Kodi is a famous media player that streams sports and other popular forms of media. The fascinating thing about this specific software is that it is accessible online. But the most dazzling feature of the software is its support for various extra software as add-ons. To be exact, Kodi makes its importance prominent by using many add-ons like Exodus, Trakt, Amazon, etc. One such add-on is Gvideo. Thus, you must know how to fix Kodi Gvideo Links Not Working.

After installing new content on Kodi, it is recommended to restart the program. This will eliminate any potential glitches and ensure a seamless video streaming experience. Additionally, slow internet speed is often the main culprit behind Kodi videos not playing properly.

kodi glinks not workingIt is an add-on that gathers all the high-definition links on the internet and makes them available to the user. Video Kodi is a unique add-on on its right. It can stream the best video content and free content in general. To Fix Kodi Gvideo Error, try Using VPN, Updating URL Resolver, or Reinstalling The Add-on. This use of Gvideo makes it very important for any user who wants a home theatre-like experience from the software. However, sometimes a general error message pops up now and then. It reads as Gvideo Links Not Working.

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How To Fix Kodi Gvideo Links Not Working

In this list, we will cite some reasons for the problem and tell you how to solve them. So without further delay, let’s look at the solutions to the abovementioned problem.

Method #1 Using VPN

The first thing the user should know about the Video Kodi add-on is that Google owns it. The Gvideo add-on has a collection of various high-definition catalogs of streams that make it preferable to the users.

We should note that since Google owns and manages this add-on, a user can’t customize his selection of streams. It is because this right now belongs to Google. Also, note that online content on Gvideo is liable to DNCA law which is prone to dismissal due to privacy reasons.

To heap on even more trouble, Google has started a new way to use the data collected by asking the users of Kodi to use their Kodi account to be signed in with a Google account before using the features of Gvideo.


This will be a reckless move by the users if they do so. It is advised that the users must use the VPN to access the services of Gvideo.

A VPN would help you access the selective streams that Google might not have banned or dismissed. This doesn’t assure that the content you are looking for will be accessible by this method. But the technique could fix the Gvideo links not working error.

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Method #2 Updating URL Resolver

One of the most prominent add-ons for Kodi software is URL Resolver. It is the add-on that helps enhance the software’s user experience. The add-on’s primary function is to work in the background and constantly update the various URLs. It can scrap the redundant URL from the directory and add a new updated URL for a particular add-on.

Sometimes due to a permission error or an outdated version of the add-on, the URL of the Gvideo add-on may be corrupted or unable to connect. This may lead to various messages like video links not working.

url resolver

To solve Gvideo Kodi, you must update the older version of URL Resolver. You can easily do it by editing the URL Resolver add-on. This update of the add-on may help you resolve your problem.

It should be taken into account by the users that the URL resolver can help you connect to the already established streams. It can’t create new streams because Google-owned Gvideo controls the streams. So it is safe to say that updating the URL resolver may help you to fix the Gvideo links not working error.

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Method #3 Reinstalling The Add-on

This method is more of the last action you can take if the message of video links is still not working. Sometimes, the current add-on version has updates that hinder stream connections.

This may result due to a software glitch or compatibility issues. But the result is the same everywhere- errors in connection.

The solution to this problem is to roll back to the previous version on which the streams were working or try reinstalling the respective add-on.

In the case of Gvideo, first, uninstall the add-on from the “My add-on” directory and then reinstall it. This will remove the glitch from the previous version.

The user can also back the version from the “Settings” directory. These two methods are vital in fixing the Gvideo links not working error. There should be a cautionary sense that if the current version of the Gvideo add-on supports some streams, users should use this method at their own expense.

However, if all the above methods fail to resolve the problem, this technique may come to the rescue.

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What can I do if a GVideo link is not working?

If a GVideo link is not working, you can try the following troubleshooting steps: refresh the page and try the link again, clear your browser cache and cookies, try accessing the connection from a different browser or device, or search for alternative sources or mirrors for the content you are trying to access.

Are GVideo links compatible with all devices?

GVideo links can be accessed on most devices with a compatible web browser. However, some devices or browsers may have limitations or compatibility issues that prevent GVideo links from functioning correctly. Ensure that your device and browser meet the requirements and have the latest updates to improve compatibility with GVideo links.

Why do GVideo links sometimes show an error message?

GVideo links may display error messages if the content has been removing or if there are issues with the server hosting the video. Common error messages include 'This video is unavailable' or 'Video not found.' These messages indicate that the video associated with the GVideo link is unavailable or inaccessible.

Can I download GVideo links for offline viewing?

Downloading GVideo links for offline viewing is not officially supported by the GVideo platform. GVideo primarily offers streaming services, allowing users to watch videos online rather than downloading them. Third-party tools or browser extensions claiming to download GVideo links may not be reliable or authorized, so exercise caution when using such methods.

Are GVideo links legal to use?

The legal status of GVideo links depends on the content being access. GVideo is a platform that hosts a variety of videos, including user-generated and licensed content. It's essential to ensure that you are accessing and using GVideo links in compliance with the platform's terms of service and any applicable copyright laws governing the content access.

Can I report non-working GVideo links to the GVideo platform?

GVideo does not have an official mechanism to report non-working links directly. If you encounter a non-working GVideo link, you can report the issue to the website or platform where you found the link. They may have a support or contact section where you can provide details about the non-functional GVideo link for further investigation.


With this, we conclude the list of the solution to the problem of Gvideo links not working. The solutions mentioned above are simple and easy to execute. They will come in handy with almost any version of the Gvideo add-on.

It must be remembered that the answers provided above can solve problems with the add-on itself and not the streams to which it gathers. If the streams are not accessible by Google, then it would not be applicable. I hope the solutions prove helpful to you.

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