you and gets real Instagram followers.

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