HD, this word sounds familiar to every person. In this digital world, everyone wants to have clear and clean pictures. We need cameras that give us ultra-clear images. We want videos that are of high quality. Even the set-top boxes of our TVs are HD nowadays. Then it is obvious to expect HD quality from the video games as well. So what is this HD? HD means High Definition. So whatever we see through HD is of high definition and resolution. Any video or image consists of pixels that determine its quality. Usually, a higher resolution means 728p or 1080p, while a low resolution means 144p. In this TechWhoop article, we will spiral down the list of top HD games for Android and how we can download them. Without further ado, let’s get going. 

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Golden Rule:

Games with beautiful graphics and with high resolution require more powerful phones or tablets. So, make sure that your device is fast enough and has a good amount of free space. 

Play Store

The obvious and most authentic choice for any Android user to download games will be the Play Store. It is a one-stop solution for all the fun with games. It has all the best android HD games with user ratings and editor reviews.

playstore hd games
Playstore HD Games

But the only problem with the Play Store is that we need to login into our Google account to download any game. Also, we might find a few games that require payment for download. 

Visit: PlayStore

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You name the HD game, and you can find it on REXDL.COM. It has a vast collection of top HD games for Android. This site consists of 600+ free HD games that are easy to download.

rexdl hd games

When we swipe to the download page of the selected game, we can see all the information related to the game and the download link to it. It is a very excellent and safe website one needs to check out for sure. 


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One more best website to download top HD games is Androidfunz. As its name suggests, we can have loads of fun on our Android through this site. It offers high-quality video games for free that are compatible with our Android smartphones.

androidfunz hd games
Androidfunz HD Games

We can find the download links for all the games, and the process to download and install is explained in detail. Although this site doesn’t consist of many options, it does have a classic collection of top-rated games. 

Visit: Androidfunz


The most popular website of all time with a sizable list of HD games is Mob.org. We can find a detailed description of every game. Also, we get a glimpse of the game images that give us a clear idea about the game’s interface. Rating of the game along with reviews makes this site stand out among others.

moborg android games
Moborg Android Games

There is only one snag on this website that is advertisements. With every click, we will face an ad pop-up. We need to close the pop-up only then we can see the download page. Other than this minute hitch, this is a great website to download HD games for android. 

Visit: Mob.org

Android Games Room

A lot of gamers are familiar with this website Android Games Room. We can find a massive collection of high-definition android games on this site. We need to search for the game by its name, and we will get it. Thousands of games are accessible on Android Games Room. But, unlike other sites, this site doesn’t contain games that have a multiplayer mode. Also, there are a lot of advertisements on the site that might cause a slight disturbance. 


1Mobile is an app similar to the Play Store that offers us millions of games to download. One can find games with the best graphics for android games. We need to install this app and then download top HD games from it.


The highest collection of games, accounting for nearly 75+ million, are in this app store. Almost all the games on this site are for free. One of the safest app to download HD games for android. 


RevDL.com is one of the most sought out websites for HD games. We get to glance at numerous categories and genres of games on this site. Select the HD category, and we can find top HD games with download links and descriptions. Every game is handpicked and has detailed analysis attached to it.

revdl games
RevDL Games

Explanations about the game, its features, and the installation process are carefully drafted for easier understanding. Customer interaction is credible on this site. Any gamer can comment about the bugs or issues, and they are acted upon almost immediately. There are fewer advertisements when compared with other sites, and we can get free HD games.  

Visit: RevDL.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sites mentioned above safe to use?

We have provided all the websites that are very safe and secure. Thousands of players use these websites. 

Why can’t I play a few HD games on my device?

It might be because your device doesn’t support the high-end graphics of those games. 

Do I need to install any other app to download the HD games?

There is no need to install a separate app to download top HD games. We need to go to the mentioned website to download them. 


In this TechWhoop Guide to download HD games on Android, we listed all the possible download options. Do check out the websites, share them with your friends and have fun.

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