7 Headless eCommerce Platforms To Start Using In 2023

In modern-day Headless eCommerce Platforms and their technology is becoming the new trend. It leverages decoupling the front-end architecture from the backend to create a more vibrant e-commerce environment. In a decoupled system, the storefront layer remains separate from the backend layer, which makes the system more secure and reliable

Due to the wide range of benefits, many business people are adopting headless eCommerce platforms. They get the benefits of headless e-commerce, which include seamless integration, omnichannel experience, improved customer experience, and protected online marketplace payment solutions. Here are seven headless e-commerce platforms to consider using for business.

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List of 7 Headless eCommerce Platforms

Here’s a list of 7 Headless eCommerce Platforms that will benefit in 2023.


BigCommerce provides online retail stores with SaaS business solutions. It is one of the leading headless eCommerce platforms that feature marketing software, storefront creation application, SEO, storefront security, and hosting applications. Read this article to learn about the best LinkedIn marketing tools.

BigCommerce serves B2B and B2C customers through its open Software as service solutions combined with APIs that enable flexible, fast, agile, and scalable front stores. The platform is built on mach eCommerce, which allows applications to be developed, managed, and deployed independently. Open-source applications allow users to customize the applications to meet their unique needs. big commrce

The applications are integrated to help business owners to build client-friendly storefronts and sell products whichever way they want and whenever they want. SaaS services’ main advantages are:

  • Better scalability and integration.
  • Reduced cost of running a business.
  • Ease of grading or adding new applications.

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Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce is a unique headless eCommerce platform that meets customer needs through custom-made applications. It recently adopted Adobe Commerce to offer services with a better customer experience. The developer’s first experiment with the client systems to be sure the customized applications will serve their needs. They quickly use the business-decoupled architecture to add new integrations and features. 

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Magento Commerce

This is one of the top headless eCommerce platforms that B2-B and B2C companies prefer. Its multi-channel headless e-commerce solutions include store fulfillment, shipping solutions, page builder, and PWA studio. Business owners use the platform to build a strong inventory and order management system, recommend products according to searches, and manage customer accounts. 

The headless e-commerce platform features solutions for world-class shopping experiences for both B2B and B2C customers. It provides users with various marketplace extensions combined with vast third-party integration features. These features are unique compared to other headless eCommerce platforms.

Visit: Magento Commerce

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is another leading headless eCommerce platform that provides Software as a service solution to e-commerce. The headless e-commerce platform initially started as a hosting service for micro startups. It now offers advanced applications to both large and medium-sized businesses. Read this article to connect with Tremendous to run and manage loyalty programs.

The platform enables business owners to create unlimited business opportunities anywhere. It powers the back end and provides various front-end solutions through customizable storefront APIs. The APIs enable connection through mobile applications and website applications. Shopify Plus

Business owners can effectively manage their online selling channels through customizable storefront applications by connecting the front and back end through multiple APIs. The platform allows the integration of third-party storefront applications such as CMS, ERP, and CRM

Visit: Shopify Plus

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is one of the major global brands’ top headless eCommerce platforms. It provides the best business solutions for headless e-commerce, such as marketplace places, B2B, B2C, and DTC. The platform developers consistently re-invent their products to help customers re-imagine all possibilities.

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Elastic Path

These include composable commerce XA, elastic path commerce cloud, and EP product experience manager. These products allow B2C/B2B customers to access SaaS services, help host advantages, data, and catalog management, and secure online payment solutions.

In 2023 alone, the platform has been involved in various activities that ensure full customer satisfaction. They have released more than 181 products and integrated over 75 applications. They produce strong security options and nearly 100% uptime.

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OroCommerce provides open-source software solutions to medium size and large businesses. It is one of the few headless eCommerce platforms that allow customers to create a multi-channel online store. The platform features content management applications, account management, workflows, and user authorization management. 

The company offers B2B and B2C account management, although it mainly deals with B2B clients. Business owners can implement multiple payment solutions, online security, and mobile ordering. Businesses still using traditional commerce can easily deploy headless e-commerce through this platform. Oro Commerce

Business owners get through these headless eCommerce platforms through all-in-one e-commerce and CRM. Business owners have access to a large open-source community. All business needs for B2C, B2B, and B2X are addressed from this platform. It helps business owners to keep their e-commerce in sync with ERP. 

Visit: OroCommerce

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is another popular headless eCommerce platform that serves medium and enterprise-level online storesIt is cloud-based and has a large global customer base. The platform includes an API to separate the front and back ends. It is a highly innovative platform that ensures agile and resilient applications to customers. 

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The main aim of this platform is to remain a highly innovative headless eCommerce platform that builds brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Its applications can be used on mobile devices and computers. It is easy to use the applications on this platform to create an adaptable and customizable storefront for a seamless customer experience.Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The platform’s main focus is providing B2C headless e-commerce solutions to all customers. The advantage B2C customers get is a fast and flexible platform that offers total fulfillment. Customers leverage social extensions to extend their reach.

Visit: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Spryker Commerce Cloud

Platform as a service is where third-party providers offer applications and hardware services to customers online. When business owners leverage these tools, their developers no longer need in-house hardware and application installations to create or run new apps.

Spryker Commerce Cloud

Spryker Commerce Cloud is a unique headless eCommerce platform providing PaaS solutions. One of the important applications offered by this platform is a smart shelf that detects products when they leave the frame.

Visit: Spryker Commerce Cloud


Which is the fastest growing platform for eCommerce?

In terms of ecommerce platforms worldwide, VTEX is the fastest-growing. Digital commerce applications market trends that began earlier in the year continued to accelerate in 2019.

Is e-commerce expected to continue growing in 2023?

A total of $5.5 trillion is expected to be spent worldwide on ecommerce in 2023. As ecommerce becomes an increasingly lucrative option for businesses, this number is expected to continue growing in the coming years.


Headless e-commerce is becoming the trending technology in modern-day B2C and B2-B businesses. The technology decouples the front and back end, providing customers with more front-store application development opportunities. Many e-commerce customers use headless eCommerce platforms for many e-store solutions. Some venues offer services such as SaaS, PaaS, and other cloud e-commerce solutions that improve the online shopping and service delivery experience.

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